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Neil Kinnock appeared on both Dispatches and Panorama this evening bemoaning the presence of socialists in the Labour Party. Neither programme succeeded in finding anything sinister happening, but they did succeed in playing a great deal of sinister music. This must have been a great boost to the sinister music writing industry, for which we should be grateful. I think they have definitively proved that some people are left wing, and would like to have left wing MPs.

But seeing Kinnock reminded me of another bit of TV I saw today, a heartbreaking advert for Save the Children featuring a dying little baby, unable to ask for help. The advert urged you to give just £2 a month to help save her.

If 11,000 people responded with £2 a month, that would not save the little baby, but it would exactly pay the £264,000 per year salary of Neil Kinnock’s daughter-in-law Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Chief Executive of Save the Children and wife of MP Stephen Kinnock. Indeed if 20,000 people gave £2 per month, that would probably cover Mrs Stephen Kinnock’s salary, her other employment costs and the money paid to Sky for the advert. When you toss in Stephen’s salary and expenses, the Stephen Kinnock household are bringing in just shy of a cool half a million pounds a year from public service and charity work.

The salary of Ms Thorning-Schmidt is approximately twice that of her predecessor, Justin Forsyth, who was on an already unconscionable £140,000. I exposed their massive salaries at the time the Save the Children awarded a “Global Legacy” award to Tony Blair. Indeed to meet the salaries and other employment costs of just the top executives at Save the Children would take 80,000 people paying £2 a month. They would be funding executives with an average salary of over £140,000. For those in work paying the £2 a month, the average UK salary is £26,000 a year, and many retired and unemployed people scrimp to find money to give to try to help the needy.

The use of charities as a massive cash cow for the political classes is a real concern. David Miliband is on over 300,000 for heading the International Rescue Committee. When I listed the Save the Children executives, they included Brendan Cox, on over £100,000. He was the husband of Jo Cox, the murdered Labour MP. Brendan Cox and Justin Forsyth were both advisers to Gordon Brown and both moved to Save the Children when they lost their jobs on Brown losing power, sliding in on 6 figure salaries. Jo Cox was an adviser to Glenys Kinnock and left that job to be an executive at Oxfam before she too worked as a highly paid Save the Children executive.

Brendan Cox left Save the Children due to allegations from several women that he sexually harassed female staff and volunteers. Justin Forsyth left at the same time amid allegations he had not effectively acted to have his friend Cox investigated. This has not stopped Forsyth from now popping up as Deputy Chief Executive of UNICEF. Misery for some is a goldmine for others.

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  • John Goss

    Dear God, I’ve just watched the 6 o’clock BBC evening news. It makes you want to throw up. They had that awful Laura Kuennsberg dishing out the misfortunes of the party, but worst of all was the taster for tonight’s Panorama programme, which has clearly set out an agenda for Russia bombing Aleppo and follows the mercenary White Helmets making them look like the good guys. Pass the sick bag. This is not news. These are not reporters. As somebody said on Russia Today they are stenographers to the US/UK manufacturers of news.

      • John Goss

        It’s like a military version of Kissinger’s triangular diplomacy, with as many heads as the hydra. They just keep biting one another’s heads off and others grow in their place. While the real creators of this mess, Israel, US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others laugh and gloat, with Israel waiting for a totally war-torn Middle East that they can colonise.

        Beware you evil-doers in the Saudi kingdom. When you think it’s all over your erstwhile allies will turn on you. Beware you evil-doers in Qatar your erstwhile allies will turn on you. After all you have oil!

    • michael norton

      I have sent an email to my member of parliament pointing out the White Helmets are paid by the west to destroy Syria.
      Quite pointless as he never responds.

  • michael norton

    Newly discovered raw data picked up by a civilian radar station on the day of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash shows no signs of a missile being fired at the plane from territory controlled by rebels, the Russian military and radar producer said.

    The existence of raw data was announced last week by Almaz-Antey, the producer of the Buk missile system. The system is believed by an international investigation to have caused the 2014 crash over Ukraine.

