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Steph and Clark
This forum thread I started hoping to have polite and meaningful and fruitful discussions. Sometimes people say challenging things but it is important tio maintain respect for other’s point of view. Clark, I admire your seeking of information and your ‘dedication’ to the cause of saving humanity against its own follies. In which case maybe this book We the heartbroken might help you. But it is important also to respect other’s point of view and thier right to ask questions. We all come from different backgrounds and therefore see problems in different ways. There was an interesting conversation today between Piers Morgan and Gove, in which Gove was squirming when asked why we had an exceptionally bad record whereas some Asian countries did so well, he had no answwer but just kept repeating the same old excuse that this was an unprecedented threat which we could not have been prepared for, whereas Piers kept repeating that this unpreparedness was much worse here than many other places and that the death toll here was the fifth worse in the world.
People cope in different ways, and for Steph, she can relate the problem more towards what is happening within her family and also seeing the relative futility of the measures. This futility or lack of decisive effectiveneess is due to the politicians and not the scientists but sadly some ‘scientists’ have sought to politicise these issues and obscure the very poor role the politicians have played.
Clark, with regards to the possibility that this virus may have been a laboratory escape, yes of course there are a few papers that discuss this from a scientific view, and this may be the case, that it was a laboratory escape. But the main point at the moment is for us all to unite and attack the real enemy, primarily the virus, then the inept mishandling of the crisis.
Because we need something cheerful and positive I end up with this:

“Observational study of therapeutic bronchoscopy in critical hypoxaemic ventilated patients with COVID-19 at Mediclinic Midstream Private Hospital in Pretoria, South AfricaEM Taban, GA Richards”

What makes this all the more remarkable is the truly heroic background of the Sudanes doctor, Dr. Taban, who has done this work.

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