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Re The Barrington Declaration, yes there are more than ten as they also have a separate listing from the UK of about forty. But the list contains many non-clinical scientists that have nothing to do with direct patient care. I pasted this earlier to show their affiliations, some of them even have none, but the list was removed.

None of those on the UK list dealt directly with Covid patients, there were some oncologists, but their main concern is treating patients with cancer. Actually some of them do not exist on the Medical Directory website and some have retired.

Listen, I do not dispute that other patients suffer and there is a mushrooming of mental health issues. I do not doubt that there is economic hardships but all of this is due to a serious pandemic. These are two separate issues, there is a serious pandemic, actions taken to suppress it will also be harmful but there is little alternative. The other factor of course is the long-term neglect of the health service, privatizations and underfunding that left the NHS ill equipped to deal with the pandemic. But what I hear from you is that the virus is inconsequential. That is what I am arguing here, the virus is real and serious and the PCR is accurate and the numbers are escalating rapidly. And that is what is being denied by the three of you, on the basis of selective information and some signatories who go against the majority of expert opinion in the heart of dealing with the pandemics, and these experts you totally discount in preference of those who just reiterate what you want to believe.