  • michael norton

    President Francois Hollands has vowed to to stand for election if he has not got the jobless numbers down, below, when he took office.

    The August numbers are a major blow for President Francois Hollande, who was hoping to turn around the labour market in the approach to next year’s presidential election.

    Apparently, part of the explanation for surging unemployment is TERROR

    • michael norton

      Sorry, garbage in garbage out.

      President Francois Hollande has vowed NOT TO STAND for re-election
      if the jobless numbers keep soaring.

      • michael norton

        I am sure that it will be a GREAT COMFORT to the unemployed of France,
        that the Hapless Hollande will be withdrawing from public life ( like David Cameron),
        to enrich themselves per Neil Kinnock

        • Alan

          Let’s face reality here, the French had their revolution just after the Yanks had theirs, and as history was never my topic I can accept correction on that. This means the French had their revolution that lasted from 1789 until 1799. Now excuse me, but if the French have failed to get it right in 210+ years, is that my fault? Why are you trying to hang this guilt trip on the British?

        • Laguerre

          Whether Hollande stands or not, is not a big issue. he is unlikely to make it into the second round of voting. The issue will be between LePen, and someone of the right, like Juppé, hopefully not Sarkozy. Or Macron, of the pseudo-left.

      • Laguerre

        Ukraine, I would say.

        What gets me is that the US plans these attacks quite heartlessly, without a single thought as to the numbers of innocent civilians who will be destroyed. It was the same with the destruction of the Golden Dome in Samarra. If it’s done with complete lack of feeling for the sufferers, you can be sure it’s the Americans. Jihadis do it with hatred of their enemy, the Americans completely without feeling. Just like squashing bugs.

    • RobG

      Hollande is the most unpopular president in French history…

      … and will be lucky if he can escape to his overseas tax haven before he gets lynched.

      And anyone who believes that Sarkozy will waltz into the job has another think coming.

      These people are all neo-cons who are utterly detested by most of the French public.

      Sorry, Washington, your project to get the cheese-eating surrender monkeys on board has gone a bit array.

      Go order another portion of Freedom Fries, inbetween dropping tons of bombs on dusky skinned people.

  • John Goss

    Just when the topics are getting interesting . . . the page flips over. If you didn’t know better you would think it was planned.

    “Newly discovered raw data picked up by a civilian radar station on the day of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash shows no signs of a missile being fired at the plane from territory controlled by rebels, the Russian military and radar producer said.

    The existence of raw data was announced last week by Almaz-Antey, the producer of the Buk missile system. The system is believed by an international investigation to have caused the 2014 crash over Ukraine.

    Courtesy of michael norton.

    • michael norton

      My guess is that The Ukraine brought down MH17,
      this to discredit the Russians, same sort of stuff that is going on in Syria, at present, you know “The Russians bombed the U.N. aid convoy”

      • Alan

        “My guess is that The Ukraine brought down MH17”

        Excuse me, but isn’t that a libellous statement? Are you doing your utmost to get Craig into trouble? Please provide proof of what you claim and remember “The Trolls” are watching and reading.

      • bevin

        I don’t think that there is any doubt about it. Which is why neither the US nor the Kiev Klown Klan will release either the satellite records (the war zone was under continual US satellite surveillance) or the Air Traffic Control tapes.
        My guess is that the bozoes (see KKK above) running the death squads which had been turned on the Donbas thought that they had targeted Putin’s plane which was in the region at the time.
        The Bandera militias haven’t received much follow up training since their initial Waffen SS induction, and that was ages ago in terms of military technology- they will probably find that the missile they used was a souped up V2.

      • John Goss

        I gave you the chance to retract this realising you had not read the original comment but rushed off the type of response expected of you. So what don’t you understand about “Newly discovered raw data . . .”

