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SA “What you state is not true.”
What specifically? I said there were no completed clinical trials. There aren’t. In both the BNT and the Astrazeneca/Oxfords (AZD1222) ones,the extremely limited data from phase one trials is conflated with incomplete and ongoing data collection from the much larger phase two and three trials. This is what you have done too. The impression is given that all trials are complete when in reality not even the phase one trials have been completed properly. The figures are meaningless because a realistic assessment depends on long term effects. You might as well conclude that exposure to lead is harmless because few health effects are reported in the first 3 months.

By the way, your 95% effective claim is based on a calculation that gives relative risk reduction:
100(1 – (0.044/0.88)) = ~95%.
The absolute risk reduction is much more meaningful:
(0.88-0.044)% = ~0.84%