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I have read through this thread again over the last 2 or 3 days. I am gonna make some observations for what it’s worth.

I think it’s best to avoid assigning motivation to people who post except in very clear circumstances. If you say or promote opinion x then you want horrible thing to happen doesn’t encourage discussion but rather counter insinuation and thus derails the train of posts. You cannot really know people’s motivations so best to stick to facts in your argument.

Also assuming insult where it wasn’t really intended. You say you care about x therefore you are insinuating I don’t care about x. This isn’t helpful either. Better to explain that you can care about both aspects.

Restricting free movement and association is a political quagmire. It has and will have effects on folk. It is important to keep a weather eye on it even if you feel the restrictions are valid under the circumstance.

Steph related a story about her elderly neighbour with dementia who sadly died during lockdown. The lockdown had a huge effect on that person’s last days and an ongoing effect on those family surviving him. I am not so sure that was the best thing for that particular man and perhaps more thought would have allowed visits to that household. I am reminded of my respect for people who refuse aggressive cancer treatments because of how they can impact what life remains. In this case the covid threat may have been the lesser evil to restricting family visits.

On conspiracy theory. It’s a term often used by MSM and politicians to deride people and obscure truth. If I discuss media bias or deliberate obfuscation such as say chemical weapons in Syria or big tech data collection I often get called conspiracy theorist by my own fecking family. It is a loaded terminology. Best to be careful and judicious with it.