        • Kempe

          A year ago RT was claiming a Ukrainian fighter (actually a ground attack aircraft) was detected closing in on MH17 and brining it down with an air-to-air missile. A scenario which was widely supported on this blog. Now, and i quote, “The Ust-Donetsky radar picked up no foreign objects near the Malaysian plane which could have caused its destruction,”

          Spot the difference?

          I’m asking again why it’s taken two years for this data to surface. Wouldn’t they have downloaded it shortly after the event?

          • John Goss

            It wasn’t the Ust-Donetsky radar that picked up the fighter plane, which is probably why Russia is asking for the US to provide its supposed data, and the Ukraine to make public its air-traffic control data.

    • Anon1

      It amazes me, Mr Goss, that for someone so critical and questioning of Western media sources (which are relatively free), you swallow so whole the output of Russian state media.

      • John Goss

        I used to trust western media sources. They have lied too often. One day they may start telling the truth but like the boy who cried “Wolf!” it will probably be too late.

        • lysias

          During World War Two, the BBC was the best source for news. They may not always have told the truth, but they did better at it than their competitors.

          Similarly, RT is now the best source. They too may not always tell the truth, but they do a better job of it than their competitors.

          • YKMN

            Agree with lysias,

            State-controlled BBC is filled with censorship by omission, every-day, (tho sometimes they mention a difficult subject on the 5:30am news-briefing on R4UK,) presenting news fragments without context & hope that they get away with it. Sorry Beeb, you’re busted.

            State-sponsored RT does often tell the truth, in carefully selected areas, focussing sometimes on the items that BBC deliberately ignore. Of course RT have an agenda too, it’s obviously best to watch both, plus read a bit of Brazilian, Venezuelan, US, Korean, German news inbetween. Sorry Beeb you’re still busted!

          • Summerhead

            I take it you were not around during the 39 -45 war. Neither was I but my parents, neither of whom were politically radical both recalled the awful BBC propaganda up to and during the war. The idea was to demonize the Germans and it was so successful that to this day, many people still believe the stereotypes of Germans from that time. My father joined the RAF to avoid being sent to the trenches and served as a rear gunner in Lancaster bombers and was disgusted by the indiscriminate carpet bombing of German cities his crew had to carry out. You won’t hear many people ask whether it was necessary for 65 million people to die so that US hegemony could be established such has been the success of propaganda from that time.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Thanks to CanSpeccy for this..I tried to post a reply on his blog…I don’t know if it worked…and I don’t know if this will appear here..I am not that fussed if it doesn’t..

    My reply (if its banned – O.K. – I don’t mind)


    I thought the “hifalutin bunk” was the best TED talk I have ever seen. Thanks for the link. To say absolutely nothing of any meaningful content, whilst illustrating Presentation Skills quite brilliantly, was something I have never seen before presented in this way. I suspect this man is making a fortune teaching politicians et al how to speak with a live audience. Some people have most of these skills naturally – others go into a panic state when asked to speak – to give a speech – but if worked on by an intensive course in Presentation Techniques – they can improve dramatically – even if naturally very introverted. This is a good thing – because many introverts who study a lot when alone – have the best ideas – but are completely useless at communicating them.

    Re European extinction – in my experience – most people – despite their cultural upbringing – wherever they are in the world exhibit the same diverse ranges of human personality and performance. We are all a bit tribal – but most of the tribes are pretty much the same. Same emotions – same capabilities – similar percentage of born psychos.

    And no I do not want 100 Million people moving to the UK. We are full…Go to Canada instead -you guys have got loads of space as have the Russians..The only reason you want to come here – is because us British people are the nicest. I know our government and politicians are rubbish – but so are yours. Have you any ideas how to improve matters?


  • Anon1

    Macky wrote to me earlier:

    “I think you are wrong to be so certain that Labour under Corbyn will lose a GE, because of the following;

    Corbyn like no other politician in recent times has been able to attract unprecedented mass popular support, and not just from traditional Labour supporters as a YouGov Poll has just revealed that in the Leadership Election Corbyn won people who didn’t vote Labour in 2015 by a margin of 57%’

    Theresa May also believes that Labour will win under Corbyn, otherwise she would call for an immediate GE if she really thought that he is unelectable.”


