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Appendicitus can kill you. Having surgery to remove an infected appendix is interfering with nature. Cancer is a nasty but natural process. Having surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy interferes in that “natural” process. Pretty much all modern medical practice interferes with nature in some way. Childbirth is a natural event yet it is dangerous. Go back 100 years and every street would have had some woman who had died in childbirth. Now, because of various improvements, hygine, water, food supply, antibiotics etc etc I’ll bet most don’t know someone who knows someone who knows someone who died in childbirth. It is a (thankfully) rare event in modern times.

Is it really interfering in nature? Humans evolved from nature and consequently so did their intellectual apparatus. Is it not nature that has allowed humans to engineer their way out of some natural calamities? When the pack of sabre toothed tigers was circling camp some thousands of years ago our ancestors didn’t say to themselves, that’s nature. Instead they picked up some sticks and stones and defended themselves. A natural choice one could argue.

Natural calamities occur often. Famines, droughts, floods, disease, earthquakes, volcanos, meteors to name some. Humans (and other species) do their best to either adapt to new circumstances or contrive to mitigate or stop the calamity itself or the effects of such calamities. Unfortunately, humans have added a few of their own.

The sars-Cov-2 pandemic is one of many such pandemics to have occurred throughout history. Whether caused by US or by a natural event it IS still up to US to mitigate or stop it. Perhaps it would go away in time by itself but like the sabre toothed tigers we can and should pick up sticks and stones and defend ourselves. We may not have mastery of nature but we have somne understanding of it. We get better at understanding nature by studying it. We should use our understanding to our best advantage.