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Steph, my quote of Node, “(0.88-0.044)% = ~0.84%”, does not appear in Allan S. Cunningham’s letter at BMJ, so your comment is consistent with Node getting that from Iain Davis at OffGuardian, rather than the BMJ as Node claimed.

As hospitals overload, as people suffer die by the droves, as we enter another lockdown that could have been avoided, and has been avoided by more sensible governments, I am sick to the back teeth of the arrogance and dishonesty of conspiracy theorists. Node should recognise that he’s out of his depth and do everyone a favour by either raising his game, or STFU.

I have repeatedly described the template of conspiracy theory; I do not use the term merely to dismiss politically inconvenient truths. It is a recognisable phenomena wit specific recognisable features, and indeed, learning to recognise it would protect politically inconvenient truths, for when an establishment apologist dismissed a truth as “conspiracy theory”, we could reply “no, that’s not a conspiracy theory, because this is what actual conspiracy theory looks like…”. Learning to recognise conspiracy theory would also protect the public, by unmasking scumbags like Yeadon.