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So basically all the squillions the state handed over to Big Pharma for vaccines didn’t protect anyone much at all because a new strain appeared, even before the Army got their syringes out on council estates, in supermarket car parks, and in football stadia. Funny the government didn’t realise what the “2” meant in “SARSCoV2”. SARS has already mutated into another strain. That’s what the big virus is that’s going around, that everyone’s been talking about for 9 months.

The new strain has been impressively labelled “VUI202012/01”, standing for “Variant Under Investigation No.1 of December 2020”. Something wrong with the existing number space, was there? The public relations boys decided “SARSCoV3” or “SARSCoV2.1” wouldn’t sent the right message?

So mRNA vaccines, a type never before used on humans (and which involve stimulating healthy body cells to produce “harmless” rather virus-like entities) didn’t work…. Or maybe they did work, depending on what the aim was…

Meanwhile we’re not supposed to gather in groups of more than two, under the watchful eye of the police and army, while another lockdown is imposed and the only shops that stay open are the supermarkets which it doesn’t seem will have their usual stocks of vegetables… AND THEN SOME.