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Great Barrington Declaration


“The great barrington declaration was not signed by thousands of experts.”

Yes it was.

“There are ten from England”

There are many more than 10. One Main Signatory, Eleven Co-signatories, Many Thousands of Supporting Signatories.

“none of them a jobbing clinician who is actually treating patients with Covid-19”

Many thousands are practising medics working with Covid patients.

“So it really matters very little whether there are a thousand signatories, it matters what they do to have so much more insight.”

Condescending, resentful twaddle; and what’s with the England hang-up?

3 Primary Signatories
44 Co-Signatories

Supporting Signatories
Concerned Citizens: 712,344
Medical & Public Health Scientists: 13,083
Medical practitioners: 39,544