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Node, the stuff you post is irrelevant, a distraction. Unbelievably wrong-headed decisions have been and continue to be made by European and US governments, decisions that are killing hundreds of thousands of people, and are likely to promote even worse variants of the virus. But the stuff you post contains nothing remotely relevant, nor even realistic.

If there were any value in the arguments you promote, they would be being discussed by hundreds of virologists, immunologists and epidemiologists. Many such scientists have Twitter or Facebook streams etc; I link to such sources frequently, and each one has links to others. None of them are discussing the stuff you think is so important. But they’re all either “in on the scam” or stupid sheeple, right? And the Great Wise Node would lead us to salvation if only we weren’t so brainwashed by the MSM, right?

Look, if we saw any value in OffGuardian, Swiss Propaganda Research or UK Column we could go read their dozen soundbites over and over again for ourselves. But they’ve been proven so hopelessly wrong that they’re irrelevant, so why bother parroting their bunk?