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There is some hilarious discourse in the Daily Express about the sacred monarch and the holy vaccine. Should the blessed god-queen “lead by example”? Or should she be given the role that a guinea-pig” might be forced to play in an amimal-torture camp? Or should she receive the miraculous vaccine before everyone else, out of “respect for her position”?

Maybe the team of 20 nurses who carry the vaccine vial and the Holy Needle on a golden platter into the special room at her favourite private hospital, preceded by a flamboyance of men in tights, should include at least one nurse who suffers from scrofula? Then the monarch could touch her in an generous attempt to cure her! Why not stage it all on Christmas Day, with a sprig taken from the Glastonbury Thorn on the table in front of her?

The Express even quotes some wag who wrote that the monarch should take it first, followed by the rest of the royal family, then by the lords, then by the members of the House of Commons. “If they all survive then us plebs will know it’s safe.” 🙂 Sure, and maybe they could be sent hundreds of miles cross-country to take it, rather as some of the proletariat were sent long distances by the Nationalist Hygiene Squad (NHS) to be tested?

Time to recall that the female pharoah’s husband, who is 99 years old, once said that if he is reincarnated (you what??) he would want to “come back” as a “killer virus”. (Imagine if someone in a mental hospital said that. Do we think they’d be discharged?)