Goebbels Broadcasting Corporation and Koran Burning

by craig on February 22, 2012 9:08 am in Uncategorized

BBC World has just lead its 9am headline with “More protests in Kabul over the inadvertent buning of the Koran by NATO troops”.

The word “inadvertent” has been interpolated since the 8am headlines. Who was responsible for its introduction?

It seems to me simply untrue that the Korans were burnt “inadvertently”. The BBC have just reported that they were being burnt in an “incineration pit”. That is not inadvertent. The US story is that the Korans were used to smuggle messages. If the books contained hidden messages, the Americans would have been analysing them, not burning them. They would certainly have been subjected to scrutiny, and it is therefore impossible that the Americans did not know they were Korans they were burning.

Inadvertent no. Inexplicably stupid yes.

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  1. Yesterday, ZBC or now GBC as you have them down, were referring to a Koran in the singular being burnt!
    Website updated 5 mins ago. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-17123464

  2. It really feels like we’re on the “winning hearts and minds” front on a steady one-step-forward, two-steps backward basis.

  3. A bit like the way the word “mistake” has become a synonym for “crime” when applied to the bombing and slaughter of innocents.

  4. And how about the constant pimping of “recovery” whenever everyone knows and everything points to deepening recession.

    Don’t they know that propaganda ideally must be tempered with the possibility of its truth being valid to have any chance of acceptance and belief? Methinks someone stole that chapter out of the instruction field manual the tame establishment media are using.

  5. In modern prlance they were ‘misburnt’. That’s all.

  6. Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, my deepblue icy eyes. And what can you see but despair, death and demise, delivered by Fiona, with guile and a smile.
    Enough to make one wretch.

  7. So how come US forces had all these Korans, eh? Were they confiscated from locals? Were they US Forces issue?(!) Not specially altered ones imported from Saudi Arabia for distribution, I hope…

  8. By the time I heard the Today Programme’s version at about 0845, the very name “Koran” had been suppressed. Instead, they were “Muslim holy books”.

    I wonder how the American establishment would react if Muslims were to burn heaps of Bibles. No doubt that, like everything else, would become a definite casus belli.

  9. … or was it “Islamic religious texts”? They would probably have avoided the word “holy”.

  10. Well-it was always on the cards that certain Americans would begin book-burnings-and thus little surprise that the Infiltrated Broacasting Corporation would support them.

  11. I’m afraid I had the same thought. Looks to me as if some very junior US personnel thought it would be fun to imitate Pastor Terry Jones. My differences with the protesters is (a) they think some riots and deaths will help, whereas I do not, and (b) some of them blame Obama directly, whereas I only indirectly.

  12. ‘Koran-Burning Protests in Afghanistan Turn Deadly’:
    Four people have been killed many more wounded during the second day of anti-U.S. protests in Afghanistan, though no one seems to know (or will admit) who fired bullets into the angry crowds …
    (Doesn’t sound like the ‘Koran-burning protests turned deadly’, it sounds like the reaction to them did!)

  13. I shall be burning the 23 rewritten issue of the bible, a London A-Z, the Tibetan book of death and a lower value copy of Wind in the willows, and I shall start the fire with an old favourite for these occaisions, a copy of ‘mein Kampf’ by A.H.Tony Blair, a tall story of killing thousands with the power of one’s hatefull words,lack of spine and more shinanigans, truth does not come into it.

    The latter always burns better if you add a small volume of the Political Warfare executive’s releases, providing excellent advise to US army, navy and airforce, who all have their very own, large black op’s outfits.

    “Donovan obtained considerable help from the British, especially with black propaganda, from the British Political Warfare Executive (PWE), part of the Ministry of Economic Warfare. PWE was a sister organization to the Special Operations Executive, which conducted guerilla warfare. The British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6), was an essentially independent organization. For the US, the OSS included the functions of SIS and SOE, and the black propaganda work of PWE.”


    The heating value of the bible is far less than that of the US constitution, thanks to living in a country where bibles are a plenty, ther’s no shortage of heat, never mind democracy.

    If in doubt about burning books, ask a Kraut….;)

  14. Dick the Prick

    22 Feb, 2012 - 11:48 am

    It’s not for us little people to be told what’s going on. And, surely if you’re gonna burn their books it would be a decent idea to, yer know, not advertise it! Ho hum – another slick operation brought to you by Murder Inc.

