Stating the Obvious

by craig on March 8, 2014 1:08 pm in Uncategorized

One of the ironies of the Ukraine situation which has drawn no comment I can find is that the Ukrainians have been lectured on democracy by Baroness Ashton, who heads EU foreign policy despite never having been elected to anything.  A distinction she shares with Baroness Amos, now in charge of beating the drum for a war on Syria at the UN.  Amos was closely involved as a minister with the UK invasion of Sierra Leone, and shortly after resigning from office became a Director of Sierra Leone’s rutile mine, the single most profitable mine in the world.

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  1. Very good point, Craig, and that is the nature of the EU that you so much support. Despite his horrible politics Farrange speaks the truth when he harrangs these bureaucratic creatures in the EU parliament. I do hope that Scotland gains true independence outwith the EU banker’s club.

    As an addendum, you forgot to answer my query from the last post – re-posted here:

    Bye the bye, Craig, when you say that you went through a similar process yourself (ie as mine, which, as I stated, was entirely illuminated by the 9/11 lies and false press coverage), how can you then continue to support the US government conspiracy theory about a few arab hijackers with box cutters being able to evade the multibillion dollar security complex and then to destroy the twin towers with nuclear weapons*?

  2. Clarence

    The EU is the great historic achievement of our times, though still far from perfect.

  3. OK. I give in and just acknowledge that such a non-answer is the mark of a true diplomat. I thought you had ‘retired’ from that career. I guess it is like Putin – once a spook, always a spook and no mercy or consideration given.

  4. And this is the same Baroness Ashton involved in the taped telephone call with Estonia’s foreign minister, Paet.

  5. The new Ukrainian “government” is unelected, Ashton is unelected, I think you’re coming round to our way of thinking Craig.

  6. Clarence,

    Craig doesn’t “do” 9/11 – which is fair enough as it can cause all sorts of problems, of which he has already had more than enough.

    As to whether or not 9/11 was a nuke job – well its pretty much irrelevant. What is clear is that the official story is quite ludicrous and impossible as it defies the most fundamental laws of physics and maths. Yet that is what most people still believe.

    Personally, I don’t believe the nuke hypothesis, and go along with what Dr. Steven Jones writes on the subject.



  7. Lawrence AB

    8 Mar, 2014 - 2:16 pm

    Clarence: truly spoken!
    Some events are just too hot to touch, like a third rail…. ! Even otherwise honorable men like Craig shy away. Strange, you may think.

    It’s called cognitive dissonance. If you wonder, as I often do, why otherwise rational people just cannot bring themselves to speak out on this grotesque and tragic false flag event, that has arguably caused more human suffering and misery than any such event since Hitler’s Reichstag fire targeted the Jews, have a look at the brilliant series of four articles by a psychologist called Frances Shure on “Why Good People become Silent – or Worse – about 9/11”:

    This is the fourth chapter but you can link to the previous three from this article. It is written with sympathy and understanding for those who are caught and conflicted and unable to speak out. The one encouraging psychological trait that she notes is that, however repressed people are by fear of authority, once a critical mass (doesn’t have to be a huge mass) of subjects stand their ground and follow their conscience, the tables turn against the fear-inducers very quickly.

  8. Thanks Lawrence, I will read the linked article. I guess what John Goss and I are attempting to do is to achieve that critical mass by constant updates and reminders.

    Tony Opnok. Dr Steven Jones (Google him) is a classical gatekeeper working for the government. He is a nuclear physicist working on nuclear fusion (} who has not (as reported} been sacked from his job but is on sabbatical leave. Why did he suddenly pop up as an expert in the chemistry (not physics, nor – especially – nuclear physics) of nanothermite, a name sexy enough to confuse the unwary lay public but utterly meaningless in terms of the utter destruction and dustification that occurred on 9/11. He has also stated that the enormously high tritium levels measured around the site (a measure of nuclear fusion) could have resulted from the warning signs in the crashed aeroplanes (really!!).

  9. The myths about democracy have been proven pretty pathetic in the modern world when Blair, the Bushes, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary soon to be elected President, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, Chamberlain, etc. ad nauseam have proven warmongers beyond equal.

    And 9/11 was just another cockup after G.W. delegated all his powers to his subordinates to catch the alleged 19 hijackers red-handed.

  10. INSEAD комсомол

    8 Mar, 2014 - 3:05 pm

    Great historical achievement of our times? Interesting. Would’ve given that palm to the UN. The EU, while a nice idea, risks being going the way of COMECON, for the same reasons: misguided central planning (now done by bankers instead of commies.)

  11. I can’t believe that numpties are still banging on about these ridiculous 9-11 conspiracy theories.

  12. It’s called Breathtaking Hypocrisy, Craig, it’s the British National Sport

    Last month the Guardian did a feature showing how we have been at war every year for the past century. And yet William Hague has the audacity to lecture the Russians on how bad it is to invade countries.

    Max Hastings and Co. come out with this bollocks about the First World War being ‘necessary’ in order to resist German imperialist aggression. And yet in 1914 we were the worst imperialist aggressor the world had ever seen.
    The double standards are breathtaking and constitute the very bricks the ridiculous British Establishment is built from.

    You just have to laugh. It’s better than crying.

    Sit back and enjoy the sight of Hague and Cameron holding their boy scout jamboree on the moral high ground. It’s better than Gilbert & Sullivan.

  13. There are all kinds of crazy theories about 9/11, but it did happen somehow, resulting in a vast change in the whole world.

    To not even try to understand what happened and why reduces one to just being a moron, willing to be manipulated by leaders, either elected or appointed.

  14. Craig, you spend an awful lot of time critising that which you defend. How many politicians can you criticise yet still call for newer, better politicians? How many governments can you criticise yet still call for bigger, better governments?

    The EU is an elitist, self-serving killing machine! Long live the EU!

  15. Clarence,

    I got bored to death with all the disinfo/disinfo surrounding 9/11 an extremely long time ago. Prager ain’t a physicist. Jones is. Incidentally, I got there two or three years before he did in early 2003, before the latest invasion of Iraq. I told everyone I knew – including everyone at work. Nearly everyone thought I was mad, and it had serious career repercussions, as I was now considered a loony by almost everyone I knew.

    Incidentally, the reason I was so interested in 9/11 is because it was personal. The Grand Mother of twin baby girls my wife was Childminding was in one of the Twin Towers – when it was hit. She was talking to the mother from within, and then got cut off. For 24 hours we all thought she was dead – as all comms across the pond were saturated. She actually got out alive. People who get nuked, get fried. More disinfo. Ask a real physicist if you can find one.


  16. KingofWelshNoir 8 Mar, 2014 – 3:10 pm

    Max Hastings thinks the First World War was a “necessary war”. At Cameron’s demand the BBC and all other channels have been instructed to glorify war. I have complained to the BBC about the overkill (we are going to have this shit until 2018). Sign and spread this petition. Thanks.

  17. Tony Opmoc,

    Sorry for writing your name incorrectly in my last response. But it is not irrelevant whether or not nukes were used. It is crucial. These are highly guarded – unlike thermite, nanothermite or supernanothermite – thus the use of nukes, if proven, ( would truly indicates a very high level of military treachery or direct Israeli involvement. Hence the role of Steven Jones and others. Despite the rhetoric from Powell at the UN, not even GW Bush has suggested that the multiply-deceased Obama had access to such weapons.

  18. It could be argued that EU as a whole, with it’s unelected commissioners and keep-having-referendums-until-you-get-the-“right”-answer, is in no position to lecture anybody about democracy.

    I see somebody has brought yet another 9/11 conspiracy theory to the table. How many is that now and does it come with the same “un-debunkable” evidence as all the others? Troofers love their mini-nukes, the Bali bomb was a mini-nuke, so they claim, even the London bombings were mini-nukes according to some.

    A word:- There is no such thing as a mini-nuke, you cannot make a mini-nuke, it’s impossible. Have less fissile material than the critical mass (9kgs for uranium, 6kgs for plutonium if memory serves) and it won’t explode, it’ll just get very hot and pump out a lot of radiation. The smallest practicable would give a yield of about 10 tons of TNT (see the W54 warhead and Davy Crockett missile) which would’ve flattened a sizeable chunk of Manhattan let alone brought down a couple of sky-scrapers.

  19. OK Tony,

    Just read your latest post. Sorry to hear about your personal tragedy and glad it worked out ok in the end. I’ll stop now with a final point from a German Government Minister: intelligence agencies spend billions of dollars every year. Some 90% of it is expended on propaganda and disinformation. So no wonder we are all in the dark, although our greater numbers, time, and patience eventually bring in the light to reveal at least some truths over time.


    Click on the above link and you will find an article with the title.

    “Russia Calls European Formulas for Ukraine Unacceptable

    It shows a photograph of Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov. If you click on the link it gives you a Forbidden notice. This may be why, because it quite clearly demonstrates that Europe, Poland , Germany, and France are in contravention of international law in supporting the unelected “government” of the Ukraine. More news MSM does not want you to know. Thanks to Someone for pasting me the text.

    “Moscow, Mar 7 (Prensa Latina) The Russian ambassador to the European Union (EU), Vladimir Chizhov, called the language in a document released for the EU Summit regarding the crisis in Ukraine, as “unacceptable and unjust.”

    Warning that Moscow would not be intimidated by the language and threats of sanctions, the diplomat pointed out that the formulas included in the statements of Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, are inconsistent with the insistence that negotiations and dialogue are the only way to resolve the crisis.

    Chizhov stressed that just like at the meeting of EU foreign ministers, the Council’s document advises the freezing of visas and the suspension of negotiations on a new accord regarding this issue as well as the preparations for the G-8 Summit in Sochi.

    The diplomat recalled that in regard to the visas and negotiations for an exemption between Russia and the EU, talks have been at a standstill for quite some time.

