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Managing expectations, but we’re being told the London Mayoral elections are in doubt, and if so all other elections too, which would mean elections cancelled for over 14 months, due to a virus, which would make a mockery of the struggle to achieve the sacred vote, but after banning Remembrance Sunday and Christmas, I suppose nothing’s sacred anymore, to the virus terrorists.

However they are scheduled to happen and councils are being funded by the GLA (London councils help fund GLA with a tax and get some back) to close polling stations and locate them elsewhere. I’m not sure whether the idea is the Mayor’s, Government or Unions, but its being done ‘under cover of the virus’, and will result in a big increase in postal voting, which will be promoted by councils due to the long distance many residents will have to walk to the new polling stations, some in isolated areas, across busy roads in areas with little parking.

One claim is due to the schools being disrupted for so long, the authorities (those responsible for the disruption) want to avoid closing schools for another day in May, but the schools are used due to their central location, as there is a legal requirement for polling stations to be within easy walking distance for residents.

Its meant to be a temporary measure, but once polling stations have been removed from schools (mostly to their delight) it may prove difficult to put them back.

However I think the main reason is to promote postal voting, rather than traditional ballot box voting on the day, which like cashless society is promoted as part of the Great Reset, and is conveniently open to fraud and worse still the GLA use voting machines!