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Further to my last note, Clark – consider that these denialists are not just getting mixed messages and aren’t sure what to think. They actively look for disinformation and promote it. Having had numerous false claims shot down, which obviously takes far more work than promoting their nonsense did in the first place, they don’t pause for thought. They never admit it was wrong. No – they just look for more, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

This is what happened as Squonk’s. When Null Node took a break from disparaging the intelligence and mental health of people who disagreed with him, he challenged Squonk time and again with every bit of pseudo-science and denialist propaganda he could get his slippery hands on. Every single claim Null Node made was comprehensively debunked by Squonk with solid references, but it made no difference. NN had started out with a presumption which never changed in the slightest. In the end, Squonk couldn’t take it anymore and called NN out as being “a fucking psychopath” before shutting down that site altogether. And Null Node would do the same here if he got the chance.

Perhaps John Major was right when he said at times, one needs to condemn a little more and understand a little less. These freaks, denialists, contrarians – they are costing lives for nothing more than their own amusement and self indulgence.