    He indicated that the only new element in the European position was the attempt to divide the agreement on association with Ukraine, the deferment of which provoked the disturbances that ended with the forced toppling of Ukraine’s elected president, Viktor Yanukovich.

    The ambassador explained that now, in order for the EU to show its support for the current illegitimate authorities in Ukraine, it had decided to sign the political part of the document with them.

    “I should like to point out that the total volume of the text is more than a thousand pages. The substantive section, dealing with the economy, should wait until after elections that would allow for the formation of a more legitimate Government, or at least, one that is more responsible,” concluded Chizhov.

    Russia insists that President Yanukovich, toppled by a violation of the agreement drafted between him, opposition leaders, and representatives from German, France and Poland on February 21, is the sole legitimate authority in Ukraine.

    The agreement provided for troop withdrawal as a way to de-escalate the conflict, the formation of a national coalition government, and constitutional reform, as well as elections to be held in September, instead of by year end.

    When Yanukovich complied with the first part, withdrawing troops, extremists swept in and overtook the Parliament and presidential offices, revoking his mandate, restoring the 2004 Constitution from the “Orange Revolution” and beginning a campaign to settle scores.

    Despite this illegal behavior, the U.S. and its European allies recognized the new rulers in Kiev as legitimate and even went so far as to invite the new designated Prime Minister, Arseny Yatseniuk, to the EU Summit in Brussels.”

    The picture becomes clearer by the minute.

  21. Kempe.

    Would you mind posting your qualifications?

    Thanks. {Mine is a Cantab PhD in case you ask).

  22. I pledge allegiance to the COG

    8 Mar, 2014 - 4:02 pm

    Yeah, speaking of stating the obvious about fake democracies, the problem with 9/11 discourse here is that the comments are heavily salted with chaff of a particular sort. Mention 9/11 and somebody’s bound to pop up with fanciful sci-fi tall tales: they did it with nukes, they did it with space lasers, with robot hijackers, with holographic crypto-airplanes. It’s a subtle attack on the reputation of dissenters that has nothing to do with the peer-reviewed evidence:

    Then there are the meticulously-documented accounts of US government officials Blee, Bikowsky, Casey, and Bowman infiltrating 9/11 hijackers into the US and protecting them from hapless law enforcement.

    Then there is the blindingly obvious: The intricate 363-page PATRIOT ACT, plopped on the desk for Congress with superhuman speed. Anybody think it wasn’t sitting on the shelf ready to go? And when Daschle and Leahy drag their feet on rubber-stamping it, they are attacked with illegal biological weapons under the secure control of the US government (whereupon jack-of-all-intel-trades Bowman obstructs justice by destroying the evidence.) The terrorist’s Sarasota command center that FBI can’t comment on because they’ve been investigating it for more than a decade?

    The only hard part of pulling off this coup was keeping a straight face.

  23. “a very high level of military treachery” is completely obvious regardless of whether nukes were used..and another typo which I will forgive you. The evidence is fairly strong that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 of kidney disease / Marfen syndrome and all his supposed video confessions were faked by actors with completely different features (check the ears for example).

    Incidentally, I would recommend this book by Susan Lindauer, regardless of what you believe. Its incredibly exciting – even better than “Craig’s Murder in Samarakand” IMHO. Only £9 from Amazon “Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq” She worked for the CIA, and nearly everything she has written is backed up by official FBI documentation. You’ve probably never heard of her cos the mainstream won’t touch her.

    Well – do you think she is telling the truth???



  24. Jeez. Now there’s a factory somewhere making the feckers;

    The Tony seed…

    Meanwhile Mistress Merkel, hand in hand with Vlad, has them all by the balls:

  25. And, John Goss, isn’t Herman Van Rompuy yet another of these unelected EU bureaucrats who are leading us to the brink of another world war? Truly frightening and shocking.

  26. Daniel, I’ve only spotted one numpty on this thread.

  27. Baroness Ashton, NuLabour.
    Baroness Amos, NuLabour.

    “What Blair’s ministers did next”

    “The young mothers are being evicted from the Focus E15 hostel in the Labour controlled borough after the Council announced plans to cut costs by closing the hostel. This is the same council who recently spent an astonishing £111 million pounds on an office block complete with chandeliers costing almost £2000 each!”

    Anyone reading all this stuff might think that these NuLabour lot went into politics for their own self-interest and self-enrichment with TOTAL disregard to the needs of others. “Greed is good” is their mantra!.

  28. {Mine is a Cantab PhD in case you ask)

    Not in physics obviously.

  29. INSEAD комсомол

    8 Mar, 2014 - 4:28 pm

    The point is that EU democracy is perfectly compatible and consistent with the indigenous political traditions of Ukraine

    This sort of thing should be comforting and familiar to the oligarchs of Kiev.

  30. Clarence 8 Mar, 2014 – 4:10 pm

    Yes, because if you are in at the helm of the EU and individual countries are flouting international law and you do not attempt to put an end to it, you are just as culpable. I’d get rid of the lot, unless they could prove themselves, and start again.

  31. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 4:38 pm


    Hold on there. However she might like to see herself, Ashton is a EU bureaucrat and not a politician. Therefore the question of being democratically elected or not doesn’t arise.

    Apart from which, you know that there is no such thing as an EU foreign and security policy per se – whatever the Treaties say, it’s the Member States that call the shots in those areas?

    I remember that Alun Chalfont was a junior minister when he was sent (I think) to the UN, but as far as I know Amos no longer holds ministerial rank, hence she is also a mere functionary at the UN. So democracy is not really relevant here either.

    Sorry to cross swords.

  32. OK Kempe. Not in Physics but in hard science. So I know from reading widely that you are spouting absolute crap when you present pseudo-knowledge about mini-nukes. Therefore – since clearly you do not wish to present your (non) credentials publicly on this forum – can I request that you send your (verifiable) cv to Craig and I will do the same? He can then decide who is talking shit.

    [“Clarence” used to comment as “Gideon”, but changed username after posting the following]:

    Craig’s latest response appears to confirm the diagnosis. Before the daggers come out, I am not a medical doctor but a PhD in biomedical scientist (Cantab). However I have checked my suspicions with 2 separate clinical colleagues – one with a special interest in mental health – and both agree that such a sudden switch in attitude and loss of critical reasoning represents a physiological crisis. As to what caused it I have no idea, but you maybe right.

  33. Isn’t it Amos who features at the end of Craig’s Orangemen book?

  34. Latest roundup of those Fascist Friends of the West, currently in power in Kiev:

    Golly gosh!

  35. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 4:48 pm


    “OK. I give in and just acknowledge that such a non-answer is the mark of a true diplomat.”

    Well, to me it seems that there was no answer to something that was not a question. Symmetry has been preserved.

    By the way, you should really brush up a little on the institutional framework of the European Union. What do you mean by “the bureaucratic creatures of the European Parliament : are you referring to the MEPs or the civil servants of the EP? If the former, they are elected, if the latter, they don’t need to be.

    Next bit of homework for you : examiine the interaction of Commission and Council (=Council of Ministers) in the legislative process.

  36. Black jelly

    8 Mar, 2014 - 4:48 pm

    Putin is DA MAN ! Nobody but nobody (including the mighty PRC which hold $2 TRILLION in USD Treasury Bills) had the guts to give Snowden refuge. Ok you can repent now, Craig !

  37. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 4:51 pm


    “since Hitler’s Reichstag fire targeted the Jews,..”


    It didn’t. It targeted the Communists.

    History refresher course needed, suggest you take the same one as Tovarish Goss.

  38. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 4:57 pm


    “Last month the Guardian did a feature showing how we have been at war every year for the past century. And yet William Hague has the audacity to lecture the Russians on how bad it is to invade countries.”

    Good example of conflation designed to mislead for the sake of trying to make a “point”.

    As an easy example: the UK was at war from 1939 to 1945 but wasn’t invading anyone (except for Germany is 1945 of course).

  39. Black jelly

    8 Mar, 2014 - 5:00 pm

    @Clarence – In case you didnt know Kempe,Resdis,Habba,ESLO are trained hasbara diploma holders. CM tolerates them in this blog so the innocent can learn to read HuffPosts and like with better comprehension. Extremely highly cunning dershowitzery but you will learn to see through their yarmulke in due course.

  40. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 5:00 pm


    “The EU is an elitist, self-serving killing machine!”

    Sorry, who has the EU (qua EU) killed?

  41. The threat to dump the dollar leaves an opening for BRICS which the West must stop at all costs.
    China has it’s own regional concerns (Hong Kong/ Taiwan).

    “There have been reasons for today’s situation in Ukraine,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said when responding to a question on China’s stance after Russia’s upper house of parliament, the Federation Council, authorized President Vladimir Putin to use military forces to protect Russian citizens and soldiers in Ukrainian territory.

    “China is deeply concerned with the current Ukraine situation,” added Gang urging all sides to seek a political solution.”

  42. Interesting look at Ukrainian oligarchs living in London, the Ukrainian protests against them and the tensions between democracy and robber baronism:

    The UK govt leaked their intentions directly to media via the old photo the doco trick, revealing they’re more interested in mafia moolah than in any silly old democracy and law nonsense:

    Ukrainian protestors, please take note.

  43. Marcy Wheeler of Emptywheel said in comments the other day that many of her colleagues (journos) had been contacted by sources at CIA who were seeking info on events in Ukraine. I don’t know if that was cover or if they truly got caught, again, with their intel pants down.

    “Sources familiar with the intelligence reporting and analysis presented to policymakers said it had some gaps, which they did not identify in detail. Even after Russia moved its troops into Crimea, there have been holes in what U.S. agencies know about Russian activities and intents, one source said.”

