Gaza Genocide Promoter Baroness Cox – Dundee University Must Withdraw Honorary Degree

by craig on July 31, 2014 6:26 pm in Uncategorized

Baroness Cox is a prominent supporter of organisations which actively and openly promote the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from Gaza. She was incredibly given an Honorary Degree by the University of Dundee in 2006. I call on the students and academic staff of Dundee University to campaign to have this award stripped from her.

It is a matter of shame to me that my University has honoured a woman whose primary political activity is as a promoter of genocide.

Baroness Cox’s support for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is persistent and consistent. She is the deputy head of the Presidium of the Jerusalem Summit, an organisation which states that:

“The establishment of a Palestinian state must be removed from the political agenda”

The Jerusalem Summit calls for the deportation of all Palestinians from Gaza.

This is not an accidental association of Baroness Cox. She also is a key member of the Israeli Institute of Strategic Studies, which also calls prominently for the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from Gaza:

“The only durable solution requires dismantling Gaza, humanitarian relocation of the non-belligerent Arab population, and extension of Israeli sovereignty over the region.”

This is not an issue of freedom of speech. Genocide is in process in Gaza today. To support genocide is not a legitimate academic position within the realm of free debate. Dundee University must end its honouring of Baroness Cox, or be seen as endorsing the legitimacy of her views, which all decent people find obnoxious.

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  1. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    31 Jul, 2014 - 6:50 pm

    It’s clear that ethnic cleansing is not something to be encouraged or supported in any way – in general.

    However, in this particular case : provided the West Bank’s territorial integrity were to be restored (give or take some minor adjustments of the 1967 frontier) and the West Bank were to form a independent Palestinian state, and provided that adequate financial assistance were given, then there might be something in the idea of the inhabitants of Gaza being relocated to that independent Palestinian state and Gaza itself being given to Israel.

    If nothing else, this would solve the problems inherent in an independent state of Palestine consisting of two non-contiguous parts (the restored West Bank and Gaza). The history of quasi-enclaves is not an encouraging one from at least the economic and developmental angle, even in the case of reasonably friendly neighbours (eg, the examples of Danzig between the wars and Kaliningrad today).

    Of course I’m not claiming that any of the above would be acceptable to Israel (or the Palestinians for that matter)* – but such a scenario does perhaps serve to show that the portmanteau term “ethnic cleansing” might not necessarily always have entirely negative connotations and outcomes.

    {* nor that Baroness Cox’s ideas are based on any such scenario}

  2. Long live Israeli Hasbara (propaganda)

    This week, British newspaper The Telegraph reported that Hamas is purchasing rockets from North Korea to make-up its depleting stocks of arms for the expected long war with the Jewish army.

    “North Korea is an obvious place to seek supplies because Pyongyang already has close ties with a number of militant Islamist groups in the Middle East,” claimed the paper. One wonders why Hamas has abundant its next-door allies, Hizbullah, Syria and Iran which had been accused of arming and training Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters for a decade by Israel and Jewish lobby groups.

    In April 2014, Israel’s military propaganda website DEBKAfile claimed the CIA was having secret meetings with Hizbullah officials, which was a try to give an impression that even the “Israeli poodles” in Washington could be ready to provide arms to Hizbullah and Hamas to fight the Jewish army.

    On July 30, 2014, The Jerusalem Post claimed that Hamas leader No.2, Cairo-based Moussa Abu Marzouk invited Hizbullah to join the fight against Israel by opening a new front along Lebanon-Israel border. The ‘six million’ question is why Hamas leader would ask foreign military help when it is winning the war on several fronts.

  3. Baroness Cox should be stripped of her Honorary Degree for advocating ethnic cleansing and justifying grave war crimes i.e, the transfer of citizens of the occupying state into the occupied Palestinian Territories in breach of article 49.6 of the Geneva Conventions also now incorporated in UK Law with the ICC act 2001. On the present course Israel is embarked on Ex Ambassador Michael Oran said, “Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas” In my opinion this cannot be done, it is a physical impossibility. Of course its the proliferating rocket fire of the qassams which are increasing in range and lethality, and can never be stopped, simply because
    1/ They are so simple to make, just a length of common metal pipe with fins spot welded on, fuel a combination of potassium nitrate [fertilizer] and sugar, the equipment to manufacture them can be found in any simple garage or workshop. A reporter from Spiegel online visited one of these workshops in Gaza and found just a few individuals could turn out 100 rockets in one shift. Yes Hamas have fired over 2000 rockets so far and only succeeded in blowing up the desert. But if they moved their workshops and manufacturing facilities or just their rockets to anywhere around the Metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, in other words 10 miles north, south, east or west of Ben Gurion airport, most rockets with a flight time of several seconds could directly impact the airport and be impossible to stop. Bang goes the Israeli economy including the tourist industry, the same could be said for refineries and other strategic locations. In 4GW warfare low tech can beat high tech anytime, just ask the US. In Iraq they spent billions trying to combat IED’s. University Departments were given huge contracts and came up with all kinds of exotic solutions, some did work, for instance by triggering a premature explosion, the insurgents simply started using commercial fertilizer and set the explosion off with a piece of string, game over. Margaret Weiss at the Washington Institute did an interesting article on the qassam rocket here.

