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Kim Sanders-Fisher

The British Empire enforced oppression and rapacious exploitation with their policy of ‘Devide and Rule,’ but now this rabid Tory Government have put this vile principal into overdrive, first to steal our votes and now to force through their catastrophically harmful crash-out Brexit. The film ‘Viceroy’s House’ depicts how the British engineered ripping apart the Indian sub-continent in a similar ruthlessly self-serving way: lives and livelihoods are immaterial to the ruling elite. The Tory dominance of our media has facilitated the promotion of hateful propaganda, the selection of scapegoats, with the identification of who we will be instructed to blame when both the Tories shambolic mismanagement of Covid and the fallout from crash-out Brexit drive millions nearer to destitution. We must fiercely resist being drawn into this hateful factional fray by tuning out all the fake news, resisting the Labour civil war of Keir Starmer’s fantisemitism witch-hunt and ignoring the PM’s toxic Tory lies, or we will be forced to suffer “The Will of The Sheeple!”

The Canary Article entitled, “This Brexit front page from the Mail on Sunday sums up the abhorrent UK government,” was suficiently alarming to come with the, “Content warning: This article mentions atrocities committed against Jews in Nazi Germany that some readers my find distressing.” They say that, “The Mail on Sunday‘s front page on Sunday 13 December was nothing short of hate-inciting. Not only did it completely misrepresent German chancellor Angela Merkel, but a quote from a government source was even worse. Because that appeared to intentionally incite hate against her country.” Elaborating on the impending Brexit disaster the Canary report that, “As of 11:30am on 13 December, Brexit negotiations remained stalled. Boris Johnson previously said the chances of a no-deal exit from the EU were ‘very, very likely’.” A new deadline has yet to be announced, but we can only hope that the EU are not fooled by the PMs deliberate stalling tactics as he runs down the clock to crash-out Brexit!

The Canary say, “The Guardian reported that there may be a last minute result. It noted that: Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, ‘pinned hopes for a breakthrough on a telephone call between the prime minister and European commission president.’ The Guardian also said that: Both sides have said they would be willing to talk for a few more days if a final breakthrough could be achieved. So the UK’s final Brexit deal still hangs in the balance. Enter the Mail on Sunday to make matters worse. The Mail on Sunday Twitter account ‘Tomorrow’s Papers Today tweeted its front page. The article was little more than a puff piece for Johnson. It stated that he: has seized personal control of Britain’s No Deal preparations as the deadline for historic talks with the EU expires today.” That we are still on this ghastly rollercoaster heading towards crash-out Brexit is now the latest news emerging from the futile UK negotiating team whose only put[pse appears to be conning the EU into thinking they still want to make a deal.

Realistically the Canary say, “The move comes as Government sources put the chances of negotiations failing as high as 80 per cent, with… Merkel being blamed for the European Union’s hard line. But crucially, its front page quote had nothing to do with the German chancellor. Because the Mail on Sunday was actually quoting a government ‘source’: One source said that she was ‘determined to make Britain crawl across broken glass’ rather than compromise. Read the headline, though, and you’d be forgiven for thinking Merkel had said these words herself. But given Germany’s history, that would be unlikely. As Samuel West tweeted, the country has a ‘history with broken glass’: As you know, Germany has a history with broken glass, so this seemed like an odd thing for a German politician to say. Read on, and you discover that this baseless quote is an anonymous one from a UK ‘source’. #MailOnSunday, your headline is xenophobic nonsense. Please stop it.” Sadly hate mongering is the Daily Mail’s raison d’être!

The Canary explain that, “West is referring to the Kristallnacht. Michael Berenbaum wrote for Britannica that it translates to ‘Crystal Night’, and is also called ‘Night of Broken Glass’. It refers to the: November Pogroms, the night of November 9–10, 1938, when German Nazis attacked Jewish persons and property. The name Kristallnacht refers ironically to the litter of broken glass left in the streets after these pogroms. The violence continued during the day of November 10. Britannica said that Nazis killed 91 Jewish people; attacked around 1,000 synagogues and ‘ransacked and looted’ about 7,500 Jewish businesses. And police arrested around 30,000 Jewish men. Either the UK government source knows very little about history, or they do and were being inflammatory with their broken glass comment. The Mail on Sunday then gave them a helping hand.”

