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The MHRA Public Assessment Report, Authorisation for Temporary Supply – link

Having read through it (which I hadn’t done before) I am somewhat more reassured. The (non serious) adverse drug reactions are mostly relatively minor though significantly higher in the treatment arm. There is little difference in serious adverse reactions between treatment and placebo arms. Its authorisation has been granted temporarily under regulation 174A of the Human Medicine Regulations 2012. So it will be kept under review and more data will follow from follow up. What the won’t and can’t know are the longer term possible effects until sufficient time has elapsed.

The one think that slightly bothers me is that the vaccine provokes an antibody directed at the spike protein on SARS-Cov-2, the part that attaches to the ACE2 receptor. Given that receptor-target binding is partly dependent on molecular 3D shapes I wonder to myself how those antibodies might interfere with angiotensin II binding. And is there a possible autoimmune problem in the making?