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Interesting piece about criticism of the new “Clap for Heroes”. Annemarie Plas’s voice doesn’t come across well in the article, so it’s hard to be clear about her position. But at least we can say that she has misgivings about “Clap for Heroes” because of the response from people working in the NHS. Perhaps she has been getting a bad taste in her mouth realising what is really behind “Together” and the official support for clapping, and she has decided she doesn’t want to be their poster girl. I hope so. Maybe she should do a website or something, if her visa status makes it feasible. She may possibly have quite an interesting story to tell.

One point which should be mentioned is that whereas the clapping was always both nationalistic and pro the authorities (as was happily recognised by the SNP who adapted it to a campaign of adoration for their Leader, who is also the leader of the Scottish government), it is now becoming militaristic too. It’s no accident that the slogan “Clap for Heroes” recalls “Help for Heroes”, the military charity that many on the far right (and in the “base” of the far right) have stickers for on their cars, and which has quite a presence both in “white van man” and traditional Tory bourgeois areas.