  4. nevermind, it will happen anyway

    31 Jul, 2014 - 7:43 pm

    This from the world bulletin, anm opinion piece about Turkey’s deteriorating relationship with israel.

  5. doug scorgie

    31 Jul, 2014 - 7:49 pm

    Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !
    31 Jul, 2014 – 6:50 pm

    “It’s clear that ethnic cleansing is not something to be encouraged or supported in any way – in general.”

    “However, in this particular case…”


    Habbabkuk supports the ethnic cleansing of Gazans. This from a “man” that lied when he said he was not a Zionist.


    “…there might be something in the idea of the inhabitants of Gaza being relocated to that independent Palestinian state and Gaza itself being given to Israel.”


    So the Gaza population 1.8 million to be sent to what will be left of the West Bank when the Zionists decide which bits to keep and which bits can be “given” to the Palestinians.


    “Of course I’m not claiming that any of the above would be acceptable to Israel…”


    But it would be acceptable to Israel, wouldn’t it, because that was the Zionist intention all along?


    Where will the West Bank Palestinians go (together with the newly introduced Gazans) when the Zionists decide to do a “humanitarian relocation” when they Annex the West Bank as is their aim?

    You have previously hinted at Jordon I remember Habbabkuk.

  6. The British Nationalist Labour Party, Northern Branch, is a fully paid up member of the Israel Party.
    Ask Jim Murphy MP where he stands on this issue.

  7. Dissent is breaking out in the Tory partei over Gaza. Margot James who was PPS to Hague and Lady Warsi are voicing concerns.

    Tonight Jon Snow had a challenging interview with the fervent Zionist Alistair Burt, ex MENA FCO on this subject. Birt calls himself a Christian yet last year was suggesting the same terrible death for Assad that was enacted on Gaddafi. Nice type. CFoI of course.

    ‘But Burt – a close ally of the foreign secretary, William Hague – revealed his deep anger at the failure of MPs in August to back the principle of military action. “We have put ourselves in a constitutional mess this way. I think government needs to take executive action in foreign affairs. It informs parliament. If parliament does not ultimately go for it, then the issue becomes a vote of confidence issue. I don’t think you can handle foreign affairs by having to try to convince 326 people [a majority of MPs] each time you need to take a difficult decision. You do it and if they don’t like it, they can vote you out and they can have a general election.”

    Burt insisted the British government “knew exactly what would happen if there was not a strike against Assad over chemical weapons. He goes on. And the only thing that would deflect this man and this regime is if they fear they are going to end up in a storm drain with a bayonet up their backside. If they don’t fear that, they will go on killing as many people as they need to stay in power.”‘

  8. Total crap in the first comment. No mention of the settlement building. A two state solution is some distorted pipe dream.

    This is the reality of the so-called West Bank.

  9. Craig’s comments have been so sharp and absolutely spot on.

    It’s amazing that on this site we only seem to have one hasbara!!

    Can you please sign the petition to remove the Israeli Embassador here in London?

  10. I read the page that Craig linked to:

    “Humanitarian Regional Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

    What a blatantly racist, deceptive document. I’ll say no more, read it yourselves. let them see the page hits from this blog.

    “Relocation and resettlement”. The initial claim of fascists over and over again.

  11. There should be a mechanism of disapproval and horror at the zioglitterati through penalising them to make these understand that; we the people no longer are prepared to put up with the aggressive genocide, land theft and inhumanity of the zionist scum. That is despite our supine bought and paid for selected political leadership.

    Those individuals who are lending their support to the most aggressive, expansionist Jewish supremacists, should understand their actions have consequences and not the positive strokes from the various zionist scum support lobbies that has so far been so customary.

    Enough of the blanket lies and shameful headlines;

    Outrage as Muslim mayor of Tower Hamlets orders the Palestinian flag to fly over town hall ‘in solidarity with Gaza’

    Tower Hamlets’s Muslim mayor Lutfur Rahman sparked a storm of protest tonight after raising the Palestinian flag over the town hall ‘in solidarity with Gaza’.

