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All respiratory viruses must be infectious to varying degrees otherwise they wouldn’t survive, but that doesn’t make them deadly, particularly the coronavirus, which is mostly milder than the ‘flu’, and calling it a novel (new) virus and a novel-novel (mutation) virus is alarmism because viruses are mutating all the time.

The question remains can our immune systems deal with them and they mostly do. Therapeutics and good health help ill people recover, but vaccines are of little practical benefit when the mortality rate is so low, and counter-productive due to over-use and side-effects.

However a genuine, rather than expensive snake-oil, vaccine can be a benefit for different conditions if used sensibly on vulnerable groups, but again giving elderly people already on various medication and health problems more medication has its own dangers.

And the the PCR False Positives, which the government deliberately includes in the published figures, is easily web-searched