  44. Black jelly

    8 Mar, 2014 - 5:14 pm

    BTW Habba – Can we finally have the “esoteric” point you were trying to make underlying Russian population statistics. I could see you were struggling to say it.

  45. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 5:16 pm

    Clarence / Gideon

    “isn’t Herman Van Rompuy yet another of these unelected EU bureaucrats”

    Yes indeed. He is a bureaucrat and as such isn’t elected. No more than the nice official at your local social security who gives you your monthly welfare check. Lesson : bureaucrats are not elected, politicians are

    “..who are leading us to the brink of another world war? ”

    Incorrect. He isn’t leading anyone anywhere; he is, like Lady Ashton, a figurehead at the behest of elected politicans (in his case, the members of the Ruropean Council( PMs and Heads of state all).

    Refresher course in EU Institutions urgently needed!

  46. Herbie; I think there is like 15 billionaires worth over 40 billion in the Ukraine. I think a one-time tax of 50% of net worth would go a long way toward reducing the burden of debt the oligarchs helped manufacture.

    Time to scuttle this private fleet of pirates.

  47. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 5:17 pm

    Blancmange (aka Black Jelly)

    “BTW Habba – Can we finally have the “esoteric” point you were trying to make underlying Russian population statistics. I could see you were struggling to say it.”

    sure, once you’ve stopped quivering.

  48. Habby

    You’re very defensive of this EU monstrosity, its nomenklatura and institutions.

    You on a pension from them or something?


  49. Re my change of username listed above by the anonymous moderator – no doubt to discredit my opinions and comments. Few people use their own, real name (eg Black Jelly, Fool or Someone) but an internet pseudonym. As I do. Nor am I consistent. Not to deceive concerning my opinions or personality, often I cannot remember the name that I use on different forums, but just as a matter of course (although I am sure that it does not really protect me from the NSA spies) as as a weak protection against intrusion. So my posting under Gideon was not to deceive – and if you look at the thread it was entirely consistent with what I had written previously under Clarence – but because I changed browsers and this browser “remembered” my prior Gideon name even though I had forgotten myself. I do think that the anonymous moderator knows this quite well but is annoyed by my criticisms of Craig and has thus chosen to present the name change as a deception when, actually, his/her addition is the true deception.

    [Doublespeak; revealing truth is deception!]

    [This user has also commented as: Sheila (2 comments), Ian (1), Greg (1), Gaius (2), David (3), John (5), Edwin (5), Emma (2), Mhairi (2), Moira (1), Ex Academic (1), Margo (1), Frank (1), Sheila (again, 2 comments), Leo (16 comments). Ian (again, 3 comments), John (again, 1 comment), Gideon (13), Brian (1), Leo (again, 6 comments), Clarence (4), Gideon (again, 1 comment), Clarence (again, 10 comments), Gideon (again, 5 comments), Clarence (again, 20 comments).]

  50. Habba

    Eu’s policies killing Bees.

    Not mentioned is Russia’s policy towards GM. Un proven theories, as we know but worthwhile to have an understanding of possible detrimental outcomes.

    The link is about America but as is the situation is the same I believe.

  51. Hmmm

    Someone’s a bit annoyed at London:

    “It boils down to this: Britain is ready to betray the United States to protect the City of London’s hold on dirty Russian money. And forget about Ukraine.”

    “Ben Judah is the author of Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell In And Out Of Love With Vladimir Putin published by Yale University Press. He is an associate fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations.”

  52. “The intricate 363-page PATRIOT ACT, plopped on the desk for Congress with superhuman speed.”

    Not sure if it’s common knowledge but the Patriot Act was written in the Pentagon in the 80’s, just in case we needed it.

  53. @ Black Jelly,

    Thanks for that enlightening comment about the Hasbara clique. Makes sense, especially their panic about recognition of the possibility of Israeli nukes being used. Wonder too why the moderator felt compelled to add a tag about my previous use of another name (“special” pressure}.

  54. “I know from reading widely that you are spouting absolute crap when you present pseudo-knowledge about mini-nukes.”

    I have a degree in physics, yes seriously but if you’re convinced I’m talking crap you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some evidence to present here.

  55. Ben,

    The problem is that Bush/Cheney fired what Intelligence remained in US intelligence, and replaced them with people who told them what they wanted to hear. They in effect constructed a virtual reality in support of the neocon agenda, which still wields massive power and influence.

    I am convinced that there is a big division within the US Administration, such that Obama/Whitehouse policy is often overtaken by CIA/neocon engineered events.

    What happened in the Ukraine was that the EU arranged talks and agreed a peace deal with all parties in Kiev – but excluded the neocons from the talks.

    Everything was agreed re a coalition government, and then the neocons let loose their Gladio snipers – who killed both the Police and The Protesters. Everyone initially thought it was either the Ukraine Government – or the Russian FSB.

    But for the CIA, this is standard coup strategy – nothing unusual.

    However, they were not expecting the Russians to react – by effectively taking over the Crimea overnight.

    Here is a great article giving some background re Obama/neocon division


    But now the neocons, in their single-minded pursuit of endless “regime change” in countries that get in their way, have taken their ambitions to a dangerous new level, confronting nuclear-armed Russia with ultimatums.

    By Sunday, the Post’s neocon editors were “spelling out the consequences” for Putin and Russia, essentially proposing a new Cold War. The Post mocked Obama for alleged softness toward Russia and suggested that the next “regime change” must come in Moscow.

    “Many in the West did not believe Mr. Putin would dare attempt a military intervention in Ukraine because of the steep potential consequences,” the Post wrote. “That the Russian ruler plunged ahead shows that he doubts Western leaders will respond forcefully. If he does not quickly retreat, the United States must prove him wrong.”

    The madness of the neocons has long been indicated by their extraordinary arrogance and their contempt for other nations’ interests. They assume that U.S. military might and other coercive means must be brought to bear on any nation that doesn’t bow before U.S. ultimatums or that resists U.S.-orchestrated coups.

    Whenever the neocons meet resistance, they don’t rethink their strategy; they simply take it to the next level. Angered by Russia’s role in heading off U.S. military attacks against Syria and Iran, the neocons escalated their geopolitical conflict by taking it to Russia’s own border, by egging on the violent ouster of Ukraine’s elected president.

    The idea was to give Putin an embarrassing black eye as punishment for his interference in the neocons’ dream of “regime change” across the Middle East. Now, with Putin’s countermove, his dispatch of Russian troops to secure control of the Crimea, the neocons want Obama to further escalate the crisis by going after Putin.

    Some leading neocons even see ousting Putin as a crucial step toward reestablishing the preeminence of their agenda. NED president Carl Gershman wrote in the Washington Post, “Ukraine’s choice to join Europe will accelerate the demise of the ideology of Russian imperialism that Putin represents. … Russians, too, face a choice, and Putin may find himself on the losing end not just in the near abroad but within Russia itself.”

    At minimum, the neocons hope that they can neutralize Putin as Obama’s ally in trying to tamp down tensions with Syria and Iran — and thus put American military strikes against those two countries back under active consideration.

    As events spin out of control, it appears way past time for President Obama to explain to the American people why he has collaborated with President Putin in trying to resolve some of the world’s thorniest problems.

    That, however, would require him to belatedly take control of his own administration, to purge the neocon holdovers who have worked to sabotage his actual foreign policy, and to put an end to neocon-controlled organizations, like the National Endowment for Democracy, that use U.S. taxpayers’ money to stir up trouble abroad. That would require real political courage.”

  56. ““Last month the Guardian did a feature showing how we have been at war every year for the past century. And yet William Hague has the audacity to lecture the Russians on how bad it is to invade countries.”

    Good example of conflation designed to mislead for the sake of trying to make a “point”.”

    From one trained in the art, who was doing just that by trying to divert from the message of the blog, without any mention of how international law is being broken. 3.59 p.m.

    All these people who

  57. @Kempe. Please see Black Jelly’s comment at 5.00pm. Go back to Tel Aviv.

  58. “I am convinced that there is a big division within the US Administration, such that Obama/Whitehouse policy is often overtaken by CIA/neocon engineered events.”

    Pretty well perceptive of you Tony. This has been discussed in vitro without corroboration, but it does seem POTUS is a ceremonial figurehead to give a PR face to covert activity. It’s been rumored that a Day-Timer with Obamas schedule was found in a gutter along with a note…”You could end up like JFK”.

  59. World War 3 – Libya vs North Korea

    TRIPOLI, March 8 (Reuters) – Libya threatened on Saturday to bomb a North Korean-flagged tanker if it tries to export oil from a rebel-controlled port east of Tripoli, in a major escalation of a standoff over the country’s petroleum wealth.

    The rebels, who have seized three major ports since August to demand more autonomy, warned Tripoli against staging an attack to halt the oil sale after the tanker docked at Es Sider export terminal.

  60. Wheels within wheels, AA. Any one melt-down could light us all up. Stock up on 12 year old Scotch. :)

  61. Habbabkuk

    Your response was pure sophistry.

    Would you care to list which countries have invaded more countries than Britain in the past 900 years? It shouldn’t take you long.

  62. Clarence,

    I rarely post here, because despite the fact that most contributors are highly intelligent, I find their arrogance, from what I often perceive to be a position of ignorance, extremely annoying.

    I disagree with Craig about most things, particularly his globalist and ultra-pro EU views. However, I do not doubt his integrity. As regards recent events in the Ukraine, I simply think he did not follow events that closely. The amount of conflicting information is so vast that even Mark Golding – who is one of the few posters here, that I have enormous respect for – was around 48 hours late in finding crucial information about what has been going on.

    Craig obviously jumped the gun, and seriously upset some of his biggest followers who have been posting here – for an exceedingly long time…

    For you to come on, and suggest that Craig has completely lost his marbles, is the height of insensitivity. He actually is exceedingly consistent with his views, and what he posted re Russia’s action in the Crimea – was technically correct – absent detailed background information re the lead-up to events in the Ukraine.