    Dealing with your first point: you need to calm down and sober up. 99% of the electorate has not voted for Corbyn. He is polling an abysmal 24% right now. You are confusing a cult following from the loony left with popular support.

    As to point number two, it has already been dealt with. If Mrs May called an election now, Corbyn would be history and Labour might find someone electable (probably a good deal to the right of the unelectable trotskyite dinosaur they have now). It is absolutely in the Tories’ best interest to keep Corbyn in position for as long as possible. We are all hoping Corbyn lasts until 2020. That’s why we voted for him.

    I hope this answers your points. 😀

    • RobG

      Anon1 saId: “He is polling an abysmal 24% right now. You are confusing a cult following from the loony left with popular support.”

      Considering that the Conservative party got a similar vote at the last general election (about 24% of those eligible to vote), I presume you would also concede that the present government was also voted into power by a minority of loonies?

      You people are so dumb/corrupt that you have absolutely no understanding of what’s about to hit you.

      A fifty quid bet, Anon1?

      I have the morals not to take candy from children.

      • Anon1


        You are confusing percentage of eligible voters with percentage of actual voters. This is a stupid error, RobG. What is the percentage of eligible voters who support Jeremy Corbyn?

        The Tories are polling 42%. The situation for Labour is dire, the worst it has ever been for an oppositon party. You’re fucked!

        • RobG

          It’s only a matter of days since Corbyn was re-elected as leader of the Labour Party.

          There have been no opinion polls published since then.

          I repeat, the bookies have had Corbyn as firm favourite to be the next prime minister for a long time now…

          I dealt with your repudiation of this on the previous page…

          Any other questions..?

        • John Goss

          You don’t want to worry about the opinion polls now. But you, and other right wing bigots, need to worry about them a bit nearer the election, when the groundwork is done, and the majority can see how much different life could be under an honest man. Oh yes the media will continue to try and make him out not to be an honest man, for his supporters to be hooligans, for his proposed policies to be unworkable. But we will explain how ordinary people can be enjoying part of what the greedy bankers keep for themselves. We will do it.

          However anybody betting with you must be mad if they could find out who you are. I would not deal with you because of your bigotry. You might be a nice person who everybody loves, but you don’t come across that way on this blog. People are not so stupid as to stump up their hard-earned money at evens so that you can get odds of 4-1 at the bookies with it.

          We might be working-class, but we still have brains. Now grow up.

        • michael norton

          I think Corby ought to be given a chance, without all the carping.
          Mrs.May is not doing too bad but as she has previously said BREXIT MEANS BREXIT

          I have not seen much evidence of BREXIT

    • Loony

      Anon1 – Maybe you are correct or maybe not. Based on history you are correct, and you are also correct that there is not a majority in the UK for the kind of policies favored by Corbyn.

      However things are changing. There is a growing realization that politics is corrupt, that the finance sector is allowed to operate outside of the law, that there is a growing gap between rich and poor and that the young (in general) have very limited opportunities, that foreign policy is literally insane and that Europe is being overrun with migrants.

      There is a general expectation that things are not likely to improve and that mainstream media approved politicians are highly unlikely to take any meaningful steps to rectify problems or reverse trends.

      People may vote for Corbyn – because he is perceived as honest and because the powerful seem to detest him. People that voted for Brexit did not do so because they were xenophobic racists and people that may vote for Corbyn may not be placard waving Trotskyites.

    • Macky

      Anon1; “Dealing with your first point: you need to calm down and sober up. 99% of the electorate has not voted for Corbyn.”

      A very superfluous comment !

      Anon1: “He is polling an abysmal 24% right now.”

      “Right now” being the point, especially in the aftermath of the off-putting debacle of the Chicken Coup, and after a whole year of relentless attacks from the TPTB/MSM etc, Things can & will change very quickly.

