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That Times article is a very sobering read. When discussing the pandemic with family and friends I often hear that governments had a very difficult job in unprecedented circumstances and they had a very “delicate balance” to work out. I usually think to myself bullshit at that point. It isn’t unprecedented there having been numerous pandemics in the past. They had conducted national exercises in anticipation of such a pandemic then failed to learn from them. They had the good fortune to witness how things panned out in other countries for 2 months before it reached us. There was no delicate balance. The metrics of infectious disease transmission are well understood. The scales were always skewed towards making money. A lose-lose management style. Fortunately for me I live in a part of Great Britain where they did what was required, closed borders, self isolation if you now leave and return, lockdown for a short period and now we have no coronavirus except for people who travelled away (who have to isolate on return). As a consequence we have no social distancing, no masks and everything is open. The UK gov didn’t have to look too far for examples of how it should have been done.

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I noted how google tracking was mentioned in that article.