    Everyone makes mistakes, and it is easy for people to take umbridge – when people jump to the wrong conclusions simply because they do not have the same information.

    So here Mr. Arrogance, is some background information on Mr. Prager and his mini-nukes.

    Personally, I would go with Bollyn, though I haven’t read his book – and Jones – cos he actually is a physicist who analysed what he found – and lost his job as a result. Tough decision to make, but his integrity – which you have already dissed through ignorance is in my view not impinged.

    Where’s Mary?

    By the way, if you want to find a decent physicist check out Imperial College rather than Cambridge.


  63. ““Last month the Guardian did a feature showing how we have been at war every year for the past century. And yet William Hague has the audacity to lecture the Russians on how bad it is to invade countries.”

    Good example of conflation designed to mislead for the sake of trying to make a “point”.”

    From one trained in the art, who was doing just that by trying to divert from the message of the blog, without any mention of how international law is being broken. 3.59 p.m.

    All these people who make it their business to detract from the truth and ignore obvious intervention to stop these stories getting further coinage when made available, like the one showing that France, Germany and Poland have broken international law by reneging on a signed agreement, are here with an agenda. It is the same agenda as MSM has adopted.

    (Sorry the above was accidentally posted unfinished)

  64. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 7:16 pm


    “Would you care to list which countries have invaded more countries than Britain in the past 900 years?”


    Well, if that’s the point you were trying to make, you should have made it otherwise than by saying “we have been at war every year for the past century” and then conflating that with “how bad it is to invade countries”, shouldn’t you.

    If it takes “sophistry” to point out the sloppiness of an argument, then that’s just tough :) Better luck next time!

  65. Asked and answered. No good deed goes unpunished, KoWN.

  66. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 7:24 pm

    Tovarish Goss!

    “From one trained in the art {presumable you mean the art of conflation?}, who was doing just that by trying to divert from the message of the blog, without any mention of how international law is being broken. 3.59 p.m.”

    You must really wean yourself off the mistaken belief that it is you who sets the message of this blog and the notion that it is therefore you who should decide on who is diverting. The message of this thread is the one contained in Craig’s lead-in post and not the long spiel contained in your post at 15h59.

    I hope that’s not too difficult for you to understand and accept?

  67. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 7:27 pm


    “You’re very defensive of this EU monstrosity, its nomenklatura and institutions.”

    Rather, I’m very defensive of the idea that people should get their facts right before they post. As you and many other Excellences have found out to their cost!

  68. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 7:30 pm

    Tovarish Goss!

    “(Sorry the above was accidentally posted unfinished)”

    Worry not, John, it made as much sense unfinished as finished. In other words, very little.

  69. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 7:34 pm


    “All these people who make it their business to detract from the truth… are here with an agenda. It is the same agenda as MSM has adopted.”


    Would these by any chance be the same MSM as the “the Guardian (which) did a feature showing how we have been at war every year for the past century. ?

    I think we should be told!

  70. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 7:35 pm

    That’s five in a row, and I get a bonus point!

  71. Habby

    Are you in receipt of a pension or other emolument from the EU?

    Yes or No.

  72. That’s the trouble with certain individuals on this blog, unable to address the arguments and issues. The breaking of international law in this instance is the responsibility of Herman Van Rompuy and Baroness Catherine Ashton the subject of the blog. It is others, and we all know who they are, who divert from important issues including non-coverage by the BBC and other MSM outlets of, as well as this gross breach of international law, non-coverage of the Catherine Ashton and Ambassador Paet conversation which pointed to the protestors being the instigators of violence and the repeated misinformation that there are 20,000 to 30,000 Russian troops and they invaded and took over Crimea, when these troops were already there. All this shit reporting comes from those who are here with an agenda. Don’t let them get to you.

  73. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 7:47 pm


    Are you the reincarnation of Sir Reginald Manningham- Buller or just a Rumpole?

    If not, who are you? What’s your job? What size of socks do you wear? Etc, etc.

  74. Habby


    You are.

    I’d be grateful if in future you’d declare that interest.


  75. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 8:00 pm

    Tovarish Goss

    The subject of this thread is the irony (and hypocrisy) of the unelected Catherine Ashton lecturing others on democracy.

    You just prove my point with your unstructured rant at 19h45 which – if I may be allowed to attempt to untangle it – seems to identify the subject of this thread as “the diversion from important issues including non-coverage by the BBC and other MSM outlets of, as well as this gross breach of international law, non-coverage of the Catherine Ashton and Ambassador Paet conversation which pointed to the protestors being the instigators of violence and the repeated misinformation that there are 20,000 to 30,000 Russian troops and they invaded and took over Crimea, when these troops were already there.”

    As I’ve already pointed out, you are not the blogmaster and have no particular status here. Certainly not any status which enables you to determine the subject of this thread and therefore to pronounce on who is “diverting”.

    For Heaven’s sake, man, get a grip.

  76. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 8:03 pm


    Definitely Sir Reginald Manningham-Buller! :) Perhaps better known to you as Viscount Dilhorne (sometimes jokingly referred to as Viscount Dull-born).

  77. Habbabkuk (La Vita È Bella!, You are even more boring and annoying than me after 10 pints of Speckled Hen.


    Standards have really gone down here. I’m Off To The Pub To See a Rock Band with The Wife.

    Craig – Give him the job as your new moderator. In my view moderators should be seen and not heard, except in extreme circumstances…otherwise they get drawn into the conflicting emotions, politics and arguments – and on a blog such as this slowly go mad.

    You don’t expect the referee in a football match…to think “God this is so boring…you are all useless” – and do a Georgie Best – Dribble Round Both Teams and Score a Goal For One of Them…..

    Do You??

    It would however be extremely Funny if It Happened in The World Cup in Brazil.


  78. BrianFujisan

    8 Mar, 2014 - 8:28 pm

    AA… @ 1;27 am

    This might help answer you’re Question… Sounds like Trouble ( or Worse Brewing )… Now as you say – Libya, and North Korea, facing off too… Time for another Party at yours :)

    The Kremlin believes that the current Ukrainian leadership will manipulate the elections planned for May 25 to install a single leader or coalition government functioning much as former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili did in Tbilisi. A ”Ukrainian Saakashvili” will unleash an even more repressive campaign of intimidation against Russian-speakers, one that over several years would stoke anti-Russia hysteria among the general population.

    After that, Kiev may evict Russia’s Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol and purge Crimea of any Russian influence. Ukraine could easily become a radicalized, anti-Russian state, at which point Kiev will fabricate a pretext to justify taking subversive action against Moscow. This looks especially likely considering that ruling coalition members from the neo-fascist Svoboda and Right Sector parties have already made territorial claims against Russia. They could easily send their army of activists to Russia to join local separatists and foment rebellion in the North Caucasus and other unstable regions in Russia. In addition, Russia’s opposition movement will surely want to use the successful experience and technology of the Euromaidan protests and, with the help and financial support of the West, try to carry out their own revolution in Moscow. The goal: to remove President Vladimir Putin from power and install a puppet leadership that will sell Russia’s strategic interests out to the West in the same way former President Boris Yeltsin did in the 1990s.

    The official census puts the Russian minority in Ukraine at 16 percent of the total population, although that number was falsified. The actual number is closer to 25 percent. Surveys indicate that 45 percent of the country’s population speak Russian at home, 45 percent speak Ukrainian and 10 percent speak both languages. In the most recent Gallup survey, when asked in which language they would like to be polled, 83 percent of respondents chose Russian. Taking into account the rural population in western and central Ukraine, about 75 percent of the people, probably speak Russian. Of that 75 percent, only about 10 percent are those in Kiev and a few other major cities who supported the protests. This means that only 35 percent of the population are attempting to impose its will on the remaining 65 percent, using a violent coup to achieve their goals.

    Putin made the right decision: He did not to wait for that attack and took preventative measures. Many in the West say the Kremlin’s reactions were paranoiac, but Germany’s Jews also thought the same of leaving the country in 1934. Most of them chose to believe they were safe and remained in Germany even after Hitler came to power. The infamous Kristallnacht took place five years later, one of the first early chapters in the “Final Solution.” Similarly, just four years remain until Russia’s presidential election in 2018, and there is a strong risk that subversive forces within and outside Russia will try to overthrow Putin, in part using their new foothold in Ukraine.

    If the extremists who seized power in Kiev do not accept Russia’s democratic proposals, Russia will likely be forced to revert to military means to solve the crisis in Ukraine.

    Will there be war in Ukraine? I am afraid so. After all, the extremists who seized power in Kiev want to see a bloodbath. Only fear for their own lives might stop them from inciting such a conflict. Russia is prepared to move its forces into southern and eastern Ukraine if repressive measures are used against the Russian-speaking population or if a military intervention occurs. Russia will not annex Crimea. It has enough territory already. At the same time, however, it will also not stand by passively while Russophobic and neo-Nazi gangs hold the people of Crimea, Kharkiv and Donetsk at their mercy.

    Sergei Markov is director of the Institute of Political Studies.

    Why There Will Be War in Ukraine @

  79. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 9:03 pm

    “Sergei Markov is director of the Institute of Political Studies.

    Why There Will Be War in Ukraine @

    What an interesting cut and paste from FUJISAN!

    So interesting that I thought I’d check out his link and see where he lifted that long bit of turgid prose from.

    Well. It’s an outfit called the “Centre for Research on Globalisation” in Québec, Canada. Unfortunately, its home page doesn’t – as might be considered usual – give any information about who set it up, who’s on the Board, or who are its Trustees, Fellows, Associates or whatever you might wish to call them. They’re as tight-lipped as …. the Bilderberg Group.

