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“Why are our hospitals now full to capacity with patients? What is your view, or is it a hoax?”

It happens every year, they knew it was coming this year but they had a problem, they had built all the Nightingale hospitals so to obviate that problem they dismantled them blaming it on staff shortages but that was a lie, most nurses are twiddling their thumbs at the moment.

The government deliberately created a crisis, actively underresoursed the NHS this year on things they needed, wasted billions on things that were not needed and purposely put additional pressure on an already broken system.

Why would they do that? Is it a hoax?

ps before you lecture on statistics you need to brush up on what sample, population and rate mean. You may think you know what they mean but you clearly don’t.

But thanks for this, I laughed out loud;

” To start with let us agree that the FPR is not known and there is no published data, but we could look at other sources to try and find out what it could be ….

So this is some scientific background …”