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@Clark – rather than be consumed with hatred when you read words written by Mike Yeadon, or think about those who circulate them, an emotion which is beneficial neither for yourself nor for the world outside of yourself, maybe forget about the finger pointing at the moon and look at the moon instead?

He’s right, what he says about there being several species of coronavirus, the common cold-causing ones being relatively harmless, and he’s right that this is rarely if ever being mentioned in the MSM.

It’s interesting that about half the times I have said to people that the bug that’s going around is a strain of SARS, they respond with fear in their eyes, say I’m a “conspiracy theorist”, and act as if I might infect their minds.

The reason it’s not generally called “SARS” or “the new strain of SARS” is to do with marketing and propaganda. That is an extremely straightforward observation the truth of which should be obvious to every left wing person.

It is a sad fact that in the reigning culture people have a HUGE ability to make up idiotic reasons to defend whatever crap they’re spewing out that they got from those above them in the opinion chain and which they have never reflected on, because they don’t reflect on shee-yit and because they respect those who stand above them so much. Generally speaking they respect those who stand in front of microphones, and in Britain those who speak with posh accents. In Britain they even sometimes respect opinion channellers who don’t sound as if they went to private school and who present themselves as “grammar school boy” engineer or manager types, especially if they can flash a charming smile or deliver a straightbacked “expert” schtick even in a non-RP accent. That’s the cultural reality we live in. The stupid idiots.

I haven’t heard the fact that there are other coronaviruses than SARSCov2, ones that cause about ~15% of cases of the common cold and nothing more serious that that, mentioned in the MSM either. (Most cases of the common cold are caused by rhinoviruses, which belong to a different family, for the record.)

But I have heard large numbers of people refer to “coronavirus” without a preceding article whether definite or indefinite, as if it were an illness. A virus is not an illness. To point that out is not pedantry. Most people who are infected with SARSCoV2 fight it off with their immune system’s first line of defence, which is to say without “specialised” antibodies coming into action and without even getting any symptoms. That is extremely important. It is being totally ignored (and misdirected from) in all the propaganda which encourages moronic punters, as they copy whatever they’ve been told by those above them in the opinion chain, talking as if they understand about the spread and effects of infectious disease. Washing your hands a lot (even if you don’t sing “God Save the Queen” when doing it, which is what Jacob Rees-Mogg advised last year) using proper bug-killing liquid and trying to cut down the amount of surfaces you touch that other people have touched (to prevent infection by “fomites”) is important. Strengthening your immune system is also important, and if you don’t know anything about how to do it then washing your hands all the time may not do much good. Many of those who have strong immune systems have breathed in SARSCov2 probably in quantities that would have caused serious symptoms in some people, and they don’t even know anything about it. It was just one of the many bugs they breathe in all the time without noticing. Anybody who doesn’t try to eat stuff to strengthen their immune system during a pandemic is an idiot, and it is they who should be treated with contempt, not whatever statement you have read on the internet. Such people don’t only endanger and injure themselves; they also spread the virus that everyone is talking about.

PS Internet “debate” is a morass, ET. Do you think I would waste time “debating” with those who type one-liners such as “you have nothing pertinent to say”? You would probably not be so rude to my face in real life. Nobody forces you to read anything anybody has written on this disgusting medium called “the internet”. Posters here differ in the amount of investment they put into the “scene” here, just as on any other website that allows all-comers to post. There are those who invest less of themselves than you do, and those who invest more. Relax, my friend, and Happy New Year.