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How likely is that the vast majority of the population in Britain etc. may have already contracted SARS-CoV2?

Some may pooh-pooh this idea, but wait a minute…

A negative antibody test provides NO indication that a person hasn’t already contracted the virus and beaten it off. This is because they may have an immune system that manage to kill the virus with its “first line of defence” without calling out any “specialised” antibodies. Therefore the published figures for “cases” do not refute the hypothesis.

It is a glaring fact that the authorities aren’t lifting much of a finger to spread information about how to keep your immune system in good shape. If they were serious about preventing deaths from this kind of coronavirus (i.e. SARS) in a pandemic, they would do precisely that.

Note that we live in conditions where “flu vaccines” are promoted all over the place – by Tesco, by the government, by local “GP” quacks, etc. Only a moron takes a flu vaccine every year like a compliant little sheep. Not very many people at all know about how to reduce your risk of falling ill with the rhinoviruses that cause most cases of the common cold, the coronaviruses that cause about 1 in 6 cases, and the flu-type viruses that cause flu. (Those who want to start informing themselves, start with vitamin C. But for goodness’ sake don’t buy the tablets that contain artificial sweetener, OK? Try orange juice.)

It is an admitted fact that black British and Pakistani British people have died “with Covid” in larger proportions than white British people, and also that working class people especially if working in “insecure” jobs are more “at risk”. (The death rate too probably varies a lot by “socioeconomic group”, i.e. class, but I have found no documentation to that effect – too touchy a subject, presumably. But it’s admitted that black and Asian people in Britain are dying in this pandemic in proportionally greater numbers than white people).

It must be true that the TESTING network (its protocols, logistics, laboratories, and communications) featured in the pandemic “exercises” such as Event 201 as well as in other planning.

Now put all the above together.

What I’m suggesting is that if you haven’t bothered keeping your immune system in good shape – whether you’re a couch potato or you’re somebody who “goes to the gym” to build up your muscles, which have little to do with your immune system – and then you fall ill for example with “seasonal flu”, then if you get any kind of medical attention whatsoever you had better WATCH OUT. Especially if you are black, South Asian, or working class…

* because the test when it comes back may well say you’re SARSCoV2 positive even if you aren’t;

* because your flu-type symptoms may get you “diagnosed” with “Covid” regardless, in which case don’t expect to get any proper contact with your family and so on, which is very important to keeping up people’s “will to live” when they are ill and makes them (slightly) less vulnerable to bullsh*t stitch-ups too;

* because if you’re in the hospital you may REALLY get hit by SARS-CoV2 (again and worse than before) because of a high viral load, and

* because if and when you catch the pneumonia which is so rife in hospitals, they may just kill you off. (If more people understood about “DNR” [1] and “QOLY” [2], there would be riots in the streets.)


1) DNR – “Do Not Resuscitate”
2) QOLY – “Quality of Life”. (I wouldn’t be at all surprised if “medical records” contain a number for this for almost everybody. The metric is calculated as in the following example: “10 years of 100% quality, followed by 5 years at 60% quality and 1 year at 20% quality, give this person a QOLY socre of (10 * 100%) + (5 * 60%) + (1 * 20%) years, equals 13.2 years. That’s how medics think of you. Vets think of pets in the same way – how long you’ll still be bringing your pet to them and how much money they think they will make out of you in that time.