      Anon1; “You are confusing a cult following from the loony left with popular support.”

      Call it a “cult” if it makes you feel better, but it’s the same phenomena that delivered your cherished BREXIT, ie people refusing to accept the same old rip-off status quo anymore, and instead choosing to defy TPTB and to empower themselves instead

      Anon1:”As to point number two, it has already been dealt with. If Mrs May called an election now, Corbyn would be history and Labour might find someone electable (probably a good deal to the right of the unelectable trotskyite dinosaur they have now). It is absolutely in the Tories’ best interest to keep Corbyn in position for as long as possible. We are all hoping Corbyn lasts until 2020. That’s why we voted for him.”

      That simply doesn’t wash; TPTB, the MSM, even Cameron himself for goodness sake, have tried everything possible to make him go for over a year now, and now you are trying to convince people that they have changed their minds & want him to stay !!

      That’s illogical Captain ! 😀

  • Resident Dissident

    I don’t know about Peak Kinnock but it certainly has been Peak Nutters with the comments today – shouldn’t they be out knocking on doors for Jeremy, or are they just relaxing and kicking off due to the inevitability of the revolution?

    • Alcyone

      RD, aren’t you going to help ‘put the band back together?

      I’m listening to this atm, top volume, off Spotify though….much clearer. Coming to unsocial hours, but I’m in a socialist state of mind tonight.

      Beyond the Type Zero Global Civilisation….I’m done with the shoddy little selfish, constantly-warring, fleecing World.

    • RobG

      I know, people who call for peace over war, justice rather than injustice, equality rather than inequality, are all total nutters, aren’t they.

      Much better to exterminate them all, ay.

      Then you can put on your carpet slippers, and sit down in front of the fire, have a glass of whatever, and congratulate yourself on having nothing whatsoever to do with the mass slaughter of your fellow human beings.

      After all, you’re a superior being, aren’t you.

  • Alcyone

    I absolutely love this:

    Where is Owen Supernormal and does anybody care for what Tom Fat Watson has to say anymore. And that creepy Hilary Benn had to be satisfied to hold a rally of 100 people in a side street yesterday when just the other day there were >300 MPs egging him on in Syria.

    The Law of Unintended Consequences has worked brilliantly for the genuine, honest Corbyn. But the biggest winner in all this is the British Democracy. Alive and kicking, while Ed Balls is getting his ass kicked no matter where he waltzes.

    A hat-tip also to the gentleman, Andy Burnham, and good reading of the situation by him.

    Now, Let’s Get The Party Started, what do you say Tony?

  • YKMN

    A) It’s a topsy-turvy world when top spooks are arrested:-

    B) top spook appears in court:-

    and C) sigh, top spooks are appointed to oversee the spooks:-;

    A) Sarkozy related, say no more, nudge nudge
    B) “Mauss’s defense says the [$50M secret] bank accounts were opened by Western and Israeli intelligence officials in the mid-1980s to fund covert security operations around the world.” (Why does the BBC report miss out these vital facts?, censorship?, simplification for dummies??
    C) trebles all round, MIC is paying

    • YKMN

      Turkey, meanwhile, has sacked 61% of its spies (over links to foreign agencies etc)

      Is that a typical or excessive penetration level in the modern world? Idly speculating, wildly dreaming, completely baselessly, hence for purposes of parody – comedy even , that just over half of British intelligence is allied to a foreign power or two ( no unpatriotic “un-nameable seventh man”, nearer 70% of ’em), or how about over half of British media ‘talent’ being allied with foreign powers, or, most obviously where I fall down in these times of peakinnock , over half of the Parliamentary Labour Party beholden to someone/something they shouldn’t really be playing with. . .

  • Republicofscotland

    SNP’s Michelle Thomson, in the clear.


    “Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett has been reported to Police Scotland over allegations he failed to properly declare spending on his election campaign.”