    Burt never mind – mysteries are nice and perhaps they’re afraid of the spooks.

    Anyway – this outfit runs a website called “Global Research” – this is where Fujisan’s cut and paste comes from. This website does contain some information about itself, although there is no mention of its Editorial Board (or similar). It does modestly claim of itself however, the following:

    “The Global Research website was established on the 9th of September 2001, two days before the tragic events of September 11. Barely a few days later, Global Research had become a major news source on the New World Order and Washington’s “war on terror”. ”

    OK – so we know where they’re coming from. Confirmation is provided by the frequent presence of articles from those egregious hero-gurus Professor Michel Chossudovsky and Dr Paul Craig Roberts.

    Actually, the website actively welcomes submissions for articles, so I suppose that even Tovarish Goss – or even BlancMange/Black Jelly – could send something in and have a good chance of getting it published. Craig’s latest articles would however, I fear, have little chance of success…

    All in all, therefore, I would judge that website to be garbage and its contents to be taken with the proverbial kilogram of best quality Siberian salt.

    Fujisan take note.

  80. Hey Habby, is it beyond your intellectual capabilities to actually refute points in articles posted, instead of wishing them away by attacking either the authors or the websites hosting them ? It’s called “Playing the man, instead of the ball”, a dishonest tactic that results in the perpetrator being expelled.

  81. Here Habby, have a go at this one;

    The Anti-Empire Report #126

    By William Blum – Published March 7th, 2014

    When it gets complicated and confusing, when you’re overwhelmed with too much information, changing daily; too many explanations, some contradictory … try putting it into some kind of context by stepping back and looking at the larger, long-term picture.

    The United States strives for world domination, hegemony wherever possible, their main occupation for over a century, it’s what they do for a living. The United States, NATO and the European Union form The Holy Triumvirate. The Holy Triumvirate has subsidiaries, chiefly The International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Criminal Court … all help to keep in line those governments lacking the Holy Triumvirate Seal Of Approval: the IMF, WB, and WTO impose market fundamentalism, while foreign leaders who act too independent are threatened with being handed over to the ICC for heavy punishment, as the United States imposes sanctions on governments and their leaders as only the King of Sanctions can, lacking any sense of hypocrisy or irony.

    And who threatens United States domination? Who can challenge The Holy Triumvirate’s hegemony? Only Russia and China, if they were as imperialistic as the Western powers. (No, the Soviet Union wasn’t imperialistic; that was self-defense; Eastern Europe was a highway twice used by the West to invade; tens of millions of Russians killed or wounded.)

    Since the end of the Cold War the United States has been surrounding Russia, building one base after another, ceaselessly looking for new ones, including in Ukraine; one missile site after another, with Moscow in range; NATO has grabbed one former Soviet Republic after another. The White House, and the unquestioning American mainstream media, have assured us that such operations have nothing to do with Russia. And Russia has been told the same, much to Moscow’s continuous skepticism. “Look,” said Russian president Vladimir Putin about NATO some years ago, “is this is a military organization? Yes, it’s military. … Is it moving towards our border? It’s moving towards our border. Why?”

    The Holy Triumvirate would love to rip Ukraine from the Moscow bosom, evict the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and establish a US military and/or NATO presence on Russia’s border. (In case you were wondering what prompted the Russian military action.) Kiev’s membership in the EU would then not be far off; after which the country could embrace the joys of neo-conservatism, receiving the benefits of the standard privatization-deregulation-austerity package and join Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain as an impoverished orphan of the family; but no price is too great to pay to for being part of glorious Europe and the West!

    The Ukrainian insurgents and their Western-power supporters didn’t care who their Ukrainian allies were in carrying out their coup against President Viktor Yanukovych last month … thugs who set policemen on fire head to toe … all manner of extreme right-wingers, including Chechnyan Islamic militants … a deputy of the ultra-right Svoboda Party, part of the new government, who threatens to rebuild Ukraine’s nukes in three to six months. … the snipers firing on the protestors who apparently were not what they appeared to be – A bugged phone conversation between Urmas Paet, the Estonian foreign minister, and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, reveals Paet saying: “There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers it was not Yanukovych, but it was somebody from the new coalition.” … neo-Nazi protestors in Kiev who have openly denounced Jews, hoisting a banner honoring Stepan Bandera, the infamous Ukrainian nationalist who collaborated with the German Nazis during World War II and whose militias participated in atrocities against Jews and Poles.

    The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on February 24 that Ukrainian Rabbi Moshe Reuven Azman advised “Kiev’s Jews to leave the city and even the country.” Edward Dolinsky, head of an umbrella organization of Ukrainian Jews, described the situation for Ukrainian Jews as “dire” and requested Israel’s help.

    All in all a questionable gang of allies for a dubious cause; reminiscent of the Kosovo Liberation Army thugs Washington put into power for an earlier regime change, and has kept in power since 1999.

    The now-famous recorded phone conversation between top US State Department official Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador to the Ukraine, wherein they discuss which Ukrainians would be to Washington’s liking in a new government, and which not, is an example of this regime-change mentality. Nuland’s choice, Arseniy Yatseniuk, emerged as interim prime minister.

    The National Endowment for Democracy, an agency created by the Reagan administration in 1983 to promote political action and psychological warfare against states not in love with US foreign policy, is Washington’s foremost non-military tool for effecting regime change. The NED website lists 65 projects that it has supported financially in recent years in Ukraine. The descriptions NED gives to the projects don’t reveal the fact that generally their programs impart the basic philosophy that working people and other citizens are best served under a system of free enterprise, class cooperation, collective bargaining, minimal government intervention in the economy, and opposition to socialism in any shape or form. A free-market economy is equated with democracy, reform, and growth; and the merits of foreign investment in their economy are emphasized.

    The idea was that the NED would do somewhat overtly what the CIA had been doing covertly for decades, and thus, hopefully, eliminate the stigma associated with CIA covert activities. Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, declared in 1991: “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”

    NED, receives virtually all its financing from the US government ($5 billion in total since 1991 ), but it likes to refer to itself as an NGO (Non-governmental organization) because this helps to maintain a certain credibility abroad that an official US government agency might not have. But NGO is the wrong category. NED is a GO. Its long-time intervention in Ukraine is as supra-legal as the Russian military deployment there. Journalist Robert Parry has observed:

    For NED and American neocons, Yanukovych’s electoral legitimacy lasted only as long as he accepted European demands for new “trade agreements” and stern economic “reforms” required by the International Monetary Fund. When Yanukovych was negotiating those pacts, he won praise, but when he judged the price too high for Ukraine and opted for a more generous deal from Russia, he immediately became a target for “regime change.”

    Thus, we have to ask, as Mr. Putin asked – “Why?” Why has NED been funding 65 projects in one foreign country? Why were Washington officials grooming a replacement for President Yanukovych, legally and democratically elected in 2010, who, in the face of protests, moved elections up so he could have been voted out of office – not thrown out by a mob? Yanukovych made repeated important concessions, including amnesty for those arrested and offering, on January 25, to make two of his adversaries prime minister and deputy prime minister; all to no avail; key elements of the protestors, and those behind them, wanted their putsch.

    Carl Gershman, president of NED, wrote last September that “Ukraine is the biggest prize”. The man knows whereof he speaks. He has presided over NED since its beginning, overseeing the Rose Revolution in Georgia (2003), the Orange Revolution in Ukraine (2004), the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon (2005), the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan (2005), the Green Revolution in Iran (2009), and now Ukraine once again. It’s as if the Cold War never ended.

    The current unbridled animosity of the American media toward Putin also reflects an old practice. The United States is so accustomed to world leaders holding their tongue and not voicing criticism of Washington’s policies appropriate to the criminality of those policies, that when a Vladimir Putin comes along and expresses even a relatively mild condemnation he is labeled Public Enemy Number One and his words are accordingly ridiculed or ignored.

    On March 2 US Secretary of State John Kerry condemned Russia’s “incredible act of aggression” in Ukraine (Crimea) and threatened economic sanctions. “You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pre-text.”

    Iraq was in the 21st century. Senator John Kerry voted for it. Hypocrisy of this magnitude has to be respected.

    POSTSCRIPT: Ukraine’s interim prime minister announced March 7 that he has invited the NATO Council to hold a meeting in Kiev over the recent developments in the country. “I invited the North Atlantic Council to visit Kiev and hold a meeting there,” Arseny Yatsenyuk said during a visit to Brussels, where he met with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and EU officials. “We believe that it will strengthen our cooperation.”
    Love among nations

    by Viktor Dedaj, Paris, France

    Washington’s response, or lack of it, has confirmed the authenticity of a YouTube clip of a leaked telephone conversation between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt that emerged February 6. In the call, posted by an anonymous Russian source, Nuland and Pyatt discuss installing a new, pro-US government that will incorporate the fascistic opposition which had been leading street protests against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Even though Washington’s campaign for regime-change had been coordinated with the European Union, in the phone conversation with Pyatt, Nuland attacks the EU for being insufficiently aggressive, saying at one point, “#### the EU.” The same source has provided us with the text of a subsequent conversation between the EU and the US.

    EU: But you said you loved me!

    US: (sigh) There you go again.

    EU: I left everything behind for you. Democracy, market regulations, state-owned companies, social welfare, an independent foreign policy.

    US: (lighting a cigarette): pffff… Nobody forced you.

    EU: I could have been an international star, you know?

    US: Yeah, yeah, blah, blah …

    EU: The whole world had hope in me! Now it’s that slut, Latin America, who’s showing off with her crummy progressive policies.

    US: Oh that one … She was a hotty. I must admit it was fun at the time. But it’s over (for the time being). Now, you’re my b###h.

    EU: (sniffing): Seriously? You’re not joking?