  15. It’s all being presented as another ‘look-at-those-crazy-Moslems’ story, I suspect to weaken any resistance to the interference in Iran (or Syria) which seems to grow in likelihood every day.

  16. The disgraceful zioBBC burrows even deeper into the swamp in its mission of making acceptable the intolerable. The role this propaganda organ has played in reducing this country to a banana republic.
    A senior health professional faces disciplinary action after signing a letter to The Independent opposing the NHS reforms and provoking accusations yesterday that ministers are presiding over a “top-down bullying policy” designed to silence critics.
    “It is inappropriate for individuals to raise personal concerns about the government reforms.
    How did we get to this depth so quickly and without any trouble?
    Therefore seeing the “Islamic texts” getting misburnt and then the ashes and charred bits of the the said “Islamic texts” mis-scattered around the place, totally accidentally on purpose. Is in on way a reason for those excitable Moosslums get all shirty and uppity about the whole affair. The white chief man has apologized what more do they want ffs? Is the anticipated and “reasonable” response in the umpteenth inquisition period, we are living in.

  17. Colvin, a decorated correspondent with more than 30 years of experience in conflict zones, and Ochlik, who last month won a World Press Photo award, died instantly when the artillery shell struck the safe house that had been provided for them by local activists.

    The house was located next to a hospital and had been the main refuge for all reporters who had made it to Bab al-Amr in the face of a relentless barrage by regime forces over the past three weeks.


  18. The trouble with the ZBC’s output is that once we establish that the stuff we know about is being spun into propoganda, even lies, it’s impossible to judge how accurate they are on matters we know little about. Added to this, computer graphics can provide ‘reality’ to order.
    The sad reality seems to be that we’re thus left unable to trust anything we see or hear in our media – even, if it ever happens, the truth.
    Your contribution, Craig, and bloggers like you, is more than news – it’s trust. Personal and coloured possibly – that’s inevitable. But at least the unspun truth as you see it. That’s always been rare – these days it’s at a premium.

  19. Methuselah Now

    22 Feb, 2012 - 1:19 pm

    The observation that They’ve been in Afghanistan for a decade plus, and they still don’t have the most basic understanding of the local culture that they’ve been occupying for so long.
    Nothing Changes. Nothing is ever learnt, No Humility or Respect.
    Kind regards,

  20. “Tom Welsh

    I wonder how the American establishment would react if Muslims were to burn heaps of Bibles. No doubt that, like everything else, would become a definite casus belli”.

    -they know muslims will never burn the Bible or swear at Jesus or Moses, as muslims consider it a Book from God revealed to Jesus but altered and adapted to the needs of ruling popes and archibishops in later age.

  21. What else to expect from the brainwashing corruption.Only this week there was Genocide Ali Campbell whining about his problems with alchohol on Panorama and last week he was guesting on Dumbleby’s “Any Questions”. In the U.K. of today war criminals are the creme de la creme.I shall be burning a copy of a phart publically asap.

  22. The US does not do subtlety. As imperial rulers they rule with violence and hubris. There are pictures of the burned Korans at anti-war.com. If there were messages that were being passed, that the military did not wish to allow others to see, they probably failed at that too.

    It’s violence, incompetence, ignorance, apathy, and, hubris that define American Exceptionalism in decline.

  23. I would like to see many of our western cultural films , books and video games removed from our society. I am sorry but it doesnt take too much savy to realise how society should be improved.

  24. This stuff terrifies me, because everyone I know (outside the Internet) still labours under the delusion that the BBC is a beacon of integrity. NO ONE WANTS TO BELIEVE THAT OUR FREEDOMS HAVE GONE, which of course plays into the hands of those who have taken them.
    As for the burning of the Korans… I doubt that it was “stupid”, as Craig suggests. It was a provocation. The last thing we want is for the violence to die down and our presence in the Middle East and central Asia no longer to be justifiable.
    It is so tempting not to want to believe any of this is happening. That of course is how most people cope – and how the C***S get away with it.

  25. @mr. Jones.
    The 15 trillion fraud story involving the Bush dynasty and various other large banks, is not very much liked by FB, indeed they removed the story twice.

