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“And, the worst myth of all: “Covid only kills the infirm and the elderly.”

That myth blows quite a hole in the Great Barrington Declaration, doesn’t it?

Some ICUs in Kent and London are beyond capacity, with critically ill patients being transported long distances to hospitals in other regions. In some cases patients are being treated in resus or postop wards, with intensive nursing but substandard monitoring devices. It’s chaotic and very stressful for the staff. Here’s a glimpse:

I can testify that ICU is a draining experience under normal circumstances. More people die in critical care units than any other ward, and it’s agonising to watch intubated patients gasping for every breath. I have immense admiration for the staff in the thick of it now. The flip side is contempt for those who deny the ongoing crisis, but such negative attitudes are best set aside as there are more urgent issues at hand.