    “Burnett was elected to Holyrood in May after winning the Aberdeenshire West constituency by 900 votes after the Conservatives increased their vote share in the constituency by 17%.”

      • michael norton

        Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry had been under investigation by police after a pro-independence group reported a potential financial discrepancy in its accounts.

        Ms McGarry, 35, had been one of the 56 SNP MPs elected in last year’s general election.

        She must know Little Nicola quite well, being next door to each other, are they chums?

      • fred

        “Xenophobic slur by Scots Tory, Ruth Davidson fails to apologise.”

        Is there some reason why you’re suddenly digging in the archives dredging up weeks old news?

    • fred

      “Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett has been reported to Police Scotland over allegations he failed to properly declare spending on his election campaign.”

      Yeh the Nats are always reporting people, especially if it would get them their majority back at Holyrood..

      Let me know if he’s charged

      • Republicofscotland

        Kezia, said she pressed the button, engineers say no fault with Holyrood voting system, machines don’t lie.


        Scottish Labour’s rock-bottom popularity among voters threatens to drag the UK party further into the political wilderness, according to the UK’s leading election expert.

        “A poll carried out for The Sunday Times suggests that Kezia Dugdale’s party would trail the nationalists by 34% if a general election was held tomorrow, marking Scottish Labour’s lowest levels of public support in more than 70 years.”

        SNP + Greens = majority.

        • michael norton

          Ms. Nicola Sturgeon also said the accusation was “very serious”, but it was important to balance the standards expected of MPs and “due process, fairness and a presumption of innocence.”

          Ms McGarry was the second SNP MP to quit the whip shortly after the general election.

          In September 2015, Edinburgh West MP Michelle Thomson did so after it emerged her solicitor had been struck off for professional misconduct for his part in 13 deals related to her £1.7m property portfolio.

          In May this year, Police Scotland began investigating a second complaint against Ms McGarry, after the SNP’s Glasgow Regional Association reported around £4000 unaccounted for.

          Ms McGarry, who had been the group’s convener from 2011 to 2015 and the main signatory on its bank account, again denied wrongdoing.

          • michael norton

            Property allegations of Edinburgh West MP Michelle Thomson

            In September 2015 Thomson was accused by an article in The Sunday Times of having built her buy-to-let property portfolio by buying homes from indebted families for below-market prices.
            It emerged that Thomson’s solicitor for the deals, Christopher Hales, had later been struck off for professional misconduct over his role in the deals by a Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal. In particular, the Tribunal found that Hales “must have been aware that there was a possibility he was facilitating mortgage fraud, whether or not this occurred.” One couple, who had sold their home to the Thomsons, announced their intent to lodge a complaint with the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission.

            In late September 2015 Police Scotland announced it had launched an inquiry into “alleged irregularities” related to the property transactions which had seen Hales struck off.
            The same day the SNP issued a statement on behalf of Thomson, announcing that she had decided to withdraw herself from the party whip whilst the investigation was ongoing. In resigning the whip, Thomson also gave up her SNP membership and her role as the SNP’s business, innovation and skills spokesperson at Westminster.


          • michael norton

            SPEAKING of Edinburgh Western, we hear SNP MP Michelle Thomson has changed lawyer as the police probe into her property empire widens, swapping Aamer Anwar for the equally redoubtable John Scott QC. The reason is a mystery. But we note Mr Scott is an expert on stop and search. So faced with a frisk, Ms Thomson will at least know her rights.

          • michael norton

            The national executive of the SNP will consider a request to reinstate Michelle Thomson, the Edinburgh West MP suspended over a police investigation into her property transactions, following an appeal from the party’s group at Westminster, the Scotsman has learned.

            Read more at:
            Ms Thomson resigned the party whip and had her SNP membership automatically suspended after it emerged police were investigating property deals carried out by a solicitor struck off for misconduct. She denies any wrongdoing. It is understood that at a meeting of the SNP’s 54 MPs last night, a motion calling for the party to “urgently” consider readmitting Ms Thomson received unanimous backing. The motion seen by the Scotsman claims that Ms Thomson has been “denied natural justice” and that “her current situation has gone on for too long”.