    What would happen if we all try and post it to our friends?

  26. How ZBC edited the story. As I write they are on to version 10.

  27. Israels ‘massive build up’ of all its forces, conventional and nuclear, as hinted by this article, just to nudge up the propaganda capabilities one posesses, can only mean that they have an intention to use missiles with nuclear warheads.

    The UN should start immediate sanctions to stop this dire nuclear escalation by small rogue states with no intention of having a friendly relationship with any of its neighbours, ever.
    Beigels should be first rationed and then replaced with sliced white. Israeli officials determining other countries foreign policy should be forced to eat kosher food at every official meeting they have, thats all over, the 10 pieces special is off the menue, sanctioned.

    We ight just let them have some m ore Dolphin class submarines in future, but for Israel to accept all these ‘gifts’, some grovelling and some more access to our societies levers might come handy, so they say.
    look at them in their shiny new sub, ahhhh…

  28. Just what the Dr Strangelove ordered for Syria, namely the sad deaths of Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik.

    How the BBC story is evolving – http://www.newssniffer.co.uk/articles/496355/diff/1/2

  29. Arthur Askey

    22 Feb, 2012 - 4:52 pm

    More protests in Kabul over the inadvertent buning of the Koran by NATO troops

    I’ve inadvertently pointed out a typo.

  30. Obamas brave soldiers abroad, and those who pulp civilians from great hight, whilst slurping slusher on ice, somewhere in an airconditioned shack near vegas, are using more bullets than ever.
    Since the man got elected the arms dealers have gone crazy with profits, the NRA loves the man! What this means is that the US elections are over, Obama won.

    What a calamity for the BBC, they will have to find something else to talk about, cue ex ministers driving license points court case and maybe a war or two.


  31. Arthur Askey

    22 Feb, 2012 - 4:54 pm

    More protests in Kabul over the inadvertent buning of the Koran by NATO troops
    I’ve inadvertently pointed out a typo (and buggered me first post).

  32. Arthur Askey

    22 Feb, 2012 - 4:57 pm

    Whhaa, It’s going from bad to worse. Please help clean up my mess moderator. I just wanted to highlight “buning”. :)

  33. Mary
    Note the omission of the fact that the Journalist and her photographer were smuggled into the country, without so much as having a green shield stamp, never mind the usual visa.
    These “illegal asylum seekers/illegal immigrants” then set about reporting; about “Activists” (nice word denoting the t shirt wearing bunch of protesters, armed with banners and posters, who had applied to the Syrian police for the relevant permission to march and gather in numbers of more than ten. As well as having paid the £2500 fee for road closures to the relevant local authorities) plight.
    The desperately innocent little possums getting shelled by “Assad regime” not the Syrian government. A far cry fro the fact about the gun wielding militia roaming the streets of the cities and towns of Syria shooting at random killing civilians and military personnel are not matters of interest.
    Although so far, evidently Syrian tanks that are photographed as blown apart and charred hulks, have not been explained away as: “Assad regime” tanks in sympathy with the “Free Syrian Army” have been self harming and committing self immolation by blowing themselves apart.

  34. I have seldom seen such universal agreement with one of Craig’d posts, so I thought: “How might one defend the BBC?” It’s hard, but not impossible, eg:

    A) Somme gifted cyberthief has cloned not just the BBC website but all its radio and TV output and has made these Orwellian modifications. Gifted though the Israelis are, it taxes my ability to find conspiracy theories everywhere to think this possible. So,
    B) Since the Gilligan fiasco, the pusillanimous BBC has accepted the imposition of a government appointed editorial team to check all the BBC’s output. A bit more plausible, but I don’t think we’ve lost quite so much of our freedoms as that … yet. So,

    C) in Holmesian fashion, I am left to conclude that when all the possible explanations have been found wanting, what’s left has to be true i.e that the BBC has of its own volition decided on an extensive programme of self-censorship.

    Er, that’s it as far as being able to defend the BBC goes.

  35. If some foolhardy maniacs were to raise an armed rebellion against the US federal government, and then a foreign reporter (say French, or maybe Russian) were to come and interview them while the jets whistled in and the artillery limbered up, how much sympathy would that reporter get from Americans if she were blown apart?

