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What I love about these conspiracy fantasists, denialists and clairvoyants (like Mystic N_eg, Null-Node and Deluded Dave) is the sheer lack of accountability. There’s absolutely no reckoning with all the BS and lies they tell. When we don’t all starve to death at a definite given date (such as September last year, per Mystic N_eg), is there a pause for thought?

Of course not – not a bit of it. It reminds me of cultists who prophesied the end of the Earth at various times. Everyone gathered around to wait for the appointed hour, nothing happened. Rather than admit they were wrong, they wave it away as a miscalculation – they forgot to carry the 2 or whatever – and the _new_ date for doomsday is now a few years hence.

Rather than be dismissed as a discredited huckster, the faithful are encouraged, and believe the new prediction with even more certainty!

We see this with Trump’s deluded worshipers. We see it with Mystic N_eg’s continual revising of the New Date when mass starvation (or whatever) is going to cull the masses. (Which doesn’t include Mystic N_eg, of course, because …. err…. he’s too smart to believe in this … erm.. fake thing which is going to kill huge numbers because… err.. [Ed: Straighten this out before publication, OK>]

Then we have the uber-conspiracy, tin-foiler Dave. He confidently predicts the virus will go away when Biden gets in! Just like his mates reckoned it would go away on November 5th. But wait – the fake measures against the non-existent virus will persist, yes… The virus is a fake, the measures are a fake, and Biden will take credit for actually doing nothing, but will continue to repress people… until.. until…

And then we have Null Node, who has never believed anything at all because it’s ALL a hoax, and the proof? It’s covered up so well no proof has been allowed to remain! What more proof do you want?

JHC! Where do these freaks come from? And what is this, nut-house central? Why are they allowed to post this gibberish here?