            The call for Ms Thomson’s reinstatement is likely to provoke controversy as police inquiries into possible mortgage fraud committed by solicitor Christopher Hales are ongoing. Police Scotland confirmed its investigation, which was launched almost a year ago in September 2015, remained active. However, as of the end of August, Ms Thomson said she had not been yet contacted by police. At the outset of the investigation, Police Scotland said Ms Thomson was not personally the focus of the probe. The motion reads: “The SNP Westminster Parliamentary Group requests that the National Executive Committee of the SNP urgently considers the position of Michelle Thomson MP with a view to accepting her back into party membership and therefore to the parliamentary whip.

            “This request reflects concerns that her current situation has gone on for too long to no good purpose, and that she has been denied natural justice.” During her suspension, it states Ms Thomson has “been a very loyal and extremely hard working member of parliament, while lacking the professional support available to others”. The motion concludes that any MP charged with an offence should have the whip removed, but notes “that is not the case with Michelle Thomson MP”.

  • Elizabeth

    Another example of the greed that seems to be ruling the world. It can be embarrassing to be human.

  • Dave

    New Labour, the Third Way. democratic fascism, one nation socialism, progressive liberal alliance, “Blairism” was an identifiable creed and potentially a game changer, but the fatal flaw was Blair wasn’t a Blairite. Many hoped he was, had a hinterland and hoped replacing the red flag with the union flag was a genuine change, but Blair was shallow, only concerned with himself and making money.

    When from the very start he failed to honour the voting reform deal with the Lib Dems the “project” was doomed to fail, particularly as the new politics of “patriotic socialism” was replaced with a self-serving pro-immigration, pro-war neo-con agenda.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Mt, how conditions at London’s Reform Club have deteriorated since its inception in 1936 when ex-Lord Chancellor Brougham, in the absence oRadical Jack’ Durham, led the fight against “Finality Jack’ Russell over what to do about the disappointing results of the Reform Acts.

    Brougham had enlisted the new Queen Victoria over the objections of his former Whig colleagues into pushing ahead with modest electoral reform, and Home Secretary Russell had threatened his resignation if it succeeded, resulting in a most lurid competition between Ptime Minister Melbourne and the now drug-free ex-Keeper of the Woolsack. The war between Brougham and the Whigs was surely charted there.

    Now the Reform Club, where I once had a most pleasant lunch with my publisher, Barry Rose, is just a meeting ground for all kinds of similar deals which are driving its management to despair and distraction.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Discovered that Brougham was never a member of the Reform Club, though it has a bust of him in the Hall, and a portrait of him on the stairs.

      That must have caused big disputes over what its Committee purchased, probably matching ones as big as its establishment in 1836.

  • michael norton

    E.U. a gravy train for failed M.P.’s
    By 2009, the Kinnock family had amassed from the E.U. in the way of salaries, pensions and allowances a total of more than £10m
    – not bad for a failed politician.

    WHILE looking at the pros and cons of being in the EU, I came across some interesting reading.

    In the 1975 EU referendum Jeremy Corbyn and Neil Kinnock both voted to come out. Now they both want us to stay in.

    I think I can see their reason for a change of heart.

    Neil Kinnock, after losing the Labour Party leadership, strangely took up the post as an EU Commissioner. His wife was then made an MEP, his son and daughter both got positions as researchers within the EU.

    By 2009, the Kinnock family had amassed from the EU in the way of salaries, pensions and allowances a total of more than £10m – not bad for a failed politician.

    • michael norton

      The entire Kinnock Family

      were determined that the United Kingdom be kept in the failing E.U.

      this is because they are doing very nicely out of it.
      Lovely Jubbly

      if you can wangle it.

  • Sean

    If you become a politician you should be shot out of a cannon every 7 years. If there are enough people holding the net you get to carry on.

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