    Barely 24 hours after it emerged Mr Rahman is to face trial over claims he committed widespread voting fraud, he ordered the flag to fly ‘in support of a ceasefire and peace’.

    Jewish leaders condemned the move as ‘destructive’ for community relations as local residents said the council should concentrate on ‘potholes and bins’ and not international conflicts.

    The zionist fascist have contracted out their supremacist hatred of all things Arab and Muslim. Whilst the zionist scum are tearing and mangling their way through the living flesh of undernourished Palestinian women and children, their contracted out gauleiters are busy attacking anyone who sides with their victims the Palestinians. Reading the comments and the phony ratings, it is obvious the outrage has everything to do with Muslims and nothing to do with the unfolding genocide as seen on tv. sickeningly shameful, this is in line with encouraging and aiding genocide!

  12. Facists always promise the same thing; “We should pay them to go away”:

    “Generous relocation grants to Palestinians living in Israeli administered territories”

    But they’re never going to pay because they consider the “other” subhuman, unworthy of being heard, let alone paid:

    “they [Palestinians] are in effect both unwilling and incapable of achieving and maintaining statehood”

    “the de-legitimization of the Palestinian narrative becomes a vital prerequisite”

  13. Extraordinary that a nurse and a daughter of a doctor could harbour such views.,_Baroness_Cox

    She founded the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust.

    She does not declare her association with the IISS in her HoL register.
    ‘She also is a key member of the Israeli Institute of Strategic Studies, which also calls prominently for the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from Gaza’. I think she should. It is highly relevant.

    A hypocrite. She displays partiality in her ‘caring’. A weird one.

  14. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    31 Jul, 2014 - 9:49 pm

    Mr Scorgie

    I think you need to read my comment more carefully.

  15. Fascist offers of “Generous donations for relocation and resettlement” actually lead to extermination camps.

  16. I had to work for my Dundee degree, not so long before Cox was given one free. Bah. Still, at least they didn’t make her a doc. Mad auld bat, infected by Zionism through the tried and tested medium of hyperchristianity. I doubt she realises that she’d be a second-class citizen in the Promised Land.

  17. 440,000 Gazans Displaced As Israel Boosts Troops

    The UN warns that Gaza is the edge of a “precipice,” with hundreds of thousands of people facing “dire conditions” in UN shelters.

    The horror of it is unimaginable.

    Food, water, electricity (the power station destroyed), the lack of a sewage system and medical supplies are all lacking.

  18. Habbabkuk, you’ve been criticising commenters as misusing the word “fascist” when they describe the UK; do you regard “fascist” as a fair description of that document?

  19. Fascist offers of “Generous donations for relocation and resettlement” actually lead to extermination camps.

    These days the fascists have cut out the middleman and are directly engaging in extermination. As in Gaza, the water systems has been hit, and almost all of Gaza has no potable water (80 percent), the hospitals have been hit, and now the hospital is a tent, the sewerage system has been hit and in the heat of the summer, along with mangled and minced remains. This situation is setting the scene for a pandemic of water born diseases.

    The zionist scum are inveterate liars and manipulators, what they say and what they do, has no correlation, and in fact it is designed to mask their expansionist policies and intent, all the while fooling the goyim cattle.

    Note the declarations;

    … strongly suggest that persisting with attempts to attain a political solution on the basis the conventional paradigm are at best futile – and at worse harmful. Accordingly, alternative modes of resolution must be pursued.

    But then it goes on;

    driven less by lack of Palestinian self determination and more by the very the existence of Jewish self determination; less by the aspiration to establish a Palestinian state and more by the aspiration to dismantle a Jewish state.

    Followed by:

    desire for Palestinian self determination and the aspiration for Palestinian statehood – cannot be reconciled with the history of Palestinian behavior, this narrative also must be branded as devoid of any legitimacy.

    Ending with;

    Thus, the de-legitimization of the Palestinian narrative becomes a vital prerequisite to any comprehensive resolution of the Palestinian issue.

    Ergo it is the right of the zionist scum, to extirpate the Palestinians, root and branch, on their way to the next war; in constituting Ertz zionistan.

  20. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    31 Jul, 2014 - 10:15 pm


    To be completely accurate, Clark, what I’ve been doing recently is asking Craig whether he believes – as many on here claim – that the UK either is already a fascist state or on the way to rapidly becoming one.

    As for your question: I fear that this reply will not satisfy you, but I would hesitate no less before calling a document fascist than I would before calling a state fascist.