    US: You are, you’re my little b###h. Come here.

    EU: Are you going to hit me?

    US: What? Of course not! What’s wrong with you?

    EU: Latin America … She says you’re arrogant, and violent. She says that you have no friends, only interests.

    US: She’s crazy. Forget her. C’mon, come here my little b###h.

    EU: Oh Sam … Sam …
    A Question re: Syria

    There have been numerous news stories about Syrian government bombing of its civilian areas, with reports of many dead, and photos and videos of heavily damaged buildings. The source of the stories I’ve come across, when it’s mentioned at all, is almost always some element of the “rebels”; i.e., those opposing the Syrian government.

    In all these stories – Have you ever seen a photo or a video of a plane dropping bombs? Or of the bombs in the air? I’m not saying that the bombings have not taken place. I’m just wondering why there is no graphic evidence of them.
    Dialogue with readers

    Last month’s report evoked an unusually large number of critical responses, concerning two basic issues:

    1) My questioning the widely-held belief that if John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated he would have ended US military involvement in Vietnam. Those who wrote to me are convinced that in a second term as president, without the need to worry about re-election, the genuine liberal and man of peace residing inside JFK would have been free to blossom, and he would quickly have put an end to a war that he supposedly abhorred.

    I had written in the report: “It appears that we’ll never know with any kind of certainty what would have happened if JFK had not been assassinated, but I still go by his Cold War record in concluding that US foreign policy would have continued along its imperial, anti-communist path.”

    As I read letter after letter challenging this assertion, the thought occurred to me: This is just what we heard for four years concerning Barack Obama – In his second term the genuine liberal and man of peace would emerge; the Nobel Peace Laureate would show why he deserved the prize. Well, do I need to go into the awful details of the man’s second term, from drone assassinations to relentless persecution of whistleblowers who question his foreign policy?

    2) I suggested a possible solution to the international problem of suicide bombers: Go to the very source. Flood selected Islamic societies with this message: “There is no heavenly reward for dying a martyr. There are no 72 beautiful virgins waiting to reward you for giving your life for jihad. No virgins at all. No sex at all.”

    I was informed by reader after reader that the whole thing about virgins is a myth. That may very well be the case, but as I pointed out to them, I was using the story metaphorically, to describe killing and dying for a religious cause, then counterposing US military men killing and dying for a “religious” cause called patriotism, nationalism or American exceptionalism. Both “causes”, Islamic and American, need to be unlearned. That was my point. There’s no excuse for setting off a powerful bomb in a crowded restaurant nor for dropping a powerful bomb in a residential area.
    In the land where happiness is guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence

    President Obama and many other political and media figures have once again made discussion about the minimum wage a heated subject. Time for me to repeat something I wrote in 2007:

    “Think raising the minimum wage is a good idea?”

    “Think again.”

    That was the message of a full-page advertisement that appeared in major newspapers in January. It was accompanied by statements of approval from the usual eminent suspects:

    “The reason I object to the minimum wage is I think it destroys jobs, and I think the evidence on that, in my judgment, is overwhelming.” Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman

    “The high rate of unemployment among teenagers, and especially black teenagers, is both a scandal and a serious source of social unrest. Yet it is largely a result of minimum wage laws.” Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist

    Well, if raising the minimum wage can produce such negative consequences, then surely it is clear what we as an enlightened and humane people must do. We must lower the minimum wage. And thus enjoy less unemployment, less social unrest. Indeed, if we lower the minimum wage to zero, particularly for poor blacks … think of it! … No unemployment at all! Hardly any social unrest! In fact – dare I say it? – What if we did away with wages altogether?

    “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy: that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

    Guardian Weekly (London), June 27, 2001
    RT television (, Moscow/Washington, DC), March 1, 2014
    Deputy Mikhail Golovko, RT, March 1, 2014
    RT, March 5, 2014, “The EU’s Ukraine policy and moral bankruptcy”; the phone conversation is believed to have taken place February 26.
    NED 2012 Annual Report
    Washington Post, September 22, 1991
    Victoria Nuland, speaking at the National Press Club, Washington, DC, December 13, 2013
    Washington Post, September 26, 2013
    “Face the Nation”, CBS, March 2, 2014

    Any part of this report may be disseminated without permission, provided attribution to William Blum as author and a link to this website are given.

  82. And here Habby, is another one to hone your non-existent debunking skills on;


    The stakes are high in the Ukraine: after the coup, as Crimea and Donbas asserted their right to self determination, American and Russian troops entered Ukrainian territory, both under cover.

    The American soldiers are �military advisors�, ostensibly members of Blackwater private army (renamed Academi); a few hundred of them patrol Kiev while others try to suppress the revolt in Donetsk. Officially, they were invited by the new West-installed regime. They are the spearhead of the US invasion attempting to prop up the regime and break down all resistance. They have already bloodied their hands in Donetsk.

    Besides, the Pentagon has doubled the number of US fighter jets on a NATO air patrol mission in the Baltics; the US air carrier entered the Black Sea, some US Marines reportedly landed in Lvov �as a part of pre-planned manoeuvres�.

    The Russian soldiers ostensibly belong to the Russian Fleet, legally stationed in Crimea. They were in Crimea before the coup, in accordance with the Russian-Ukrainian treaty (like the US 5th fleet in Kuwait), but their presence was probably beefed up. Additional Russian troops were invited in by deposed but legitimately elected President Yanukovych (compare this with the US landing on Haiti in support of the deposed President Aristide ). They help the local pro-Russian militia maintain order, and no one gets killed in the process. In addition, Russia brought its troops on alert and returned a few warships to the Black Sea.

    It is only the Russian presence which is described as an �invasion� by the Western media, while the American one is hardly mentioned. �We have a moral duty to stick our nose in your business in your backyard a world away from our homeland. It�s for your own good�, wrote an ironic American blogger.

    Moscow woke up to trouble in Ukraine after its preoccupation, nay obsession, with the Winter Olympic games had somewhat abated, � when people began to say that �Putin won the games and lost the Ukraine�. Indeed, while Putin watched sports in Sochi, the Brown Revolution succeeded in Ukraine. A great European country the size of France, the biggest republic of the former USSR (save Russia), was taken over by a coalition of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and (mainly Jewish) oligarchs. The legitimate president was forced to flee for his very life. Members of Parliament were manhandled, and in some cases their children were taken hostage to ensure their vote, as their houses were visited by gunmen. The putsch was completed. The West recognised the new government; Russia refused to recognise it, but continued to deal with it on a day -to-day basis. However the real story is now developing in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, a story of resistance to the pro-Western takeover.

    The Putsch

    The economic situation of Ukraine is dreadful. They are where Russia was in the 1990s, before Putin � in Ukraine the Nineties never ended. For years the country was ripped off by the oligarchs who siphoned off profits to Western banks, bringing it to the very edge of the abyss. To avoid default and collapse, the Ukraine was to receive a Russian loan of 15 billion euros without preconditions, but then came the coup. Now the junta�s prime minister will be happy to receive a mere one billion dollars from the US via IMF. (Europeans have promised more, but in a few years� time�) He already accepted the conditions of the IMF, which will mean austerity, unemployment and debt bondage. Probably this was the raison d��tre for the coup. IMF and US loans are a major source of profit for the financial community, and they are used to enslave debtor countries, as Perkins explained at length.

    The oligarchs who financed the Maidan operation divided the spoils: the most generous supporter, multi-billionaire Igor �Benya� Kolomoysky, received the great Russian-speaking city of Dnepropetrovsk in fief. He was not required to give up his Israeli passport. His brethren oligarchs took other Russian-speaking industrial cities, including Kharkov and Donetsk, the Ukrainian Chicago or Liverpool. Kolomoysky is not just an �oligarch of Jewish origin�: he is an active member of the Jewish community, a supporter of Israel and a donor of many synagogues, one of them the biggest in Europe. He had no problem supporting the neo-Nazis, even those whose entry to the US had been banned because of their declared antisemitism. That is why the appeals to Jewish consciousness against the Brown putsch demonstrably failed.

    Now came the nationalists� crusade against Russian-speakers (ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians � the distinction is moot), chiefly industrial workers of East and South of the country. The Kiev regime banned the Communist Party and the Regions� Party (the biggest party of the country, mainly supported by the Russian-speaking workers). The regime�s first decree banned the Russian language from schools, radio and TV, and forbade all official use of Russian. The Minister of Culture called Russian-speakers �imbeciles� and proposed to jail them for using the banned tongue in public places. Another decree threatened every holder of dual Russian/Ukrainian nationality with a ten-years jail sentence, unless he gives up the Russian one right away.

    Not empty words, these threats: The storm-troopers of the Right Sector, the leading fighting force of the New Order, went around the country terrorising officials, taking over government buildings, beating up citizens, destroying Lenin�s statues, smashing memorials of the Second World War and otherwise enforcing their rule A video showed a Right Sector fighter mistreating the city attorney while police looked other way. They began to hunt down riot policemen who supported the ex-president, and they burned down a synagogue or two. They tortured a governor, and lynched some technicians they found in the former ruling party�s headquarters. They started to take over the Orthodox churches of the Russian rite, intending to transfer them to their own Greek-Catholic Church.

    The instructions of US State Dept.�s Victoria Nuland were followed through: the Ukraine had had the government she prescribed in the famous telephone conversation with the US Ambassador. Amazingly, while she notoriously gave �####� to the EU, she did not give a #### about the Russian view of Ukraine�s immediate future.

