Goebbels Broadcasting Corporation and Koran Burning 68

BBC World has just lead its 9am headline with “More protests in Kabul over the inadvertent buning of the Koran by NATO troops”.

The word “inadvertent” has been interpolated since the 8am headlines. Who was responsible for its introduction?

It seems to me simply untrue that the Korans were burnt “inadvertently”. The BBC have just reported that they were being burnt in an “incineration pit”. That is not inadvertent. The US story is that the Korans were used to smuggle messages. If the books contained hidden messages, the Americans would have been analysing them, not burning them. They would certainly have been subjected to scrutiny, and it is therefore impossible that the Americans did not know they were Korans they were burning.

Inadvertent no. Inexplicably stupid yes.

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68 thoughts on “Goebbels Broadcasting Corporation and Koran Burning

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  • Rose

    A bit like the way the word “mistake” has become a synonym for “crime” when applied to the bombing and slaughter of innocents.

  • amanfromMars

    And how about the constant pimping of “recovery” whenever everyone knows and everything points to deepening recession.

    Don’t they know that propaganda ideally must be tempered with the possibility of its truth being valid to have any chance of acceptance and belief? Methinks someone stole that chapter out of the instruction field manual the tame establishment media are using.

  • ingo

    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, my deepblue icy eyes. And what can you see but despair, death and demise, delivered by Fiona, with guile and a smile.
    Enough to make one wretch.

  • Clark

    So how come US forces had all these Korans, eh? Were they confiscated from locals? Were they US Forces issue?(!) Not specially altered ones imported from Saudi Arabia for distribution, I hope…

  • Tom Welsh

    By the time I heard the Today Programme’s version at about 0845, the very name “Koran” had been suppressed. Instead, they were “Muslim holy books”.

    I wonder how the American establishment would react if Muslims were to burn heaps of Bibles. No doubt that, like everything else, would become a definite casus belli.

  • Tom Welsh

    … or was it “Islamic religious texts”? They would probably have avoided the word “holy”.

  • Porkfright

    Well-it was always on the cards that certain Americans would begin book-burnings-and thus little surprise that the Infiltrated Broacasting Corporation would support them.

  • Richard

    I’m afraid I had the same thought. Looks to me as if some very junior US personnel thought it would be fun to imitate Pastor Terry Jones. My differences with the protesters is (a) they think some riots and deaths will help, whereas I do not, and (b) some of them blame Obama directly, whereas I only indirectly.

  • Ingo

    I shall be burning the 23 rewritten issue of the bible, a London A-Z, the Tibetan book of death and a lower value copy of Wind in the willows, and I shall start the fire with an old favourite for these occaisions, a copy of ‘mein Kampf’ by A.H.Tony Blair, a tall story of killing thousands with the power of one’s hatefull words,lack of spine and more shinanigans, truth does not come into it.

    The latter always burns better if you add a small volume of the Political Warfare executive’s releases, providing excellent advise to US army, navy and airforce, who all have their very own, large black op’s outfits.

    “Donovan obtained considerable help from the British, especially with black propaganda, from the British Political Warfare Executive (PWE), part of the Ministry of Economic Warfare. PWE was a sister organization to the Special Operations Executive, which conducted guerilla warfare. The British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6), was an essentially independent organization. For the US, the OSS included the functions of SIS and SOE, and the black propaganda work of PWE.”


    The heating value of the bible is far less than that of the US constitution, thanks to living in a country where bibles are a plenty, ther’s no shortage of heat, never mind democracy.

    If in doubt about burning books, ask a Kraut….;)

  • Dick the Prick

    It’s not for us little people to be told what’s going on. And, surely if you’re gonna burn their books it would be a decent idea to, yer know, not advertise it! Ho hum – another slick operation brought to you by Murder Inc.

  • havantaclu

    It’s all being presented as another ‘look-at-those-crazy-Moslems’ story, I suspect to weaken any resistance to the interference in Iran (or Syria) which seems to grow in likelihood every day.

  • Passerby

    The disgraceful zioBBC burrows even deeper into the swamp in its mission of making acceptable the intolerable. The role this propaganda organ has played in reducing this country to a banana republic.
    A senior health professional faces disciplinary action after signing a letter to The Independent opposing the NHS reforms and provoking accusations yesterday that ministers are presiding over a “top-down bullying policy” designed to silence critics.
    “It is inappropriate for individuals to raise personal concerns about the government reforms.
    How did we get to this depth so quickly and without any trouble?
    Therefore seeing the “Islamic texts” getting misburnt and then the ashes and charred bits of the the said “Islamic texts” mis-scattered around the place, totally accidentally on purpose. Is in on way a reason for those excitable Moosslums get all shirty and uppity about the whole affair. The white chief man has apologized what more do they want ffs? Is the anticipated and “reasonable” response in the umpteenth inquisition period, we are living in.