  21. Well said Craig

    i should hope any Dundee Protests wind up at the University’s Front Door…

    Here PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi..tell it like the world is seeing ( but of course NOT From the bbc ) –

    PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi: ‘Deliberate Massacre’ in Gaza

    And Much more Arms just waiting to be delivered…Sick B’s –

    Obama rushes arms to “best friend” Israel so it can keep slaughtering civilians in Gaza

  22. Habbabkuk, OK; is there anything you’d call fascist?

  23. @Habby 6:50pm

    Hmmm …. what happens to the gas field off the coast of Gaza then?

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that around half the gas reserves along the Gaza-Israel coastline belong to Palestine.

  24. Mary

    Some more on the Displaced Gazan souls –

    Commissioner General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) told members of the UN Security Council that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza has surpassed United Nations capabilities for emergency shelter and services and is NOW THE RESPONSIBILITY of the Israel army.

    “I feel we are facing a precedent,” Krahenbuhl continued, warning the Security Council that Gaza “will become unlivable in a mater of years unless urgent steps are taken.” He concluded that the humanitarian crisis has now “exceeded” UNRWA’s reach and “immediate steps” must be taken to address root issues, not limited to Israel’s security and lifting the blockade across the besieged Gaza Strip. He stressed accountability from Israel as the occupying power to provide dire relief, as UNRWA has exhausted all of its means of caring for nearly a quarter million refugees.

  25. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    31 Jul, 2014 - 10:51 pm


    “Hmmm …. what happens to the gas field off the coast of Gaza then?”

    That’s a fair point. In the scenario I set out, ideally a proportion of the revenue arising would accrue to the Palestinian state.

    Look, the issue you mention would certainly only be one of (probably) hundreds of issues needing to be resolved. But don’t forget that the main point of my comment was to suggest that what you’d call an “ethnic cleansing” would not necessarily be entirely negative in all situations (pls refer back to my original comment)

  26. Mercifully a 72 humanitarian unconditional ceasefire has been agreed commencing 8am local time tomorrow.

  27. S/be ….72 hour ……

  28. Habbabkuk, look long and hard into yourself. I believe your soul may be in danger.

  29. Habbabkuk, I’m not joking; this, from your 10:51 comment, is the most revealing thing you’ve posted on this site:

    “Look, the issue you mention would certainly only be one of (probably) hundreds of issues needing to be resolved. But don’t forget… “

    It’s the first thing you’ve posted with genuine emotion behind it. Your ambition and optimism shine through. You really think you can do this, “move” the Gazans elsewhere, and the value of that gas can make it possible. You personally probably wouldn’t benefit much in any direct material way; prestige and professional pride, maybe.

    But you’ll be trying to do deals with fascists – No, do not hesitate; name it when you see it. The Gazans would never reach their promised land, and your reputation would be ruined.

    Habbabkuk, have you prayed on this matter?

  30. Habbabkuk, look long and hard into yourself. I believe your soul may be in danger.

    I really love your optimism, do you really believe this specimen has ever had a soul? What you don’t have you never miss mate.

    Just a glance through the records of it pusillanimous support of the murderous zionist scum, proves, it is fully aware of the implications of the evil (unlike a skinhead troglodyte barely able to count to ten) fascist creed of zionism, yet steadfastly wriggles in every turn and corner to reiterate it support through various techniques be it rabbinical allegories, to zersetzung, what matters to it; is to stem the tide of awareness and revulsion of the zionist scum that is on the rise and intent to fool the goyiem cattle back to where they were at, blissfully ignorant and unaware and incapable to discern their political elbow from their butt.

  31. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    1 Aug, 2014 - 12:27 am

    Total Palestinian dead after current Israeli War Games 815– Cast Lead 551

    I see where they are going.

  32. Baa! Humbug and Baroness Handbag seem to be on the same message. ISIS and IDF seem to be on the same message. Target everybody.

    Once you have removed the individual right of privacy, and listened to derogatory things said about you in that privacy, it’s very easy to conclude that your enemies are about to overwhelm you.

    Whoever is dirty enough to try to spy on the privacy of others, is definitely going to have to eat shit. The sin of spying degrades everyone who engages in it. It makes them feel indignant to hear insults that were uttered in private, as private solace between victims.

    This thread of hatred which leads to support for reprisals will continue to grow even to the extent of murder and genocide, so long as those in power use spying as a tool of control. Like all sins it poisons the individual’s own soul.

    That poison soon burns the mind into psychosis. Thinks: “I have evidence that these evil swine have been plotting in secret against us. I have documented evidence!!!”

    What is psychosis? When you are mad but you don’t know it.
    such as South African Apartheid, or Israeli apartheid.