The Canary declare it “abhorrent” and include the copy of a Tweet, “As Gibbon summed it up: The xenophobia and English exceptionalism summed up in one article and surprise, surprise it’s the #dailymail #mailonsunday leading the way what a sad, sad day for our country. Quote Tweet ‘Broken glass’ on the front page. ‘Authoritarian’ on the inside. I wonder if there’s some kind of godforsaken dog whistle these people are trying to blow’.” The Canary point out that, “Xenophobic trash is nothing new from the Mail on Sunday. But at such a critical point in Britain’s relationship with the EU, this new low is about as abhorrent as it gets.” They say that, “the same applies to the disastrous UK government.” I still claim that this Tory Government wasn’t legitimately voted into office with a ‘landslide victory’ in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. We must challenge and fully Investigate that corrupt result to remove them from power ASAP before more catastrophic harm results from the rapacious greed of their ‘Soveriegn Dictatorship!’

The Canary Article entitled, “Jeremy Corbyn announces a new, global project for peace and justice,” heralds the former Labour Leaders’s ambitious new initiative and demonstrates his ongoing life-long commitment to the real issues that impact the lives of ordinary people. They report that, “The wait is over. The announcement Jeremy Corbyn was due to make on Sunday 13 December at 2:30pm has been revealed. He’s launching a new, global initiative.” Regarding this ‘Corbyn Project’ they say, “you can get involved too. The Project for Peace and Justice officially went live on Sunday 13 December. It says its mission statement is: To bring people together for social and economic justice, peace, and human rights, in Britain and across the world. The Peace and Justice Project will back campaigns, commission reports and develop progressive networks in Britain and across the world. [It] will work with labour and social movements and provide platforms to those campaigning for change for the many, not the few.”

The Canary article, “outlined specific areas it will be working in: Poverty; Inequality; ‘Corporate power;’ ‘Global cooperation and international peace;’ ‘Colonialism and self-determination;’ Democracy; Human rights and ‘Climate justice’. Overall, the Project for Peace and Justice will: combine anlysis, campaigning and networking. It will shine a light on injustices, offer space and hope to those driving change, and generate ideas for a future that works for the many, not the few. If you’re a like-minded individual to Corbyn, what’s not to like? Things will change. He said of the new project in a statement: We need to build solidarity beyond our borders, and across communities, to solve our common problems together. The Peace and Justice Project is there to create space, hope and opportunity for those campaigning for social justice and a future that works for the many, not the few.”

The Canary documents the project’s goals as outlined by Corbyn, “We will work with unions and social movements to build a network of campaigners, grassroots activists, thinkers and leaders, to share experiences and generate ideas about solutions to our common problems. We will combine research and analysis with campaigning and organizing. And we can build on the popular socialist policies developed in the Labour Party over the past five years. Corbyn continued: That’s just a taster. This project won’t be a substitute for any other campaign or organization. It will be a resource and a platform to work together for progressive change. In January I’ll be able to say more, when we have our launch. I’ll be joined by some fantastic campaigners – that means you. Before we go, sign up to our launch event now, the information is just about to come on the screen.”

The Canary reported Corbyn saying, “I hope we’re going to build something important together. This year, many of us have felt powerless in the face of forces beyond our control. It doesn’t have to be like that. Things can, and they will, change. Watch his full statement: Launching officially in 2021. The Eventbrite page for the official launch on 17 January 2021 says the project will be: a powerful network to generate ideas, share experience, build solidarity and drive change. You can book tickets to that here. Moreover, you can already sign up to be a supporter to receive regular updates. Also, follow the project’s Twitter account, here.” The Canary say, “There may be some disappointment that Corbyn hasn’t launched a new political party in the face of the continuing demise of the Labour Party. But what this new project will hopefully do is work beyond political party lines and foster cooperation and change outside of established democratic processes. And that surely must be a good thing.”

Meanwhile Keir Starmer has continued his relentless attacks on free speech and the progressive Left within Labour, he appears a lot more tolerant regarding the racist views of a white-supremacist who called in to LBC To defend her husband’s booing at players when they ‘took a knee’ at a football game. The Skwawkbox Article entitle, “Video: white supremacist asks Starmer why she can’t have same rights to exclude others that Israel has. Starmer ‘We all have those’,” should make us question what direction his ‘New Leadership’ intends to take the Labour Party? Does Starmer approve of the Zionist apartheide oppression of the Palistinians in Israel? She asked, “Why can’t I, as a white British female, have that same right? No condemnation from Labour leader who called BLM a ‘moment’ Keir Starmer has provoked outrage with a, to put it extremely charitably, less than full-throated condemnation of the racist comments of a white supremacist who called into this LBC radio phone-in.” What was he thinking?

