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SA, December 9, 11:16, #62998; a very clear pattern has emerged. If anyone plays down the severity of the pandemic, Steph publicly compliments them; they’re warm, polite, respectful, experienced and incredibly knowledgeable etc. If they present it as severe, Steph publicly describes them as rude, condescending, impossible to reason with etc. I myself have been described as uncaring about human rights, condescending and arrogant.

SA, this looks to me like an ego game, whether this is Steph’s conscious intention or not, and it appears to be working, on you; Steph repeatedly made personal accusations against me, but when I questioned her competitiveness, suddenly I am called to account, albeit alongside her.

Apparently, insisting upon facts is arrogant; other “visions” must be treated as equally true. This sort of false equivalence is very effective at corrupting an argument by appealing to the human sense of fairness; suddenly the “moderate” position is pulled, from accurate representation, to half way between accuracy and nonsense.

Steph, if you’re genuine, I expect you’re really pissed off with me for writing the above, and nothing I can say could make you feel any better, except if I were apologise, retract, and promise never to repeat or mention it, like Galileo under house arrest. Whatever you say boss, but do take a look for yourself through this new telescope thingy; there are definitely four objects orbiting Jupiter.