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This cartoon was drawn in response to a recent headline in the oligarch-owned, Tory former chancellor-edited “London Evening Standard” which declared “Vaccines are Safe Path to Freedom”. The idea for it came from Piers Corbyn. Nice one. Please spread it around.


There is also a petition calling on MPs to take the vaccine first so that how they fare with it can be assessed after a year. This too is an initiative by Piers C. I do NOT encourage people to sign this, at least not traceably. (And what is traceable is almost certainly a damned sight more than you think.) Be aware that the rulers have sicced the Army’s 77th Brigade onto the opponents of the mass vaccination campaign, with a mandate to do what their job is, i.e. to spy on, disrupt, spook, and prevent the circulation of ideas that the rulers consider to be a threat. The correct term for this is <i>war</i> – war in particular against the fighter part of the enemy population (yes, they see the “peasants”, “heathens”, etc. as the enemy – and rightly) – another weapon in the war being the vaccine itself. If you really plan to resist vaccination, seriously you should NOT be signing petitions against it.

Bear the following in mind. Whereas percentages of intending resisters of vaccination have been cited that are quite large (“25% of Londoners”, and so on), the vast majority of these heroic questionnaire-answerers will FLAKE. They’ll be told that children are dying; they will be given the short-term choice between continuing to resist or being the butt of unprecedented vilification (complete with photos and videos); they will be denied access to their beloved Faecebook and Sh*tter; they will be denied the ration cards that will be required to buy food; they will be tearing their hair out as they realise that schools have turned into prisons where visits by the unvaccinated aren’t allowed, not even “virtual” ones using Whatsapp; or they will be “given” some “free” sh*t or other by Amazon or Tesco or Vodafone – and they will bend over and spread ’em for Soldier Simon With The Syringe, or for Take-No-Nonsense Nursy. “NHS”, “NHS” they will cry. I hope I’m totally wrong and the resistance is as powerful as it was to the poll tax, but this is vanishingly unlikely. The power of the rulers’ messaging and its themes of the danger of megadeath and the urgent need to smash the antisocial elements who are like vermin wilfully undermining the public health of the society of “Britons” is far greater than they even dreamt of achieving with their pathetic propaganda for the head tax under Margaret Thatcher. Paradoxically, resistance will be encouraged among certain minority demographics FOR A WHILE. Pretty much every demographic, from trade unionists to jihadists, has had most of its main “influencers” under MI5 control for a long time. This is one of the functions of “social media”. Social media wouldn’t even exist if that wasn’t the case. Dials can be turned to boost or depress this or that behaviour or belief, in any given demographic. The true rate of resistance is likely to be on the order of 1% or 0.1%. And the lines along which most of it will travel are ALSO under state control. There will be – indeed there already is – something similar to the “911 truther” scene…but with MUCH higher stakes. What we need is a safe communication network – we need an “underground railway” (the enemy would call it a system of “ratlines”)…essentially a guerrilla army which is up to the task, and that looks like a very tall order…