The Skwawkbox report that, “The woman called in to discuss the racist booing by Millwall fans when players ‘took a knee’ before a recent football match – and began with a rant about condemnation of her husband, who took part in the booing, as a racist and about white ‘identity politics’. She then went on to ask Starmer why she can’t have the same apartheid right to exclude black people and others from ‘self-determination’ in the UK that the Israeli government uses to exclude Palestinians. The condemnation of such racism wherever it occurs was conspicuous by its absence in Starmer’s response: Heaping irony upon outrage, Starmer also said ‘of course’ he agrees with freedom of expression – even when it comes to racist booing. However, he and his acting general secretary are resorting to escalating suppression of non-racist and legally-protected freedom of expression among Labour members.” Starmer undemocratic witch-hunt of the progressive Labour Left has created a fierce backlash of ‘no-confidence’ votes!

The Skwawkbox report that, “Starmer, who hosts the programme with Nick Ferrari – who created similar outrage when he asked black British journalist Afua Hirsch why she didn’t leave Britain if she thought it had so many problems – said at least twice earlier this year that the Black Lives Matter movement is a ‘moment’, condemned the toppling of a statue of a notorious slave-trader and, during a cosy interview with the same LBC presenter, welcomed comments by Jeremy Clarkson that he might now vote Labour. Black MP Clive Lewis’s reaction to Starmer’s response was: ‘For neither the presenter of Keir to, at the very least, explore further, unpack and robustly challenge, such an extreme statement is frankly appalling.” Owen Jones Tweeted, “there needs to be a full explanation and apology from Labour’s Leadership about this diabolical failure to challenge full-blown white supremacism on national radio.”

Skwawkbox pointed out that , “Starmer also marked the UN’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People by meeting with a group that blamed Palestinians for their own murder by Israeli forces and failed to tweet any comment about Palestinians at all during the following week.” Parting shots in an article which also announced that, “At the weekend, Starmer’s predecessor as Labour leader launched the Project for Peace and Justice to promote equality for all.” It marked the stark difference between a man who is eager to weaponize racism for his own ends and the former Labour Leader whose genuine commitment to anti-racism is unquestionable. Much to the embarrassment and hostility of Starmer and the centrist minority, Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) up and down the country have been voting motions of support for Corbyn. Undemocratic efforts to ban such motions have largely backfired, resulting instead in an increasing number of well supported motions of ‘no confidence’ in Starmer and Secretary Evans!

The Skwawkbox Article reporting on a recently derailed motion in support of a charity fundraiser shows the extreme lengths this arm’s-length control is taking. Entitled, “Two CLPs rule motion on bike-ride to raise funds for Palestinian kids ‘out of order’ because of David Evans’s,” begs the question why? They say, “According to the East London Palestine Solidarity Campaign (ELPSC), two local Labour parties in the area banned motions put forward by members to support a charity bicycle ride to raise funds for Palestinian children – and attributed the ban to instructions from Labour’s acting general secretary David Evans. An ELPSC statement elaborates: East London Palestine Solidarity Campaign understands that two local Constituency Labour Parties, Bethnal Green & Bow CLP, and Poplar & Limehouse CLP, have ruled motions in support of the ‘Big Ride for Palestine’, a charity event in aid of Palestinian children, as ‘out of order’ under instructions issued to CLPs by Labour’s general secretary, David Evans.”

Does Starmer’s support of Zionist paymasters make it Labour/Likud? Skwawkbox say, “In 2019, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, received email correspondence between council officers in Tower Hamlets, following a Freedom of Information request (FOI). The correspondence revealed that officers had refused permission for the ‘Big Ride’, citing the highly controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) ‘working definition’ of antisemitism. The IHRA ‘working definition’ has no legal status. The motion in support of the Big Ride for Palestine (attached) was submitted to the CLPs in November 2019. Due to suspension of Labour Party meetings during the pandemic, the motions were referred back to the CLPs for resubmission last month. Members were assured this was merely procedural. However, hours before branch meetings were due to be held in December, members were informed the motion in support of the Big Ride, had been ruled ‘out of order’ and could not be discussed.”

