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N_’s link is to an article at Hebrides News .com. If you go to the home page, you will find that the outbreak on Barra has a history, dating back to at least 7 Jan 2021. I have included a headline about bird flu to avoid being accused of bias by covid denial conspiracy theorists.

  • New Covid case reported in Western Isles
  • Local Covid cases retested
  • Health board boss addresses Covid-19 rumours
  • Three Western Isles coronavirus patients in hospital
  • Covid cluster confirmed on Barra as third resident contracts the virus
  • St Brendan’s Hospital and Care Home closed to visiting in bid to prevent Covid-19 spreading on Barra
  • ‘Covid-19 death in Western Isles’ reported in error
  • Over 1500 islanders vaccinated against Covid-19 so far
  • “Stay at home” appeal as eight more islanders test positive with coronavirus
  • Barra sports centre closed in response to virus outbreak on island
  • Bird flu found in Western Isles swan
  • Nearly 90 people isolating in Barra virus outbreak
  • Barra covid swab test results delayed
  • Shopping advice during the Barra outbreak
  • Covid testing of close contacts starts on Barra in bid to stem outbreak
  • Islanders caught flouting Covid rules
  • “Escalating and serious situation” as 27 people infected with Covid-19 on Barra within just five days