  • angrysoba

    Colvin, a decorated correspondent with more than 30 years of experience in conflict zones, and Ochlik, who last month won a World Press Photo award, died instantly when the artillery shell struck the safe house that had been provided for them by local activists.

    The house was located next to a hospital and had been the main refuge for all reporters who had made it to Bab al-Amr in the face of a relentless barrage by regime forces over the past three weeks.


  • Wayfarer

    The trouble with the ZBC’s output is that once we establish that the stuff we know about is being spun into propoganda, even lies, it’s impossible to judge how accurate they are on matters we know little about. Added to this, computer graphics can provide ‘reality’ to order.
    The sad reality seems to be that we’re thus left unable to trust anything we see or hear in our media – even, if it ever happens, the truth.
    Your contribution, Craig, and bloggers like you, is more than news – it’s trust. Personal and coloured possibly – that’s inevitable. But at least the unspun truth as you see it. That’s always been rare – these days it’s at a premium.

  • Methuselah Now

    The observation that They’ve been in Afghanistan for a decade plus, and they still don’t have the most basic understanding of the local culture that they’ve been occupying for so long.
    Nothing Changes. Nothing is ever learnt, No Humility or Respect.
    Kind regards,

  • NY

    “Tom Welsh

    I wonder how the American establishment would react if Muslims were to burn heaps of Bibles. No doubt that, like everything else, would become a definite casus belli”.

    -they know muslims will never burn the Bible or swear at Jesus or Moses, as muslims consider it a Book from God revealed to Jesus but altered and adapted to the needs of ruling popes and archibishops in later age.

  • Michael Culver

    What else to expect from the brainwashing corruption.Only this week there was Genocide Ali Campbell whining about his problems with alchohol on Panorama and last week he was guesting on Dumbleby’s “Any Questions”. In the U.K. of today war criminals are the creme de la creme.I shall be burning a copy of a phart publically asap.

  • edwin

    The US does not do subtlety. As imperial rulers they rule with violence and hubris. There are pictures of the burned Korans at anti-war.com. If there were messages that were being passed, that the military did not wish to allow others to see, they probably failed at that too.

    It’s violence, incompetence, ignorance, apathy, and, hubris that define American Exceptionalism in decline.

  • Jay

    I would like to see many of our western cultural films , books and video games removed from our society. I am sorry but it doesnt take too much savy to realise how society should be improved.

  • Franz

    This stuff terrifies me, because everyone I know (outside the Internet) still labours under the delusion that the BBC is a beacon of integrity. NO ONE WANTS TO BELIEVE THAT OUR FREEDOMS HAVE GONE, which of course plays into the hands of those who have taken them.
    As for the burning of the Korans… I doubt that it was “stupid”, as Craig suggests. It was a provocation. The last thing we want is for the violence to die down and our presence in the Middle East and central Asia no longer to be justifiable.
    It is so tempting not to want to believe any of this is happening. That of course is how most people cope – and how the C***S get away with it.

  • ingo

    @mr. Jones.
    The 15 trillion fraud story involving the Bush dynasty and various other large banks, is not very much liked by FB, indeed they removed the story twice.

    What would happen if we all try and post it to our friends?

  • ingo

    Israels ‘massive build up’ of all its forces, conventional and nuclear, as hinted by this article, just to nudge up the propaganda capabilities one posesses, can only mean that they have an intention to use missiles with nuclear warheads.

    The UN should start immediate sanctions to stop this dire nuclear escalation by small rogue states with no intention of having a friendly relationship with any of its neighbours, ever.
    Beigels should be first rationed and then replaced with sliced white. Israeli officials determining other countries foreign policy should be forced to eat kosher food at every official meeting they have, thats all over, the 10 pieces special is off the menue, sanctioned.

    We ight just let them have some m ore Dolphin class submarines in future, but for Israel to accept all these ‘gifts’, some grovelling and some more access to our societies levers might come handy, so they say.
    look at them in their shiny new sub, ahhhh…

  • Arthur Askey

    More protests in Kabul over the inadvertent buning of the Koran by NATO troops

    I’ve inadvertently pointed out a typo.

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