  36. Why have we all gone bold?
    Interesting how ZBC refine their propaganda by removing and adding throughout the afternoon. They are on the fourth version now.
    Meanwhile the Irishman Fergal Keane is laying on the sentiment on the 6pm news as only he can.

  37. Franz – thanks for the unbolding, even if sadly unsuccessful! Arthur, all fixed.

  38. Alan Campbell

    22 Feb, 2012 - 10:37 pm

    Oh please. How silly. Read the Telegraph and Spectator and they’ll accuse the Beeb of being a hotbed of Marxism. Come on here and it’s the propaganda arm of the Nazis. The fact that they upset both extremes makes me think they’re getting it about right.

  39. While the despicable Assad Regime is being rubbished, for all the violence, the dictatorship, and being a plain case of a poopy pants regime.
    Yemeni elections of a single candidate is heralded as a triumph of democracy . The Comical spin piece in the zioBBc finding crappola to spin on, then resorts to;
    Brigadier Yahia Saleh is a jovial figure in a smart uniform and with a neatly trimmed moustache.
    This description apparently is designed to explain away the hoard of Salehs in charge of every department of every ministry that will aid the elected president who was also hand-picked by Saleh before his departure to Isreal en route to US, incidentally he (Saleh) is going back to Yemen, just in case.
    The mass murder of Yemeni, ordered by Saleh and aided and abetted by Saudi and US somehow never made it into the “news”, however the single person elections of the new president (old vice president) of democratic Yemen is cause for celebrating the unrelenting progress of democracy!
    Then the farticle follows;
    <i.The soldiers are all extremely well dressed, equipped and disciplined.

    As we watched, they carried out a mock house clearing operation. It was clear to see by the way they moved that they had been trained by Americans.
    This introduction over with, Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula (that Osama and his terror franchise) is referred to, getting the audiences ready for the next campaign of slaughter of the Yemenis rejecting the single candidate elections as a reward for their blood price, they have paid so far.

  40. Alan Campbell,
    Telegraph et al verily believe Hitler was a crypto communist, and indeed they have a case too; Hitler founded a party with “socialist” incorporated/associated with/in its name.
    So perhaps you are right in believing; zioBBC indeed is an impartial and independent and accurate and honest, and factual, …… source of news. Doubtless you also rightly believe in; tooth fairies, and all manner of hobgoblinary, as well as elves, Yeti and Nessy, like any other red blooded well informed soul.

  41. Alan Campbell:
    “Read the Telegraph and Spectator and they’ll accuse the Beeb of being a hotbed of Marxism. Come on here and it’s the propaganda arm of the Nazis. The fact that they upset both extremes makes me think they’re getting it about right.”
    The superficial gloss of the BBC’s reporting is indeed liberal, so the criticisms of it by the conservative press might be considered valid – provided one doesn’t dig too deep and figure out that in terms of the basic message of “what the Government is fighting”, the BBC completely toes the Establishment line.
    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” – Lenin

  42. ingo 22 Feb, 2012 – 10:56 am

    One can picture you restling with the silent “w”.

  43. alan campbell

    23 Feb, 2012 - 3:17 am

    Dear Fedup,

    I suspect you leave me floundering in your wake when it comes to believing in fairies and lizards taking over the world.

