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27 thoughts on “A Cheerful Thought for a Monday Morning

  • John A

    I must confess I was very surprised Hastings was a tory seat, Hastings itself is a lovely town and fishing port but a real mix of gentrified St Leonards and the Old Town plus some very rough areas with various social problems. However, Rye is much richer ( I imagine e.g. Paul McCartney’s farm is within the constituency). Plus Hastings has a day boat fishing fleet that launches from the beach and I know people in the fishing industry there, both off shore and on shore, who fell heavily for the UKIP propaganda nonsense about repatriating fishing quotas etc.

  • Loony

    Hang on, I am sure that I have read many times on this blog that YouGov (often referred to as YouGove) is not a reliable source of information. Now suddenly they are – what has changed?

    Has someone been offered a job with CNN? – here they are caught in the act of manufacturing fake news

    • nevermind

      Can’t play anymore video’s unless i agree to google rules, I won’t. U tube is a corporate entity and does not like to be ignored.

    • Anon

      Yes ‘YouGove’ was considered a Tory propaganda outfit around these parts and not to be believed, until it started showing a greater swing to Labour than any other polling organization and now it is considered reliable.

      • laguerre

        YouGove is indeed a Tory propaganda outfit. When even a Tory propaganda outfit shows Hastings going Labour, that’s significant, isn’t it? Just to state the obvious.

  • nevermind

    its shows gt. Yarmouth as going Labour, not a bad idea. Norwich South most likely will stay Labour as well.

    • MJ

      Gt Yarmouth showing as Likely Conservative. Norwich S is Safe Labour, the adjacent pink dot is actually Ipswch (Lean Labour). That map is not geographically accurate,

  • Simon

    Sorry, but this map shows Bridgwater & West Somerset leaning Labour and Taunton Deane going full Labour. Neither will happen. TD is a Tory/LD marginal most of the time and BWS is a Tory stronghold. Ian Liddell-Grainger could kick a baby to death and he would still get a 5 figure majority.

    Not gonna hold my breath on this I’m afraid.

    • MJ

      Sorry, map showing both BWS and TD as Conservative. You need to click on the dot to find out where it actually is. Visually the map is not accurate.

  • Matt

    Hi Craig,

    could you add a link for the source of this infographic, I’d like to see how my constituency compares!

  • Martyn don Ounstead

    Absolutely fantastic news the JC effect is sweeping the country decent people are seeing MAYhem and her government for what they are callous, evil human beings following a wrarpped ideology.
    The Tory way is to prioritise Big business and the rich by persecuting the poor, sick and disabled people by implementing an austerity programme and cutting essential services.
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH SAYS MAYHEM when talking about terorrorism outside number 10 come June 8th she will realise we have had ENOUGH OF HER.

  • Sharp Ears

    Just About Managing to quote one of our dear leader’s phrases.

    London attack: Goodwill and planning got NHS through

    Dr Malik Ramadhan, divisional director of emergency care and trauma at the Royal London Hospital
    The NHS puts lots of effort into planning for a major incident – whether it is a terrorist attack, a cyber-attack, an outbreak of infectious disease or simply a major power cut.

    But what the past few months have shown is that the dedication and goodwill of staff play a vital role.

    After both the Westminster Bridge and Manchester concert attacks, hospitals ended up turning away doctors, nurses and other staff who were volunteering to come in.

    The actions of Dr Malik Ramadhan, divisional director of emergency care and trauma at the Royal London Hospital, where 12 of the London Bridge and Borough Market victims were taken, are a perfect illustration of this.

    Multiple casualties

    Dr Ramadhan had finished his shift and was cycling home over Tower Bridge at the time of Saturday night’s attacks.

    Trading on the goodwill and humanity of the staff. Oh yes. But ……. Nursing bursaries abolished. Nurses given no pay rise . Junior doctors treated like rubbish by Hunt. Staff demoralized by the privatisation going on around them.

  • Johnny boy

    Cheerful thought followed by a slump I’m afraid. The poll is way off the mark in the constituency I’ve been canvassing, unless they are playing a similar tactic to GOTV… Like that 1% gap poll; now is not the time to start believing anything you read in the S*n.

    Keep praying, keep campaining.

  • Michael McNulty

    Another silly Tory candidate has shown herself up for the callous individual she is by saying she’s glad we have food banks. When people objected she tried to shut down the debate and said those objecting were “Corbyn supporters”.

    These greedy people welcome socialism when it saves them money, or more precisely, saves the lives of people who would starve from their heartless ideology and otherwise expose it.

  • Sharp Ears

    Turnout on Thursday?

    ‘Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:
    Heavy outbreaks of rain will move north-eastwards on Thursday. Friday will see showery conditions, and then further wet and windy weather will arrive for many on Saturday.’ Met Office website

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