    Islam is submission to God, but the psychosis of genocide comes from a desire for control over destiny combined with the means of achieving it, intelligence and weaponry.

    There is a place for lost souls, hell, a place for those whose desire for control was a sign of their refusal to submit to God.

    Baroness Cox, an honoured peer of the UK, calling for genocide of an oppressed people on the edge of survival, is a symptom of the social and moral wreckage of Thatcherism. It is the logical result of Thatcher’s desire to extinguish socialism and the principle of caring for other-than-the self.

    It is pitiful to witness those who bought into this morally-spineless message declining into rambling psychosis, but there it is, Thatcher’s legacy of hate.

  33. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    1 Aug, 2014 - 12:46 am

    Zionism is racism. Could it be fascist? Could those who succor Zionism be racist; fascist?

    If Zionism is fascism, then the UK/US untethered support for Israel/Zionism is fascist.

    The General Assembly,

    Recalling its resolution 1904 (XVIII) of 20 November 1963, proclaiming the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, and in particular its affirmation that “any doctrine of racial differentiation or superiority is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous” and its expression of alarm at “the manifestations of racial discrimination still in evidence in some areas in the world, some of which are imposed by certain Governments by means of legislative, administrative or other measures”,

    Recalling also that, in its resolution 3151 G (XXVIII) of 14 December 1973, the General Assembly condemned, inter alia, the unholy alliance between South African racism and zionism,

    Taking note of the Declaration of Mexico on the Equality of Women and Their Contribution to Development and Peace 1975, proclaimed by the World Conference of the International Women’s Year, held at Mexico City from 19 June to 2 July 1975, which promulgated the principle that “international co-operation and peace require the achievement of national liberation and independence, the elimination of colonialism and neo-colonialism, foreign occupation, zionism, apartheid and racial discrimination in all its forms, as well as the recognition of the dignity of peoples and their right to self-determination”,

    Taking note also of resolution 77 (XII) adopted by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity at its twelfth ordinary session, held at Kampala from 28 July to 1 August 1975, which considered “that the racist regime in occupied Palestine and the racist regime in Zimbabwe and South Africa have a common imperialist origin, forming a whole and having the same racist structure and being organically linked in their policy aimed at repression of the dignity and integrity of the human being”,

    Taking note also of the Political Declaration and Strategy to Strengthen International Peace and Security and to Intensify Solidarity and Mutual Assistance among Non-Aligned Countries, adopted at the Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Non-Aligned Countries held at Lima from 25 to 30 August 1975, which most severely condemned zionism as a threat to world peace and security and called upon all countries to oppose this racist and imperialist ideology,

    Determines that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.

  34. girl's so knackered she farts dust, let's do the kind thing

    1 Aug, 2014 - 1:07 am

    This is a common problem, washed-up celebrities duped to defend the indefensible. The traditional remedy for her ilk is the Ezra Pound gambit – when the war breaks out, put her in a loony bin. Or in her case, perhaps a locked dementia ward in some nursing home.

    What’s that – war won’t break out? Don’t be silly, of course it will. Bibi and his genocidaires wouldn’t think twice about starting a nuclear war. When you’re implicated in serious crimes of concern to the international community, armageddon’s just what the doctor ordered. Escalating confrontation and mobilization lets officials suppress rule of law at home. What does Bibi care? He’ll be emerging from the hollow mountain in Virginia when it’s over. It’s you who’ll be a shadow on a chunk of concrete. That’s all quite traditional too. When South Africa hit the wall, the white supremacists pursued that option, with Israel’s enthusiastic help.

  35. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    1 Aug, 2014 - 1:46 am

    Perception is reality. And as we all agree on some fractures of reality (I sometimes wonder how we seem all to agree the sky is blue) there are those specially colored cray-ons we employ to shape the world as we see it. Sometimes we’re successful by accident. We chose the color someone else chose for that hyacinth blue! Synchronicity! That’s addicting. To be in rhythm with those around us is a common and not altogether negative attraction. But like all good things used in excess, sometimes have bad results. That’s why we have so many argumentarians like me, seeking to disrupt the harmony to get a different result

    But back to the point; We all have different perceptions of the same observed event (witnesses to a crime) and they seem to suggest
    that we actively seek to perceive events accurately, but often that perception is abetted by the need to be part of the group, and thusly influences not just the investigation, or lack therof , but in reality THE OUTCOME HAS BEEN CHANGED BY YOU.

    Of course it doesn’t matter if you take no action, or you take action. Either way, you have influenced, or shaped history.

  36. There is no ideology.

    They are all arse bandits straight out of Eton…aint ye heard??

    Poofters of the highest order-taking orders off Savile,or somesuch.