  44. @Alan Campbell, the BBC runs a number of stories which are red rags to the right, and right-on with the faux-left trust-funded or middling classes, Blairite type hypocrite profiteers. Underneath that it’s an unremittingly pro-government pro-war propaganda outfit, fully signed up the globalist zionist turbo capitalist agenda, thats been evident to many probably since News24 started and the Kuwait Gulf war of the early 1990s turned in to a sadistic gloat-fest and then a horror show as thousands of mostly teenage anti-Saddam Shia conscripted youth were eviscerated and sadistically incinerated on live-TV for the racist and zionist right to savour. All whom previously prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, began having that doubt dispelled; the reporters and presenters themselves seemed disappointed, no longer so animated when the hostilites cooled down and they had to reluctantly turn to more mundane domestic matters, the ensuing deaths by starvation, deprivation and disease in Iraq that killed a million beginning with the sick, the elderly and the children, due to our barbaric sanctions was not quite so telegenic or spectacular, discomfited them and was largely ignored.
    Roll on a decade, we got Dr. Kelly, ‘Shock and Awe’ in Iraq (once again) with the BBC cheering from the sidelines, we’ve then had their refusal to air the DEC Appeal to garner aid for the victims of Israels oft-recurring genocidal attacks on the Palestinian citizens of Gaza, or spell out the protracted siege conditions they inescapably live in. They’ve filled us with nonsensical lies over Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, they’re at it at present with Somalia, Syria and Iran in their sights. Oops I’ve forgotten Afghanistan, Pakistan and for all I know probably half a dozen other nice safe tribal wars we’ve fomented, there’s been so many, what’s a war or two here or there for the bloodthirsty savages we’re perceived as abroad.
    In between these slices of fantastic distortions, excusing or ignoring stark war-crimes, and priming us for and then colluding in the next slaughter and ‘necessary’ inhumanitarian invasion, the News programmes pump us full of Brit-Nat pomp; but for the BBC I doubt many would be aware we have a Monarchy, few would care if they didn’t ram this rolling publicity stunt family-troupe, down our subject throats. Then we have sport, particularly football, I consider it sad that sport and football are given such exposure, it’s a national deficiency that we suffer this nonsense to assume such importance, it certainly should not be any component of news output, it should not dominate as it does but should have its own programmes and channel and those who wish can indulge their energies and time to their hearts content, though without the mainstream, excessive endless exposure, these activities would wither to their true negligible worth.

    So much of the BBCs output is also introspective, believing we’re interested, often BBC presenters, staff or the ‘institution’ itself are the subject of news stories, its the BBC reporting on itself as news, instead of being an invisible facilitator and provider of unbiased information, its the star, the centre of everything around which all else revolves, mimicing the zionist trait ‘What’s in it for/how does it affect Israel/Zionism.’, so blatantly they’re mocking our powerlessness.
    The legend of the BBCs WW2 accuracy has largely been taught to us by the BBC, it never was and never has been anything but the slickest of propaganda outfits that not only subverts the public will it forces us to pay them for the privilege of deceiving us! During the General Strike, it was strikingly pro-government, taking its orders from Churchill directly, Reith probably blackmailed or entrapped, for what were then criminal acts, to ensure co-operation but in any case a willing establishment tool to his core, coverage of the strike, to a very limited transmission coverage area and very few listeners was all out pro-government, anti-striker, anti-miners; Clarksons latter day shooting strikers comments could only be considered restrained by comparision with its early output.
    The BBC has long been disinformation enterprise, funded by a force-backed extortion racket. In no way are the vast sums it collects spent on the rubbish they force-feed us, there’s a huge annual discrepancy. Whatever purpose a ‘good’ state broadcaster might serve, and I doubt that to irritate its audience as the BBC does unfailingly is worthy, it could be done on a hundredth of its current budget, It’s a dragon that needs slaying, George.

  45. alan campbell

    23 Feb, 2012 - 3:57 am

    Be careful what you wish for. I live in the Americas and get to see a lot of non-state funded broadcasting from the US. Terrifying.

  46. I see the BBC’s term for what is about to happen in Somalia is ‘stabilisation’. Their behaviour suggests something much more systematic than the self-censorship suggested by Iain Orr. It looks like a well-disciplined propaganda organ – but on whose behalf? The government? Which government? Who is calling the shots?
    Notice Eric Joyce, Labour MP for Falkirk, ‘stuck the head’ on a Conservative colleague (allegedly). First remotely sensible thing a Labour MP has done in years.

  47. listened to a bit of Beeb World Sce last nite only to catch a lengthy analysis about burning holy books! endless stuff about how under certain circumstances it is okay to burn the Koran. went on to equate burning the Koran with placing the ashes on Christian foreheads, using palm crosses from the previous Palm Sunday or whatever. didn’t hear it all, but to say it was OFFENSIVE is to put it mildly!

  48. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    23 Feb, 2012 - 7:47 am

    R4 Today’s John Humphries interview with a Syrian woman opposed to military intervention this morning.
    JH: “Why are you opposed to intervention?”
    Guest: “Because it would increase the violence and the suffering of the Syrian people.”
    JH: “Many people will be shocked to hear you say that. Suppose that you had family in Homs who were being destroyed?”
    Guest: “My family is in Homs. I have not heard from them for two weeks.”
    JH: “And despite that you still object to intervention?”, he said with an incredulous tone.
    He seems amazed that this woman has worked out the simple fact that the solution to Syrian violence is not Western violence dressed up as humanitarian intervention.