    Russia was not involved in Ukrainian developments: Putin did not want to be accused of meddling in Ukrainian internal affairs, even when the US and EU envoys assisted and directed the rebels. The people of Russia would applaud him if he were to send his tanks to Kiev to regain the whole of Ukraine, as they consider it an integral part of Russia. But Putin is not a Russian nationalist, not a man of Imperial designs. Though he would like the Ukraine to be friendly to Russia, annexing it, in whole or in part, has never been his ambition. It would be too expensive even for wealthy Russia: the average income in the Ukraine is just half of the Russian one, and tits infrastructure is in a shambles. (Compare to the very costly West German takeover of the GDR.) It would not be easy, either, for every Ukrainian government in the past twenty years has drenched the people with anti-Russian sentiment. But involvement was forced upon Putin:

    Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians voted with their feet and fled to Russia, asking for asylum. Two hundred thousand refugees checked in during the weekend. The only free piece of land in the whole republic was the city of Sevastopol, the object of a French and British siege in 1852 and of a German siege in 1941, and the home base of the Russian Black Sea fleet. This heroic city did not surrender to the Kiev emissaries, though even here some local deputies were ready to submit. And at that last moment, the people began their resistance. The awful success of the putsch was the beginning of its undoing. The pendulum of Ukraine, forever swinging between East and West, began its return movement.

    The Rising

    The people of Crimea rose, dismissed their compromise-seeking officials and elected a new leader, Mr Sergey Aksyonov. The new leadership assumed power, took over Crimea and asked for Russian troops to save them from the impending attack by the Kiev storm troopers. It does not seem to have been necessary at this stage: there were plenty of Crimeans ready to defend their land from the Brown invaders, there were Cossack volunteers and there is the Russian Navy stationed in Crimea by treaty. Its Marines would probably be able to help the Crimeans in case of trouble. The Crimeans, with some Russian help, manned the road blocks on the narrow isthmus that connects Crimea to the mainland.

    The parliament of Crimea voted to join Russia, but this vote should be confirmed by a poll on March 16 to determine Crimea�s future � whether it will revert to Russia or remain an autonomous republic within the Ukraine. From my conversation with locals, it seems that they would prefer to join the Russian Federation they left on Khrushchev�s orders only a half century ago. Given the Russian-language issue and the consanguinity, this makes sense: Ukraine is broke, Russia is solvent and ready to assume its protection. Ukraine can�t pay salaries and pensions, Russia had promised to do so. Kiev was taking away the lion�s share of income generated in Crimea by Russian tourists; now the profits will remain in the peninsula and presumably help repair the rundown infrastructure. Real estate would likely rise drastically in price, optimistic natives surmise, and this view is shared by Russian businessmen. They already say that Crimea will beat out Sochi in a few years� time, as drab old stuff will be replaced by Russian Imperial chic.

    Perhaps Putin would prefer the Crimea gain independence, like Kosovo, or even remain under a token Ukrainian sovereignty, as Taiwan is still nominally part of China. It could become a showcase pro-Russian Ukraine to allow other Ukrainians to see what they�re missing, as West Berlin was for the East Germans during the Cold War. Regaining Crimea would be nice, but not at the price of having a consolidated and hostile Ukraine for a neighbour. Still Putin will probably have no choice but to accept the people�s decision.

    There was an attempt to play the Crimean Tatars against the Russians; apparently it failed. Though the majlis, their self-appointed organisation, supports Kiev, the elders spoke up for neutrality. There are persistent rumours that the colourful Chechen leader Mr Kadyrov, a staunch supporter of Mr Putin, had sent his squads to the Tatars to strong-arm them into dropping their objections to Crimea�s switch to Russia. At the beginning, the Tatars supported Kiev, and even tried to prevent the pro-Russian takeover. But these wise people are born survivors, they know when to adjust their attitudes, and there is no doubt they will manage just fine.

    Russian Nazis, as anti-Putin as Ukrainian Nazis, are divided: some support a �Russian Crimea� whilst others prefer pro-European Kiev. They are bad as enemies, but even worse as friends: the supportive Nazis try to wedge between Russians and Ukrainians and Tatars, and they hate to see that Kadyrov�s Chechnya actually helps Russian plans, for they are anti-Chechen and try to convince people that Russia is better off without Chechens, a warlike Muslim tribe.

    As Crimea defied orders from Kiev, it became a beacon for other regions of the Ukraine. Donbas, the coal and steel region, raised Russian banners and declared its desire for self-determination, �like Crimea�. They do want to join a Russian-led Customs Union; it is not clear whether they would prefer independence, autonomy or something else, but they, too, scheduled a poll � for March 30. There were big demonstrations against the Kiev regime in Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and other Russian-speaking cities. Practically everywhere, the deputies seek accommodation with Kiev and look for a way to make some profit, but the people do not agree. They are furious and do not accept the junta.

    The Kiev regime does not accept their quest for freedom. A popularly-elected Mayor of Donetsk was kidnapped by the Ukrainian security forces and taken to Kiev. There are now violent demonstrations in the city.

    The Ukrainian navy in the Black Sea switched its allegiance from Kiev to Crimea, and they were followed by some units of the air force with dozens of fighter jets and ground troops. Troops loyal to Kiev were blocked off by the Crimeans, but there was no violence in this peaceful transfer of power.

    The junta appointed an oligarch to rule Donbas, Mr Sergey Taruta, but he had difficulty assuming power as the local people did not want him, and with good reason: Taruta had bought the major Polish port of Gdansk and brought it to bankruptcy. It seems he is better at siphoning capital away than in running serious business. Ominously, Mr Taruta brought with him some unidentified, heavily armed security personnel, reportedly guns-for-hire from Blackwater (a.k.a. Academi) fresh from Iraq and Afghanistan. He will need a lot more of them if he wants to take Donbas by force.

    In Kharkov, the biggest Eastern city, erstwhile capital of Soviet Ukraine, local people ejected the raiding force of the Right Sector from government offices, but police joined with the oligarchs. While the fake revolution took place in Kiev under the tutelage of US and EC envoys, the real revolution is taking place now, and its future is far from certain.

    The Ukraine hasn�t got much of an army, as the oligarchs stole everything ever assigned to the military. The Kiev regime does not rely on its army anyway. Their attempt to draft able-bodied men failed immediately as hardly anybody answered the call. They still intend to squash the revolution. Another three hundred Blackwater mercenaries landed Wednesday in Kiev airport. The Kiev regime applied for NATO help and expressed its readiness to allow US missiles to be stationed in the Ukraine. Missiles in the Ukraine (as now stationed in Poland, also too close for Russian comfort) would probably cross Russia�s red line, just as Russian missiles in Cuba crossed America�s red line in 1962. Retired Israeli intelligence chief Yaakov Kedmi, an expert on Russia, said that in his view the Russians just can�t allow that, at any price, even if this means all-out war.

    Putin asked the upper house of the Russian parliament for permission to deploy Russian troops if needed, and the parliament unanimously approved his request. They will probably be deployed in order to defend the workers in case of attack by a Right Sector beefed up by Blackwater mercenaries. Humanitarian catastrophe, large-scale disturbances, the flow of refugees or the arrival of NATO troops could also force Putin�s hand, even against his will.

    The President in exile

    President Yanukovych will be historically viewed as a weak, tragic figure, and he deserves a better pen with a more leisured pace than mine. He tried his best to avoid casualties, though he faced a full-scale revolt led by very violent Brown storm-troopers. And still he was blamed for killing some eighty people, protesters and policemen.

    Some of the victims were killed by the Right Sector as they stormed the ruling party offices. The politicians left the building well in advance, but the secretarial staff remained behind � many women, janitors and suchlike. An engineer named Vladimir Zakharov went to the besieging rebels and asked them to let the women out. They killed him on the spot with their bats. Another man was burned alive.

    But the majority of casualties were victims of sniper fire, also blamed on Yanukovych. The Kiev regime even asked the Hague tribunal to indict the President as they had President Milosevic. But now, a telephone conversation between EC representative Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet reveals that the EC emissaries were aware that dozens of victims of sniper fire at the Maidan were killed by Maidan rebel supporters, and not by police or by President Yanukovych, as they claimed. Urmas Paet acknowledged the veracity of this conversation at a press conference, and called for an independent enquiry. It turned out that the rebel snipers shot and killed policemen and Maidan protesters alike, in order to shed blood and blame it on the President.

    This appears to be a staple feature of the US-arranged revolutions. Snipers killing both protesters and police were reported in Moscow�s 1991 and 1993 revolutions, as well as in many other cases. Some sources claim that famed Israeli snipers were employed on such occasions, which is plausible in view of Mr Kolomoysky�s Israeli connection. A personal friend of Mr Kolomoysky, prominent member of the then-opposition, Parliamentarian and present head of administration Sergey Pashinsky was stopped by police as he removed a sniper�s rifle with a silencer from the scene of murder. This discovery was briefly reported in the New York Times, but later removed. This revelation eliminates (or at least seriously undermines) the case against the President. Probably it will be disappear down the memory hole and be totally forgotten, as were the Seymour Hersh revelations about Syria�s sarin attack.

    Another revelation was made by President Putin at his press-conference of March 4, 2014. He said that he convinced (read: forced) President Yanukovych to sign his agreement of February 21, 2014 with the opposition, as Western ministers had demanded. By this agreement, or actually capitulation act, the Ukrainian President agreed to all the demands of the Brown rebels, including speedy elections for the Parliament and President. However, the agreement did not help: the rebels tried to kill Yanukovych that same night as he travelled to Kharkov.

    Putin expressed amazement that they were not satisfied with the agreement and proceeded with the coup anyway. The reason was provided by Right Sector goons: they said that their gunmen will be stationed by every election booth and that they would count the vote. Naturally, the agreement did not allow for that, and the junta had every reason to doubt their ability to win honest elections.

    It appears Yanukovych hoped to establish a new power base in Kharkov, where a large assembly of deputies from East and South of Ukraine was called in advance. The assembly, says Mr Kolomoysky, was asked to assume powers and support the President, but the deputies refused. That is why President Yanukovych, with great difficulty, escaped to Russia. His landing in Rostov made quite an impression on people as his plane was accompanied by fighter jets.