    Few weird posts of late Craig….you been turned or squeezed or whatya Craig???

  37. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    1 Aug, 2014 - 2:17 am

    Take action, or inaction. Its’ still a choice.


  39. I’m not much interested in “Islamophobe” like Baroness Cox. She told Israeli audience in April 2004: “Islam is using democracy to destroy it”. If had studied the democratic process in Iran from some objective source, she would have found out that Iranian “democracy” is far better than Israeli “democracy”.

    Well, Israelis have Baroness Cox – and Palestinians have Baroness Tonge.

  40. Habba,
    Listen to this man, THE MAN

  41. The mad men of The Kirya* in Tel Aviv and their Hannibal Directive.

    Kill, kill, kill, even their own soldiers if it comes to that.

    Israel Murders IDF Soldier to Prevent His Capture

    About which Gilad writes:

    ‘Silverstein writes, “The Hannibal Directive embraces a fascist perspective in which the individual is subsumed within the mass. He has no specific individual value unless he is serving the interest of the nation. And his interests may, when necessary be sacrificed to the greater good.” Silverstein is addressing the issue from an ethical perspective within the spirit of enlightenment. But Zionism and Jewish nationalism are inherently anti-enlightenment ideologies. Zionism denotes the birth of the ‘Jewish people,’ the idea that every Jew is an integral part of a larger collective with clear tribal interests that outweigh the individual. Accordingly, in an extreme situation, the interests of the tribe are far more important than the individual rights. The Hannibal Directive is a glimpse into the depth of the Jewish collective bond and tribal commitment. It exposes the level of commitment and sacrifice expected of tribal members.

    Silverstein identifies the directive as fascist, but he should remember that Zionism predates Fascism and unlike Fascism that was largely defeated, Zionism has so far prevailed.’

    Whilst there, have a look and listen to his new YT which launches his album Songs of the Metropolis. A rounded man with humanity and love for his fellow man in his heart.


  42. ex Medialens.

    Palestine flag flies over Scots town in support of the suffering people of Gaza
    Posted by John Hilley on August 1, 2014, 12:39 am

    Bravo, West Dunbartonshire Council:

  43. I see a war criminal or two in the list (Robertson), a warmonger’s PR (Andrew Marr), a stenographer to power (Simpson), some decent people too but I do not see Craig Murray’s name there. Why is that?

    Lord Cullen is there. He with four others dismissed the appeal of Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi PBUH.

  44. Stating the obvious here.

    Why Obama’s Hands Are Tied Over Gaza
    While the US is undoubtedly watching the rising civilian death toll with concern, it will never withdraw its support for Israel.

    The US and Israel had better remember that what goes around, comes around.

  45. So Genocide is acceptable in Iraq as long as it is by Muslims to Christians but is unacceptable in Palestine if it is by Jews to Muslims? Does this mean that if Christians around the world were to stand up for themselves as does Israel they would be worthy of scorn too?

  46. What a twisted argument. We are ALL humans. No killing of another is acceptable.

    There are Christians in Gaza and the remnants of Palestine.

    Gaza’s Christians bury their first casualty of the war
    By John Davison | AFP – Sun, Jul 27, 2014.

    Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – Jalila Ayyad’s widower George still had a black eye and bloodstains on his shirt as he processed ahead of her coffin, hours after the air strike that destroyed their home.

    Jalila, 60, was the first Christian casualty of a bloody Gaza war.
    Dwindling Christian community –

    A relative, George Ayyad, agreed wholeheartedly. He dismissed the idea that Jalila’s death would force more of the already dwindling Christian population out of Gaza.

    “If we leave, that’s exactly what the Israelis want. Anyway, where are we supposed to go? This is my homeland,” he said.

    “We Christians have been in Gaza for more than 1,000 years, and we’re staying.”

    Her nephew Fuad was not so sure.

    “Things like this make me want to just get out of here,” he said.

    Gaza’s Christians have dwindled in number to around 1,500, most of them Greek Orthodox, out of a predominantly Sunni Muslim population of 1.7 million in the densely packed enclave.

    The Christian community in Gaza City, like its counterparts elsewhere in the Middle East, has been shrinking because of both conflict and unemployment.

    The ancient Mediterranean seafront city once had a thriving Christian community, especially under British-mandated Palestine that ended in 1948 with the creation of the Jewish state.

    She is also survived by two sons, but one could not be at her funeral because he is in hospital with serious wounds suffered in Sunday afternoon’s Israeli strike.


  47. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    1 Aug, 2014 - 8:37 am

    Good question.

