Sam Adams Award 365

I am in Berlin for the annual Sam Adams Award – this time to William Binney, formerly Technical Director of the NSA. There will be an address by Edward Snowden (and a short contribution from me). It really is a tremendous event, with some very senior former intelligence professionals making revelations about the extent to which the security state is out of control, a tool of immoral governments dominated by corporate interests.

The event is at the Berlin-Moscow Venue, 52 Unter Den Linden, and starts at 7pm (6pm UK time). It will be livestreamed on the Sam Adams website.

7:00-7:05 Wilkommen by Joerg Dreger, Managing Partner, Dreger Group
7:05-7:12 Ray McGovern, veteran CIA senior intelligence officer (27 years) and presidential briefer; SAA cofounder and Master of Ceremonies: Moment of Silence for Ambassador Robert White; acknowledgement of David MacMichael, retired Senior Estimates Officer in National Intelligence Council; Overview of history/purpose of Sam Adams Award
7:12-7:15 Annie Machon, former M15 intelligence officer (speech + introduction of Katharine and Craig)
7:15-7:20 Katharine Gun*, former GCHQ intelligence officer
7:20-7:25 Craig Murray*, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan
7:25-7:28 Coleen Rowley*, former FBI Special Agent and Minneapolis Chief Division Counsel (brief remarks +introduction of Todd P., Jesselyn & Tom)
7:28-7:33 Jesselyn Radack*, former ethics adviser, US Department of Justice and National Security; Human Rights Adviser, Government Accountability Project (GAP)
7:33-7:37 Todd Pierce, Major, US Army Judge Advocate (ret.); Guantanamo Military Commissions Defense Counsel
7:37-7:45 Thomas Drake*, former senior intelligence service executive, National Security Agency (NSA) – (speech + introduction of Ed Snowden)
7:45-8:00 Edward Snowden* (by video link), former NSA contractor; former CIA systems administrator
8:00-8:05 Ray McGovern segue to SAA Award Announcement; Reading of SAAII citation by Annie M. & Elizabeth M.(English and German versions, respectively); conferral by Thomas Drake of Sam Adams Integrity in Intelligence Corner-Brightener Candlestick to William Binney, former National Security Agency (NSA) Technical Director, World Geopolitical and Military Analysis, NSA, and co-founder, Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center
8:05-8:20 Acceptance speech by William Binney, former Technical Director, World Geopolitical and Military Analysis, NSA, and co-founder, Signals Intelligence Automation Research Center; Q & A
8:20-8:25 Wrap-up by Ray McGovern
8:25-8:30 Closing remarks by Joerg Dreger
8:30-9:00 Reception
*denotes former Sam Adams Award recipient

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365 thoughts on “Sam Adams Award

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  • Resident Dissident

    “This report does not concur with that put out by the OSCE (initial report).”

    Well of course it doesn’t – they used an old technique of checking the details before they concluded on something. You really should try it sometime. “But even if the freedom fighters were responsible —–” shows that you are not prepared to let such little thinks as the facts get in the way of your prejudices.

    As for having nothing to say about war crimes – perhaps you missed my previous references to Amnesty reports which pointed to abuses on both sides, but also made it clear that the most significant ones were by the DNR puppet administration. Only an ignoramus such as yourself would pretend that abuses are confined to one side – or the involvement by Russia in stirring up this conflict.

  • John Goss

    Resident Dissident I have never seen you condemn the killing of Eastern Ukrainians by the Nazis in Kiev and have to draw my own conclusions based on what I have seen. Can you link your Amnesty International article again please because everybody knows that, while in war their are atrocities on all sides, it has been the Nazis from Kiev who have been burying people alive and killing hundreds of civilians (largely unreported by western media). Here is a third feature in the equation. Those native English-speaking people who were on the scene shortly after the bombing in Mariupol.

    While ever you continue to support the Kiev government that stole power in Kiev and waged war on its own people, and you have done from the start, I am going to say it as it is.

    And here is a serious question. Are you a spook.

  • Mary

    This should be interesting. Not. Messrs Chilcot and Ottaway having a cosy chst.

    27 January 2015
    Iraq Inquiry: Chilcot to face MPs over delays to report

    Membership of Foreign Affairs Committee
    Sir Richard Ottaway (Chair) Conservative
    Mr John Baron Conservative
    Sir Menzies Campbell Liberal Democrat
    Ann Clwyd Labour
    Mike Gapes Labour (Co-op)
    Mark Hendrick Labour (Co-op)
    Sandra Osborne Labour
    Andrew Rosindell Conservative
    Mr Frank Roy Labour
    Sir John Stanley Conservative
    Nadhim Zahawi Conservative

  • John Goss

    Just for the record I would never write “their are atrocities on all sides” so I can only assume there (not their) is a facility to make decent people, (those who are trying to bring awareness to the sleeping many) look stupid. I suspect that this will be exposed one day. If you have any doubts about my command of English read my thesis.

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