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“Putting aside our differing opinions on covid, do you agree that this video portrays a real process by which authority implements and enforces its agenda?”

I’d rather state a real process by which some authority CAN (and has in the past) implement and enforce it’s agenda but in general I agree with a concept that video is trying to portray albeit lacking subtlety. I would however say that Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s “Brave New World” explore the same concept in a much more eloquent and nuanced way. That video says nothing new. That authority can slide into dictatorship isn’t a new observation. Also, to be clear, I don’t think it applies to the current pandemic narrative.

“ET, I think you are taking the video too literally”
“This video (suggested by the excellent Off-Guardian) exactly sums up my feelings about the covid-19 narrative.”

My reply was “half jokng, half in earnest” Node. As I am sure you realise I was deliberately being a little facetious.

I used to read off-guardian and they were reasonably good in some of their social commentary. I had to stop reading them because of the singular focus on trying to prove the pandemic a hoax. I try to read from across the spectrum but I gave up on them. They use the very same MSM techniques of commission and omission to, in my view, dishonestly make an argument. They are agenda driven and that drove me away.

Node, I don’t think you will get much disagreement from most here in regard to what you say in the main paragraph of your post at 14.26. Indeed that is why most will be reading Craig’s posts because he very often speaks to that and highlights the absurdities and abuse of power and the often pathetic MSM coverage. Such things are happening. That such is so however doesn’t rule out that a real and devastating pandemic is happening at the same time. Both things can co-exist. The majority of readers and posters here I suspect are very questioning of authority and very suspicious of authority and are concerned with the direction things are moving.