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“Agreed, there are many many things that need to be considered. But morbidity is very much harder to evaluate though as I’m sure you know.”

Sorry your assumption is wrong, I do know. I meant morbidity from the virus, when someone is admitted gasping for breath with a typical CT scan and clinical picture with a low oxygen saturation and perhaps needing ventilation; that is morbidity related to the virus – it is a very clear clinical picture. All those people admitted to hospitals all over the country and around the world are admitted because they have an illness called covid-19 whatever else they have; they would otherwise not be admitted in those huge numbers.

“Where it has been attempted there are difficulties, participants have often had at least one co-morbidity already, there is a range and variation in the severity of co-morbidities, there is some difficulty in connecting a given co-morbidity directly to covid-19 etc etc.”

Steph I am sorry to say but I think we are talking about different things here. The hospitals are full and those in hospital with covid-19 related admission are over 30,000 – an unprecedented figure.