    Incidentally, two wrongs don’t make a right. And much of the horror inflicted by Islamist bigots on their neighbours (no different in kind or degree from the last three weeks in Gaza) has its direct origins in Western interference in the region – which, you will recall involved the very, very Christian Bush and Blair being told by God to wreck Iraq on false pretences. Standing up for themselves, as they would say.

    You may find more talking points in Hasbara 101, Lecture #4, next week.

  48. Israel have already broken the ceasefire in the south of Gaza.

    4 killed.

    Same old. Same old.

  49. “So Genocide is acceptable in Iraq as long as it is by Muslims to Christians…”

    I don’t recall anyone saying that, who has voiced that opinion?

    I thought consensus was that ISIS is part of the USA/Israel/Saudi Axis of Evil.

  50. doug scorgie

    1 Aug, 2014 - 9:39 am

    Ask Jim Murphy MP where he stands on this issue.

    “Looking at this crisis most sensible people know that Israel, like all democratic nations, has a right to self-defence and should never have to live with persistent, daily rocket attacks aimed at random and mass killings of civilians. As Barack Obama has said, the path to the end of this conflict begins when the rockets from Gaza cease. Those who are most critical of Israel should ask how our country or any democracy would respond to regular rocket fire.”

  51. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    1 Aug, 2014 - 9:47 am

    Have to wonder how Murphy would feel if the government rounded up hundreds of members of the (terrorist) Labour Party on the basis of no evidence, following an unsolved murder of three Tory kids? Wonder how he’d feel if the Tories nicked his house and gave it to an Old Etonian?
    A little irritated, maybe? Would that irritation increase or decrease after forty years of exactly the same shit, without legal redress?

    Think he’d be reaching for the steel pipe and the weedkiller, personally…

  52. Ba’al

    “Have to wonder how Murphy would feel if the government rounded up hundreds of members of the (terrorist) Labour Party on the basis of no evidence”

    That’s a simple one. He would be offering to turn informant, and if that didn’t work looking for a position as a camp guard.

  53. Gaza. Gaza. Don’t you cry. We will never let you die.


    Just look at these photos.

  54. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    1 Aug, 2014 - 10:47 am

    Yeah, sorry, Craig. You’re quite right. Must stop seeing the nonexistent good in people.


  55. Is ISIS (ISIL) likely to become an actor in the Israeli/Palestine conflict or do you think they will concentrate on consolidating their efforts on establishing a stronghold in Iraq?

  56. Would Craig Murray trust Britain’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch to tell the truth…because those Flight Recorders may well reveal even more compelling evidence. I think I probably would – if they are allowed to – even considering what happened to David Kelly.

    I take Veterans Today with a pinch of salt – cos some of the stuff on there is blatant nonsense…but some of it is true…

    Evidence can of course be fabricated…but this high definition photograph (which even that could have been faked) is rather revealing….as well as the detailed analysis.

    Proves nothing of course – and the propaganda is overwhelming…but take a look at this. Obviously no direct connection to Baroness Cox – and the rest of this insanity – but the timing and history – and coincidences are getting rather compelling…and in the overall scheme of things – we should examine the crime scene forensically, as well as examining the motivations of the various suspects.

    “Germans Say MH17 Shot Down by Ukie Migs”



    On the fourth anniversary of the 2010 attack, families of Mavi Marmara victims are taking steps to call Israel to account at the International Criminal Court
    Elif Merve Yediyıldız

    Published : 30.05.2014

  58. Israel-Hamas ceasefire collapses
    Israeli military tells people in Gaza it is resuming operations, as a ceasefire with Hamas crumbles amid reports of at least 27 Palestinian dead.

  59. doug scorgie

    1 Aug, 2014 - 11:55 am

    1 Aug, 2014 – 7:45 am

    “So Genocide is acceptable in Iraq as long as it is by Muslims to Christians but is unacceptable in Palestine if it is by Jews to Muslims?”

    Genocide is not acceptable anywhere Jonny no matter who carries it out. I see you have a deficiency in the logic department, which is exacerbated by your obvious racism.


    “Does this mean that if Christians around the world were to stand up for themselves as does Israel they would be worthy of scorn too?”


    Israel is not, repeat, NOT standing up for itself. It is the Palestinians in Gaza that are standing up for themselves; Israel wants their land; do those in Gaza not have a right to fight back?

    Israel is a rouge state that was created through the Genocide of Palestinians. But this Zionist entity is not finished yet, as they still covet the lands of Gaza and the West Bank (Eretz Yisrael).

    Have a nice day

  60. there are probably thousands of journalists inside Israel, from all corners of the world.

    how come none have shown any major destruction of a single Israeli building from a Hamas rocket?