  49. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    23 Feb, 2012 - 8:09 am

    There is a lot of hysterical reporting going on at the moment over the shelling in Homs. “Homs has been turned into hell”, “The regime now has the taste for blood” etc. etc.
    It should be remembered that these are the very same people that kept their mouths shut and refused to report on one of the most despicable war-crimes in modern history.
    Fallujah was was sealed off by US/UK forces. Any one attempting to escape was shot dead. They then systematically destroyed the city (and the people in it) using barometric bombs followed by napalm (shake ‘n’ bake). They also used experimental ordnance on civilians to assess its effects. the story below gives an idea of what went on. Compare the actions of the US/UK then to the Syrians today.

  50. I heard that too DownWithThisSortofThing. He did his best to put words into Ms Monajed’s mouth and then of course the cvonversation was brought to a close without giving her the opportunity to reply to Turkmani. She had reminded him about Iraq and Libya and you could sense his shock that she was daring to say such things. Her deep understanding of the situation was apparent throughout.
    Violence in the city of Homs has sparked calls for the international community to act ahead of a major conference to discuss the worsening situation. Syrian National Council spokesperson Ausama Monajed and Dr Rim Turkmani, of the opposition movement Building up the Syrian State, discuss their differing views on how the outside world can help.
    He has Hague on at the moment, croaking away. Humphreys is pressuring him too. There is a lust for more blood at the BBC. Esler was at it last night on Newsnight and even had Wolfowitz on from the US. Rory Stewart was urging caution and said that a political solution was the only answer.

  51. Spot on with your analysis Tomato.
    Elsewhere it’s smoke and mirrors time over at RBS. Evan Davis was very deferential to Hester earlier on Today. Hester was allowed to say his piece pretty well without any questioning.
    RBS losses hit £2bn amid bonus row
    (UKPA) – 35 minutes ago
    Taxpayer-backed Royal Bank of Scotland remained at the heart of the row over bankers’ pay as it unveiled total losses of £2 billion for 2011 at the same time as paying £785 million in bonuses to its staff.
    RBS, which is 82% state-owned after receiving a £45.5 billion bailout at the height of the financial crisis, said the bonus pool included £390 million for its 17,000 investment bankers.
    While the total pot is 43% lower than the previous year, it follows a period in which the bank announced thousands of job cuts as it scales back its investment arm Global Banking and Markets.
    It also follows a turbulent period for the bank in which chief executive Stephen Hester was forced to waive his £963,000 all-shares bonus amid public outrage over bankers’ pay.
    The bank, which employs 146,800 staff, revealed wider total losses of £2 billion in 2011, compared with £1.1 billion in 2010, which included a near £1 billion hit for mis-sold payment protection insurance compensation.
    The Hester Davis piece from Today
    Note Hester’s strange accent.

  52. A little diversion to the subject of Somalia next for the war criminals and warmongers who are assembling today in London. What a busy boy Cameron is. ‘Building blocks’ my eye. It’s wiping out Al-Shabaab that is on the cards.
    Top-Level Summit On ‘Failed State’ Somalia
    8:42am UK, Thursday February 23, 2012
    The Prime Minister is appealing to international leaders to step up support for Somalia in an effort to stabilise the country described as “the world’s most failed state”.
    Representatives of more than 40 countries are gathering in London for today’s high-level international conference amid fears the East African nation is becoming the new breeding ground for terrorism.
    David Cameron said he wanted to “forge a new momentum” and put in place the “building blocks” to create a stronger and safer Somalia after two decades blighted by war, piracy, terrorism and famine.
    Among the senior figures attending will be United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as well as the leaders of neighbouring African states.

  53. @ snooty Please do picture me as you see fit, rhyme comes natural i’m afraid.