    Yanukovych tried to contact President Putin, but the Russian president did not want to leave the impression that he wants to force Yanukovych on the people of Ukraine, and refused to meet or to speak with him directly. Perhaps Putin had no time to waste on such a weak figure, but he publicly recognised him anyway as the legitimate President of the Ukraine. This made sense, as President Yanukovych requested Russian troops to bring peace to his country. He still may make a comeback � as the president of a Free Ukraine, if such should ever be formed in some part of the country, � or as the protagonist of an opera.

  83. “Please see Black Jelly’s comment at 5.00pm. Go back to Tel Aviv. ”

    Oh dear. Well that didn’t last long.

    It’s been a long day, I’m off to bed.

  84. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    8 Mar, 2014 - 10:20 pm


    “Hey Habby, is it beyond your intellectual capabilities to actually refute points in articles posted, instead of wishing them away by attacking either the authors or the websites hosting them ?”

    It’s called “providing context and background” on the sources, Macky.

    “It’s called “Playing the man, instead of the ball”, a dishonest tactic that results in the perpetrator being expelled.”

    I think we’d better leave questions of expelling to Craig, hadn’t we, Macky? You’re exhibiting the same hubris as Tovarish Goss.

    So I’m not too worried really.

    Like Kempe, I think I’ll retire for the evening. Keep cutting and pasting!

  85. “So I’m not too worried really”

    And we both know why.

    “Like Kempe, I think I’ll retire for the evening. Keep cutting and pasting!”

    Yes, best retreat for now & give your self-acclaimed “intellectual firepower” some rest; no doubt tomorrow you will be refreshed & ready to pick these articles apart, point by point.

  86. KingofWelshNoir re ‘It’s better than Gilbert & Sullivan’

    Indeed, the waspish wit of Gilbert (to Sullivan: ‘There is composition and there is decomposition that’s what your music is, rot’) I digress:

    I grew so rich that I was sent
    By a pocket borough into Parliament
    I always voted at my party’s call
    And I never thought of thinking for myself at all

    I thought so little, they rewarded me
    By making me the Ruler of the Queen’s Navy

    Now, landsmen all, whoever you may be
    If you want to rise to the top of the tree
    If your soul isn’t fettered to an office stool
    Be careful to be guided by this golden rule

    Stick close to your desks and never go to sea
    And you all may be Rulers of the Queen’s Navy

    When it comes to incompetence in politics, some things never change.

  87. Have they gone? Thank God for that small mercy.

  88. What an extraordinary night…it started whilst my wife and I were walking to our local pub…Now I might be a bit old, but I have really long blonde hair like my wife…This Big White Van..with at least one bloke inside…shouted to us…

    Do You Two Girls Fancy a Threesome???

    And There Was Me Thinking These Soft Lads Don’t Have a Sense of Humour…and it got even funnier…The Paramedics Turned Up – As Well as Some People I pretended not to recognise

    I will piss off now and annoy The Telegraph readers especially Dan Hodges (Tony Blair’s Mate)

    My Ex Didn’t Turn Up

    I did invite her.

    She said you will get in big trouble there…

    You are Still In Love

    Nah She will be all right

    They Will Both Get On Like a House on Fire Together

    I have not seen my ex for 33 years…

    I naturally assumed she would look older

    She asked me to be her Friend on Facebook

    She looks exactly the same, and I know she didn’t fake it.

    Rock Chicks are Like That.

    They Keep Fit and Don’t Need any Make-up


  89. The most prominent manifestation of human irrationality is the inability to reserve judgement (loosely quoted from Stuart Sutherland). In other words, jumping to conclusions. Bertrand Russell is accused of telling this truth also, something about the stupid being cock-sure and the intelligent being full of doubt. The strength of convictions that are backed up by nothing more than third-hand information and opinion pieces, is baffling.

    Thanks Habbabkuk for providing some sanity.

  90. Lawrence AB

    9 Mar, 2014 - 1:30 am

    Fair enough – Hitler targeted Communists, though Jews suffered greatly in the aftermath of his rise to power.

    More generally (Daniel!) I have noticed one constant in all the discussions over the 9/11 false flag (as I believe it to be) event: those who contest the official conspiracy theory arrive to the argument with arms full of facts, references, documentary and scientific evidence… perhaps rather earnest but hey, it’s a serious matter – while those defending the OCT simply indulge in ad hominem attacks. I almost never see a reasoned argument in defense of the OCT. Now why should this be?

    btw I have no truck with nuke theories regarding the 9/11 tragedy. There is more then enough hard evidence involving nano-thermite. Anyway, the purpose of most of us who see the abundance of contradictory evidence and false claims is not to pre-judge. It is simply demand a proper investigation by respected and professionally competent investigators independent of the US Govt, and with powers of subpoena.

  91. Never underestimate your friends..we all have our ups and downs…but when you have given absolutely everything away to the limit of your credit///

    Absolutely Everything Except Your Home and Your Girlfriend…

    And You are So Determined To Give….and you look around and they all think you are completely mad and you are down in a hole….

    And She Pulls Me Out Of The Hole

    Then You Know Your Girlfriend Is The Real Princess

    So I asked her to Marry Me

    My Wife is Something Else

    No Competition.

    But All of Them are Total ANGELS

    Its Just That She Chose The Best


  92. When I was about 17, I told my brother..he was 10 years older than me – and a complete electronics genius – that I wanted to do computing whilst I was doing my Maths,Physics and Chemistry “A” Level…

    He said to me (there is no future in computing) can the bloke who does microsoft put a line through that…

    He said Yeh O.K. But First Yo Have Do Pure Maths and Physics at UNIVERSITY

    So I Did – they Had This Paternoster Lift…

    But I Wanted To Work For The Best Most Advanced Computer Company In The World…

    So I Skipped The Last 2 Years Of The Degree…which was of course completely Politically Incorrect…

    And International Computers Limited – Gave Me a Job at The Age of 19…

    And said Read This – and Then They Threw Me in The Deep End…

    So We Did It

    But we never said

    10 Years Ahead Of The Americans…

    But I didn’t realise we were so good in Manchester…that’s all I was just normal..I had nothing to compare it with

    Best Advice He Gave Me

    Then We Did The Distributed Array Processor

    and they asked me to test it…

    How can I test it…??

    It is Not a Serial Processor

    It Processes in Parallel…

    Its Like a Human Brian…

    We were The FIRST

    The NUMBER 1 In The WORLD

    CRAY Looked at it from Their Enormous Room With All Their Heavy Water Cooled Gear Looking Like Tanks…

    And We In Ashton-u-Lyne, Near Oldham – Were Outperfoming them with something the size of a fridge..


  93. The interesting thing about the Ashton-Paet call is that the Maidan folks are not at all happy with the interim government that has been installed and are refusing to go home until their demands are met properly.
    This means that the IMF plan is almost certainly doomed to result in more upheaval.
    Likewise the ‘new’ oligarchs imposed to run provinces in the east and south are not being accepted by the Russian speaking majority there – further disturbances are ongoing.
    I think it might be a bit soon to declare victory for the EU/US.

  94. What Imeant to add to my previous comment is that perhaps the reason that so much breathless commentary surrounds the Crimea is because they don’t want too much attention to be paid to the utter mess they have created in the rest of Ukraine (they being TPTB).

  95. So after 33 years – I buy a brand new scanner for £90 that also converts extremely old negatives…and go up into the attic – my wife just destroyed most of the photographs of my ex-girlfriends – but not the negatives…

    I looked at these old photographs of my ex girlfiends – the first time I had seen them for over 32 years I recognised them instantly – but I didn’t recognise me…I thought shit, I need to delete those now….I look a lot better now I did not recognise myself…

    So I also of course scanned the negatives of my wife from when we first met…

    I simply didn’t realise…it was just normal…

    And I am looking at The Photographs I Took of My Wife 32 Years Ago…

    Who The Fuck is Kate?


  96. Lawrence AB 9 Mar, 2014 – 1:30 am

    “Anyway, the purpose of most of us who see the abundance of contradictory evidence and false claims is not to pre-judge. It is simply demand a proper investigation by respected and professionally competent investigators independent of the US Govt, and with powers of subpoena.”

    Exactly. But the chances of getting it are as slim as getting an Inquiry into Lockerbie or an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly, or the truth told by MSM over current events into the illegal “government” of the Ukraine. Sad but true. While supporters of these great western governments of ours trawl websites like this to help keep the myths alive.

    The are the real anarchists. They perpetually peddle fantasy as fact and pat themselves on the back for their achievements.

  97. Black Jelly

    9 Mar, 2014 - 9:09 am

    The effects of 911 is still ongoing, hundreds of sayanim are becoming Fire-prone on an ongoing basis as accessories after the fact. The WTC7, one hundred yards from end to end collapsed simultaneously in free-fall along its ENTIRE 100 YARD LENGTH length?! Thats as ludicrous as some of habba’s dershowitzery here, defending the indefensible.indefensible.

  98. [ this comment was posted under the username “Guano”, but it was submitted from an IP address used only for this specific comment. Guano denies posting this comment: ]

    Valerie Amos emerged from obscurity by being Blair’s special envoy to drum up support for his “second resolution” to invade Iraq in early 2003. This involved going to countries like Angola twice in three weeks to try to get their UN Security Council votes. The reward for abjectly humiliating herself like this was to be made a Baroness and replace Clare Short as international development Minister.

    I have been told that the ministers of the countries she visited couldn’t understand her reasons why they shouldn’t wait until the weapons’ inspections were over before making a decision. Presumably putting forward risible justifications for policies is all part of being a diplomat.

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