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162 thoughts on “Losing Bet

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  • James Chater

    I am an Englishman living in France. When in the UK I am a republican; when in France a monarchist – at least, I want to abolish the 5th Republic, and if becoming a monarchy is what it takes, I am prepared to pay the price. Therefore, my fellow-Britains, send us your unwanted royals! Their ancestors continued to claim the throne of France right up to the time of Queen Elizabeth I, so this would be a chance for them to “come back”!

  • Tech Savage

    “I am an Englishman living in France.”

    a.k.a. the least popular bloke in the village.

  • Jeremy

    @Fred “It can’t answer back”.


    He can’t read either…

    (unless the lizard rumours…)

  • Flaming June

    The old girl’s laughing in our faces, again. Who paid? Us probably.

    ‘It is not known precisely which Champagne was served during the celebrations but Bollinger, Laurent-Perrier, GH Mumm, Louis Roederer, Pol Roger and Veuve Cliquot are all royal warrant holders to supply Champagne to the British royal family.’


  • Flaming June

    Kempe I like the way Champagne is spelt rather reverentially on that site with a capital ‘C’ (after the region I suppose) and the location of the theft – Ratty’s Lane!

  • Komodo

    Villager opined:
    Very telling that you made no observation about that, Buddhist or not.
    I did. It was, “FACT”. In response to your offered dichotomy. I’ll say it again: FICTION.

    Try a bit of honest constant awareness instead of your various escapes. Life is lived and understood through its actuality of action, not by playing with some theories however appealing and romantic you may believe them to be.

    Thank you so much for your advice. Please tell me what is to be understood about life? And what if one’s actuality of action consists of playing with theories?

    Read Daisetz Suzuki for an insight, if you’re having trouble here.

  • Flaming June

    Such a caring employer.

    Buckingham Palace uses zero-hours contracts for summer staff
    The 350 part-time workers deployed during summer opening of royal family’s London residence have no guaranteed work


    Army of workers trapped in insecure, badly-paid ‘jobs’
    Zero-hours contracts tie employees to on-call working and have become part of the efficiency drive in the public sector


    Badar Azim gets the push.

    Royal baby footman returns home after visa expires

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “… and the one member of the family who’d make a decent monarch, IMO,” Komodo.

    You must prefer Red Queens or perhaps, barnet-headed dominatrices in general. Princess Anne is probably the only member of the current House of Windsor whom one actually can imagine yelling, “Off with their heads!” and “Let them eat limousines!”.

  • Allen L Jasson

    (I always have trouble with these tricky person checks)…
    Yes, ‘privileged’ is rather an odd first name and I suppose my own suggestion (‘psychopathic’) was no better, but I was focussed on the idea that he would probably take after his uncle Harry, who has a penchant for flying around in helicopters playing reality-computer-games killing Afghans with his joy-stick.
    But yes, terrible way to amuse ourselves, speculating on the probable character of an innocent child who can’t defend himself.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “Cromwell abolished Christmas,” Fred, 9:39am, 28.7.13.

    We’re not in C17th any more. I have nothing against Jesus. Jesus is just alright by me. And so are Christmas, tinsel, carols and so on. And the baby is fine. And I don’t mind the Fat Man in Red (after all, he is in red, though originally he was in green). I just want rid of the monarchy and aristocracy. Or are you suggesting that the monarch is God’s representative on earth and the aristocracy, the angelic host incarnate?

    All power to babies! Down with the Crown!

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