    The double act of neocon Wolfowitz and that Rory MI MP on newsshite last night was like tow boys spitting on a turd trying desperately to polish it. Far from agreeing, they put the Syrian opposition spokesstooge on edge.
    Thanks to passerby for setting us staright on Mare Colvin’s immigration status, she must have done this before. Listening to the other mouthpieces, they all knew and spoke to her last week,/two days ago/ seeing the propaganda machine drag her parents in front of the cameras, we can safely assume that the BBC is in war mode, barebacking young Hague to the hilt.

    Pictures of her having her eye out in Sri Lanka, makes it obvious, she went where no other journo dared, she took risks others were not prepared to take. Many other people got shot and killed entering countries illegally, but when papers and MI’s have their prize assets killed, they scream blue murder. Contrast this with civilian death, they are treated as ‘ci-villains’ non enteties, collateral.
    The propaganda levels tells me that she has another job next to journalisms. That said, I’m not without emphais for anybody who has died and ther parents must feel awefull, thankfully grief is universal and it does not come in cans.

    This interview with Rumsfeld makes it clear what he thinks of civilian death, Barett should have taken one of his golf club and clubbed him there and then, it shows the cynicism embedded in the neocons mind. They need prosecuting, judging and eradicating via a drone, cause voting them out does nothing, they still monger on.

  54. This is worth a smiley:)
    Paul Flynn’s throwaway to Letwin, he the secret litter bin filler.
    The one day ‘conference’ on Somalia has them all sitting in a row. Ban Ki-Moon between Shillary and Cameroon. At the moment the Qatari foreign minister is speaking.
    If only it was one of those shooting galleries at the funfair.
    Hilarious photo of Hague in Mogadishu recently.

  55. Obomber apolgizes to Karzai. Oh that’s alright then.
    Elsewhere in that benighted country, nine Afghan girls are injured in an air strike. Oh good let’s get them into school but let’s damage their beautiful bodies and perhaps their lovely faces and their minds. The Third Reich had nothing on this lot.
    9 Afghan girls injured in Nato air raid
    2012-02-22 17:47

    Related links
    Nato admits Afghan children killed
    2 Afghan children killed in Nato attack
    Cop: Kids killed in Nato airstrike
    Four children die in bomb blast
    US sorry over Afghan child deaths


    Jalalabad – Nine schoolgirls were injured in a Nato helicopter attack in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, an Afghan official alleged on Wednesday.
    Nato’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said it was looking into the allegation but had no immediate information.
    “This morning a school was attacked by a Nato helicopter. Nine children, all girls, and the school’s janitor have been injured,” Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, the Nangarhar provincial government spokesperson said.
    “Some of the girls were discharged after receiving treatment but about five of them are still in the hospital,” Abdulzai said, accusing the US-led ISAF force of carrying out the attack.
    An ISAF spokesperson said the force was aware of the claim but “we don’t have operational reporting of it”.
    “ISAF officials are looking into these claims,” the spokesperson said.
    Last week, ISAF conceded that several children died during a bombing raid on February 8 in northeast Kapisa province.
    Afghan President Hamid Karzai had condemned the air strikes and ordered an investigation after saying that eight children were killed.
    The latest report comes amid intense anti-US riots in Kabul that were unleashed after the burning of copies of the Qur’an by foreign forces at the US-run Bagram military base north of the capital.

    – AFP


  56. yesterday one of the political opponents of Mr Karimov was subject to assassination in Sweden. Media is silent.

  57. Wera As you say, little mention. Thankfully, although he was shot several times, he survived.

  58. Oddie:
    “listened to a bit of Beeb World Sce last nite only to catch a lengthy analysis about burning holy books! endless stuff about how under certain circumstances it is okay to burn the Koran. went on to equate burning the Koran with placing the ashes on Christian foreheads, using palm crosses from the previous Palm Sunday or whatever. didn’t hear it all, but to say it was OFFENSIVE is to put it mildly!”
    Oh dear. That is depressing. Who said it is OK to burn the Koran?
    It is deeply distressing to see the systematic winding down of all civilised values, and nobody batting an eyelid. Presumably because NO ONE WANTS TO BELIEVE IT.
    20 years ago if the BBC had said it was OK to burn Korans and, worse, to imply that it is a Christian gesture, there would have been uproar.
    Shame. Shame. Shame :(

  59. Franz –
    as i tuned in after the Koran piece started, i can’t tell u who at BBC was doing the talking; tried to find the piece online yesterday, but failed.
    however, i switched to Fox News for a minute yesterday, just as they were ending a report on the burning of the Korans (BTW have u noticed most MSM report as if A SINGLE KORAN was burned?) and the Fox female ended with a throwaway line that it is acceptable under Islam to dispose of Korans by burning them. can’t find that online either, but the following gives u an idea how distorted reporting is generally:

    22 Feb: Fox News: Afghan detainees at Bagram Air Base wrote inside Korans as a method for passing messages to fellow detainees, defacing the holy books in a manner considered blasphemous within Islam, the officials said, speaking to Fox News exclusively.

