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One of the ironies of the Ukraine situation which has drawn no comment I can find is that the Ukrainians have been lectured on democracy by Baroness Ashton, who heads EU foreign policy despite never having been elected to anything.  A distinction she shares with Baroness Amos, now in charge of beating the drum for a war on Syria at the UN.  Amos was closely involved as a minister with the UK invasion of Sierra Leone, and shortly after resigning from office became a Director of Sierra Leone’s rutile mine, the single most profitable mine in the world.

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  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    “Now elected Obama has apparently carried out a dastardly act to take the international eye off the stalemate in the Ukraine – the downing of that Malaysia airliner over the Gulf of Thailand with all those Chinese on board to embarrass the PRC after the successful conclusion of its national party congress.”

    Makes the 9/11 troofers sound quite sane, doesn’t he.

    Serious question : does Trowbridge really exist, or are these posts just a not-so-subtle piss-take?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    David Lawton shreaks

    “With Ukrainian gangsters signing a deal with with American gangsters Chevron,
    the whole debacle in Ukraine is about energy because that’s what conflicts are usually about.
    They have to be really stupid because the country will end up like Swiss cheese by the time
    the Americans have finished. And they are trying to do it in this country as well.”

    So now we know (Fred in particular please take note) : the Americans and Chevron are behind Scottish independence.

    Is it the sunny weather which has brought out the loonies in force?

  • Elaine

    My suggestion is, Craig, you also use your Facebook Page to post link updates of your latest blog entries. (Is this the correct one? They would be shared widely I suspect. I think more people should know about your blog and read what you say. I hope you will pop a Facebook link button next to your Twitter link button on your web page too.

  • fred

    “So now we know (Fred in particular please take note) : the Americans and Chevron are behind Scottish independence.”

    Look shit for brains I haven’t commented in this thread at all so keep my name out of your sordid little sniping you seem to think substitutes for intelligent debate.


  • Elaine

    Craig, I agree with your opinion (stated earlier) on the EU. My view is that the reforms it needs and pragmatic Scots, who historically aren’t averse to devising and introducing a good bit of reform, is a match and a good opportunity.
    I’m for Scottish independence and see it opening the door for representatives from Scotland being instrumental and leading in instigating EU reform. Whether that chance will be ceased of course I can’t say.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    I do indeed exist, and you can find my work on cryptome, veterans today, deep politics forum, The Local in Sweden, wikispooks, flying cuttlefish picayune, and in Eye Spy magazine, especially for the truth about 9/11.

    There are over 60,000 items, and many images related to my work on google if you search for me.

    Do you ever stop sniping at messengers?

  • Elaine

    * “seized” I meant to type, but inverted commas might well have done 😉
    – on FB you can edit your comments…!

  • fred

    “Scotland could benefit from DE-centralized command and control, eh fred?”

    As I said before, if I want to enter into a debate I enter, otherwise keep my name out of it.

  • Dave Lawton

    “David Lawton shreaks”

    Habba There is no hope for you. Do us a favour old chap and pour yourself a whisky.

  • nevermind

    Ms Ashton said today that she thought that Iran would not comply with the sanction regime.
    Pretending to open one door enabling fascists in the Ukraine whilst shutting anpother with a glib speculative statement she can’t proof, who does she think she working for…. anarchists?….:)

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!


    Well, you’re a one trick pony and usually leap up and start barking like a little Pavlovian dog whenever something about Scottish independence comes up, so I thought you might be interested once you’d got up off the toilet seat.

    So, what d’you think – Amricans and Chevron behind Scottish independence?

  • fred


    Didn’t you get the message yet?

    Troll somebody else you aint trolling me.

  • John Goss

    It has been a beautiful day in Birmingham. How could they waste such God-given weather sniping at the decent people who try to advance the knowledge of mankind through Craig Murray’s blog? It occurs to me that they may be physically incapacitated, and if they are, I am sorry for them. To have more than one kind of impairment is a tragic stroke of bad luck.

    That ageing Bilderberger, Dr Henry Kissinger, had a good brain and probably still has for someone in his nineties. He was the advocate of ‘triangular diplomacy’ playing one country against another and involving a third, or more, to create friction between them and intervene to the advantage of the United States. Here Christof Lehmann dissects a Kissinger article from the Washington Post to show that the West and NATO are pursuing an unconventional war against Russia.

    “Again, Dr. Kissinger’s suggestion that the demonization of President Putin and Russia is not a policy and that it shows a lack of policy is wrong. The false reports about a “Russian Invasion” , the false reports about “Russian troops without insignia” in Crimea, disseminated by the BBC, the Wall Street Journal and cohorts of other Western media do not show a lack of policy either.

    One of the many functions of this “demonization“, as Dr. Kissinger describes it, is to cover-up the fact that top-EU diplomat, Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton and the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet knew that members of the NATO-installed Kiev Parliament have given the shoot to kill order to snipers and other gunmen who killed 90 police officers and protesters and blamed it on President Yanukovich and Ukrainian police.”

