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It looks like another national lockdown in Britain is imminent – tomorrow or even later tonight. Oh, except for schools, perhaps the main virus spreading places. If “population readjustment” weren’t such a serious matter, the phrase “Keep taking the tablets” would come to mind. In any case, A and not-A cannot both be true at the same time. The best advice is for people to apply that knowledge without allowing “experts” to form their opinions for them.

By the end of this month, you gotta wonder what those of us who don’t accept the mRNA vaccine – whether it’s administered by Nazional Hygiene Service nurses, or by soldiers from out the back of an army lorry, or whoever – will still be allowed to do.

The cooperation between the army and school administrators isn’t going to disappear.

Meanwhile in Wuhan in China people are allowed to socialise now as much as they like. Funny that.

In Britain, the 2020 legislation that exempts medics, nurses, etc., from liability if they accidentally kill someone when doing something that’s related to SARSCoV2 (which includes filling in for someone who’s on SARSCoV2 duties) is likely to stay active throughout the vaccination period. Huge giveaway if it does. If you accept a jab in the arm from someone who has statutory exemption from liability if the jab kills you, you must be insane.

Maybe that should be a demand by vaccine resisters – “Ask us again when you accept you’ll be liable for any harm you cause”.