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SA – January 10, 2021 at 22:39
“Please for the sake of sanity can we try to discuss realities and try to move away from converting this conversation to another discussion about conspiracy theories.”

SA – January 11, 2021 at 07:58
“Of course we know they are CTT it is so obvious. Those who three now active here appear to be in a parallel universe and are not in touch with reality. But our trying to reason with them is giving them the opportunity to disseminate arguments that they get from OffGuardian and other conspiracy websites..
I am also aware that many of those conspiracy theorists overlap with climate change deniers, hiv deniers and antivaxxers but really don’t think this belongs here.”

Ha ha. You can’t stop talking about conspiracy theories! Even though the phrase is gobbledygook, you need it to dismiss opinions which challenge your own. Deep down, you know that there is something seriously wrong with the covid narrative you embrace, but your cognitive dissonance is resolved with those two words. Below the threshold of your consciousness, a little voice is whispering “Just call them ‘nutters’ and you can ignore those uncomfortable questions.”

Why is the phrase gobbledygook? Because you (plural) don’t know what it means! Elsewhere on this site there is an entire thread where you tie yourselves in knots trying not to define a conspiracy theorist as “Someone who believes different conspiracies to me.” Yet despite this you’ve used it hundreds of times on this thread alone. You use the term as though it empowers your arguments but to a neutral observer, it signals the opposite.

Of course, you won’t accept any of this, such is the nature of cognitive dissonance. However luckily for you there is any easy way to prove me wrong: define “conspiracy theorist” in a way that doesn’t include yourself 🙂