    “going to be burned”??

    21 Feb: Fox News Radio: This official said that the books were going to be burned until Afghans stepped in and said this was not the proper way to dispose of them. In the process some materials were damaged, which this official called a “breakdown in judgment, not a breakdown in our respect for Islam.”

  60. DownWithThisSortOfThing

    24 Feb, 2012 - 7:17 am

    “listened to a bit of Beeb World Sce last nite ”
    You do know that they receive funding from the US State Department? Apparently it’s to combat “censorship of TV and internet services in countries including Iran and China”, how that works is not explained.

  61. Sorry, but violently protesting because somebody burnt a book is misguided and intolerant. It’s not compatible with any type of value system that would allow people of differing opinions to live peacefully together.

    Violence and intolerance should be condemned – whether it comes from NATO forces, Israel, Assad, Terry Jones, Islamists, the British police, whatever. Which perhaps leaves only a small number of people we can support…

    Peace, man!

  62. David H, you are right in principle, of course, but I doubt that this is really about book burning. There are Muslims on all sides in the complex conflict in Afghanistan, except for the US/NATO forces where no form of Islam plays any part in the power structure. Thus, the US burning of the Korans provides a point of agreement between groups that disagree on other matters.

  63. Ingo I think they would have to have a major debate about it on question time, and Panorama,should I stay nice and quiet about this stuff,I am sure if Rupert Murdoch or the BBC found out about it and our wonderfull security services,they would say ,now look here this sort of thing must stop.

  64. I see it as more of the same.
    In Iraq Qurans were used as target practice, in Gountanamo they were used as toilet paper. And after each case came to light, the Americans stated it was some sort of mistake.

    Sooner or later, people will start will realise these things aren’t mistakes but are policy.

  65. David H
    Would it not be more appropriate to remember the US/UK/NATO aggression as in the following;

    violently invading a country because somebody allegedly plotted the phoney attacks on WTC is misguided and intolerant. It’s not compatible with any type of value system that would allow people of differing opinions to live peacefully together.
    Lest we lose the sight of the woods for the trees.

  66. This morning The Today Programme used the phrase ‘apparently inadvertently’, slightly cumbersome, but at least they’re hedging their bets. Though they didn’t say to whom this was apparent.

  67. The word, ‘inadvertently’ seems to be a refuge of last resort for media scoundrels. I once wrote an article into which – as far as I recall, without my knowledge – that word was inserted. So, that piece under my name has that word in it forever and ever, Amen. It was originally published in The Times in 2005, but I find that one now has to pay to access archival material from The Times, so I’ve found the entire article here (btw, I have no idea what the website is or who runs it; now I’ve found it, I should probably point it out to them). The phrase in question is here:
    “From the mid-1970s, inadvertently encouraged by the US and its Saudi and Pakistani client states, the concept of global jihad began to spread, crushing mystical and rational streams of Islam, establishing book chains, taking over mosques and severely destabilising Muslim society and culture.” Supposedly, ‘Me’.
    Now, I did not write the word, “inadvertently”. It changes the whole meaning of the sentence and also the politcal stance of the author. There was nothing inadvertant about the USA et al arming, training and financing the Islamist paramilitaries in Afghanistan during the 1980s – why, Tom Hanks was even in a film about it! So, if they boast about it – why cannot we write it?
    Btw, I think things have chnaged for the better since 2005 wrt Muslim bookshops. There are many more texts – a much broader range – widely available now. And there is a profound discourse ongoing within the communities.
    The key phrase is here:
    “Islamist terrorism was the logical outcome of 80 years of Western complicity, conflict and covert operations.” Me.
    Thankfully, that stayed in.

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