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“Big Pharma doesn’t have a good track record on transparancy of data.”

Big Pharma has a bloody appalling record of withholding data, and the “regulatory authorities” assist them more often than not.

“Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech SE, should make ALL their data publically available immediately…”

“Commercial secrecy” has to be vastly curtailed. Governments should make withholding of data a criminal offence; board members and CEOs should go to prison, because withholding data has repeatedly resulted in mass death.

The predominant ideology claims that capitalism is what’s best for the people; that it’s the best possible system given human nature, but the routine withholding data reveals this to be untrue. If everything a corporation does is for the common good (apart from the profit), what justification is there for internal secrecy? If, as is claimed, it is merely to protect company innovation from competitors, all should be revealed as soon as a patent is granted, but this is never the case. Typically, unfavourable data is only released when a court orders it, when patients sue for undisclosed adverse effects.

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