Skwawkbox explain how, “This fell under the same prohibition of motions regarding party democracy, and reinstatement of the whip to Jeremy Corbyn. East London Palestine Solidarity Campaign condemns any decision that prohibits discussion or support for a motion in support of a charity event in aid of Palestine by the Labour Party. Last year, the Palestine Solidarity campaign warned that the adoption of the non-legally binding, IHRA ‘working definition’ of antisemitism risked a chilling effect and suppression of solidarity with Palestine. Our proposed caveats, guaranteeing free speech on Palestine, were rejected by Tower Hamlets council. Our warnings and worst fears have proven justified. The debate inside the Labour Party and the adoption of the IHRA ‘working definition’ on antisemitism now appear to be the premise for prohibiting discussion and motions on Palestine solidarity campaigns.”

Skwawkbox remind us that, “Evans committed last month to implementing in full the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) report on Islamophobia in the Labour party, though there have been no signs of any suspensions of Labour MPs and others for attacks on Palestinians’ right of self-determination, which the LMN report states is Islamophobic. It seems that Evans’s commitment is not protecting Palestinian children or activities to try to help them, either.” A Canary Article entitled, “Soldiers deploy teargas at the funeral for a Palestinian child shot dead by Israeli forces,” demonstrates how Israeli forces are emboldened by Erstern indiference to their plight. They say that, “Clashes have erupted between Israeli security forces and Palestinians at the funeral of a 13-year-old boy killed by Israeli gunfire in the occupied West Bank. Hundreds of Palestinians had gathered to mourn the death of Ali Abu Alia in Almugayer village, where he was shot in the stomach by Israeli forces. He died in hospital on Friday 4 December.”

The Canary report that, “Soldiers intermittently attacked mourners with tear gas as they threw stones at Israeli forces. Late on Friday, the senior UN political envoy in the region said he was ‘appalled’ by the killing of the teenager. Israel should “swiftly” and independently ‘investigate this shocking and unacceptable incident’, Nikolay Mladenov wrote on Twitter. The Israeli military said soldiers and border police responded with ‘riot dispersal means’ against protesters who threw rocks at them. It denied that its forces used live ammunition. Resistance to Israeli forces entering Palestinian-controlled areas of the occupied West Bank is common from Palestinian youths. The military often raids Palestinian towns to arrest people they suspect of planning or taking part in attacks.” During his time as Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn greatly increased Labour recognitian and support for the Palistinian cause; his new Peace and Justice project will rescue that vital Palistinian support from Starmer’s right wing Zionist onslaught.

Despite the Electoral confirmation of Joe Biden in the US the damage of reckless narcissistic populism will persist. Unlike Bernie Sanders, Biden is not committed to changing the Corporate grip on America; he will continue the Crony Capitalism dictated by the special interests, and feed the destructive beast of a US Military Industrial Complex with future unnecessary foreign interventions. Johnson is destined to willingly comply with US war-mongering ambitions at the expense of meeting the real needs of ordinary people. The American people were cheated out of their progressive Socialist alternative by the corrupt DNC, Democratic National Convention. Citizens of the UK were cheated out of our progressive Socialist Prime Minister in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, and our future options are now limited by a pathetically weak, self-destructive ‘New Leadership’ of Keir Srarmer offering zero opposition to the terrifying reality of Boris Johnson’s Tory ‘Sovereign Dictatorship’ that will evolve after crash-out Brexit.

But we cannot give up the fight or this crisis in leadership will progress across the globe. We cannot passively accept rigged votes, the lies, broken pledges and zero accountability for betrayal from politicians. We must eradicate genuine racism and ignore the ‘paper tiger’ of confected fantisemitism promoted by the Zionist project to defend Israel from external scrutiny over their aparthide persecution of the Palestinians. Our relentless collective outrage must prevail in the urgent need to halt the selling of UK weapons to tyrants and despots for use in their ethnic cleansing of minorities or the indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians as in Yemen and elsewhere. The huge outpouring of community led assistance we are prepared to offer each other during Covid speaks to the prevalence of humanitarian priorities that can only be achieved by progressive Socialist policies. Hopefully Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project will harness that great generosity of spirit with a determination to peacefully collaborate for the good of all mankind. DO NOT MOVE ON!