  • karel

    Please do not be stingy or envious. Baroness Ashton clearly deserves a coal mine somewhere in Donbas as a reward for her war efforts. I would give her one if I owned it but perhaps it does not matter as I found an inspiration in the Balfour declaration. I have already drafted a text akin to the Balfour declaration whereby Ashdown is entitled to receive a coal mine with surrounding land (one million acres) where she and her offspring can settle because from her ancestors she, in a Lamarckian sense, inherited personality traits for coalmining.

  • karel


    You slippery Nudelman. You should have enough courtesy to respond to my answer to you tedious charade about prosperity. Next time just keep it to yourself rather than pollute this blog with it.

  • BrianFujisan

    It’s Amazing the Wealth of Info one can sift through Thanks to many here at Craig’s Blog…and indeed from Craig THANKS CRAIG, And Nearly All…

    AND it’s Amazing Too the Quality of Writer one can find at Global Research…. THANK YOU GLOBAL RESEARCH…..

    Escalating Crisis in Ukraine: Obama Comes Out Against Self-Determination for Crimea

    ” The White House Fool has repeatedly declared erroneously that it is “against international law” for Crimea to exercise self-determination.

    Self-determination, as used by Washington, is a propaganda term that serves Washington’s empire but is not permissible for real people to exercise.

    On March 6 Obama telephoned Putin to tell the Russian President again that only Washington has the right to interfere in Ukraine and to insist against all logic that only the “government” in Kiev installed by the Washington-organized coup is “legitimate” and “democratic.”

    In other words, the elected government in Crimea pushed by the people in Crimea to give them a vote on their future is “undemocratic” and “illegitimate,” but a non-elected government in Kiev imposed by Washington is the voice of self-determination and legitimacy.

    Washington is so arrogant that it never occurs to the hubris-infected fools what the world thinks of Washington’s blatant hypocrisy.

    Since the Clinton regime, Washington has done nothing but violate international law–Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia.

    Does Russia have an Africa Command? No, but Washington does.

    Is Russia surrounding the US with military bases? No, but Washington has used the NATO organization, whose purpose disappeared 23 years ago, to organize western, eastern, and southern Europe into an empire army with forward bases on Russia’s borders. Washington is determined to extend the boundaries of a North Atlantic Treaty Organization to Georgia in central Asia and to Ukraine on the Black Sea. Both Georgia and Ukraine are former constituent parts of both Russia and the Soviet Union.”

    The above Copy is by – Paul Craig Roberts – Over @

  • guano

    Baroness Murray

    Your portrayal of some comments of mine as racist, when they described the attitudes of certain ethnic groups in the UK to those of indigenous culture, was unwarrantied.

    Prejudice can be about race, but is also a matter of history, or of psychology, the projection of unwanted emotions onto ‘ the other ‘, and/or also a matter of religion, i.e. actual behaviour compared to the standard set by scripture and tradition.

    Removing comments on the basis of racism may reflect your own preferences about the purposes of history, psychology and religion, but I would regard the arrival of Islam in Europe as a vastly greater achievement than the arrival of the EU in Europe, because I have other ways of looking at the world than through the lens of sociology and power.

    Anyway, in my humble opinion, you should self-delete your comments about Chechyans in a previous thread based on your own criteria of racism, unless you were trying to suggest that Chechyan psychology and religion were adversely affected by the systematic bulldozing of Grozny by Putin, which would have been a valid point.

    Or if you were theorizing that Chechyan Islamic memory of Imperial and Soviet brutality had left Chechyans traumatised and intolerant, that would have been a fair point.

    Baroness Ashton seems to me to be a model of humility, from the outside, while democracy’s main merit is to give our tyrants a limited number of years in power.

    Muhammad Mursi would be well to reflect on this while he remains silenced and caged. He has predicted the fall of the generals who have replaced him, and let’s hope he returns to power with more respect for the demos/populace that brought him to that power.

  • Peter Kemp

    IMF Package to Ukraine Should Include Real Economic Reforms

    Privatisation, elimination of subsidies the whole austerity caboodle I imagine. Letting vulture capatilists in eg Haliburton in to buy up the oil/gas resources/infrastructure?

    Perhaps the spelling of the currency needs correction, to bring it into line with the new reality.

    The ‘hryvnia’ should now be known as the “Hyena”

    Conversation with the IMF would go something like this:

    Yats: ‘How many Hyenas have you brought to this table?’

    IMF: ‘We’re not talking about Dick Cheney, yet.’


  • John Goss

    What you say Brian is quite correct. The duplicitous nature of US foreign policy is going to be its downfall. The only way it will ever escape from its unspeakable debt is to impose a world government. Like all imperialists its aim will come to nothing. The sooner the dollar collapses the better for humankind. We can start again.

  • N_

    Another aspect of the downfall of the US may be the simple fact that it produces almost sweet fuck-all.

    Agreed about starting again.

  • Yonatan

    John Goss wondered about Julia ‘Princess Lea’ Timoshenko.

    It seems that Anna Raccoon has the story and a fascinating story it is too.

  • John Goss


    “Another aspect of the downfall of the US may be the simple fact that it produces almost sweet fuck-all.”

    It produces large amounts of some of the most advanced weapons, most secure prisons, some of the most disgusting bankers and some of the worst treatment of its own people. But I think I know what you mean.

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