    Israel was bragging on 9 July “Israeli official: We’ve dropped 400 tonnes of bombs on Gaza” – see Middle East Monitor story. mid-July, i heard a figure of 2,000 tonnes of bombs & missiles dropped on Gaza. it is now 1 August (in Australia). Israel claims Hamas has fired approx 2,400 “rockets” at Israel. think about that as you watch the following:

    MIT Weapons expert, Theodore Postol, claims zero to five percent success rate for Iron Dome Interceptors – watch Part 1 link at Democracy Now:

    Part 2: Weapons Expert Theodore Postol Asks, Is Israel’s Iron Dome Really an Iron Sieve?
    AMY GOODMAN: Let me quote from Reuters, July 10th: “Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor has shot down some 90 percent of Palestinian rockets it engaged during this week’s surge of Gaza fighting, up from the 85 percent rate in the previous mini-war of 2012.” Professor Postol, your response?
    THEODORE POSTOL: Well, first of all, I am sorry to say that the press needs to engage in more due diligence on these matters. Where does this number come from? The number comes from an Israeli spokesperson. Now, if I give a number—and, incidentally, I have a long record of being correct on these matters—you don’t hear the press coming to me and asking me, do I believe that number is correct?…
    AMY GOODMAN: Let me quote from Reuters, July 10th: “Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor has shot down some 90 percent of Palestinian rockets it engaged during this week’s surge of Gaza fighting, up from the 85 percent rate in the previous mini-war of 2012.” Professor Postol, your response?
    THEODORE POSTOL: Well, first of all, I am sorry to say that the press needs to engage in more due diligence on these matters. Where does this number come from? The number comes from an Israeli spokesperson…
    THEODORE POSTOL: Well, one has to realize—you know, one has to know some simple technical facts. First of all, most artillery rockets are carrying warheads in the 10-to-20-pound range…
    AMY GOODMAN: Professor Postol, I’m looking at a Boston Globe piece on the Iron Dome and Raytheon being a key in the Israeli defense plan. And it says, “For Raytheon, the Israeli contracts—part of a ‘coproduction’ deal with Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems—present a potential financial windfall. Much of the work would be done at Raytheon’s Tucson, Ariz., missile systems plant, as well by subcontractors across the country.” Can you talk more about exactly what Raytheon does…READ ON

    from the first part of the interview:

    THEODORE POSTOL: Well, let me remind you that in the Gulf War of 1991, the interceptor rate of the Patriot missile defense over Israel and Saudi Arabia was reported as 96 percent, even higher. And we analyzed the information we obtained from television videos, and when we were finished, the general view among all—all—informed technical people was that the intercept rate of Patriot was probably zero…
    THEODORE POSTOL: I would not spend money on an interceptor that has a near-zero chance of intercepting an artillery rocket. The interceptor probably costs well in excess of $100,000 per interceptor, and it’s maybe achieving a 5 percent rate—maybe, could be lower—against rockets that maybe cost $1,000 each or $500 each.

    ON DEMOCRACY NOW, ALSO WATCH TWO-PART INTERVIEW WITH RABBI HENRY SIEGMAN, president of the U.S./Middle East Project, former executive director of the American Jewish Congress and former executive head of the Synagogue Council of America.

    PLUS click “MORE” at the bottom of the Israel/Palestine list of items to watch all video interviews with independent journalist, Sharif Abdel Kouddous, who is covering the war on Gaza for The Nation as well as Democracy Now, award-winning Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer, Palestinian student Amer Shurrab who is in the US & has lost family in two Israeli wars on Gaza (heart-breaking), etc.

    the so-called mainstream media is the problem. instead of Occupy Wall St., it should have been Occupy the MSM.

  61. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    1 Aug, 2014 - 12:11 pm

    Sorry, it’s him again. Or rather, it isn’t. Still a resonant silence from that other promoter of genocide in Gaza, Quartet Representative Tony Blair.

    I put this on the previous thread, but think it needs a wider public. Please delete the earlier one if this is an issue.

    UN Secretary General’s office doesn’t have a clue where Blair is…

    Yesterday’s noon Press briefing –

    Question: And one thing on Gaza, Tony Blair, I understand he represents the Quartet, but in previous instances, he’s been active on things like economic development; I know that now, with the power plant out, there’s no cell phone service, there’s a lot of problems, so I just wonder, what is Tony Blair doing and does he report to anyone in the Secretariat what he’s… he got an award recently from Israel that some people found was sort of badly timed. I’m just wondering what is his relationship to the UN?

    Spokesman: I think Tony Blair’s appointment remains the same, as an Envoy of the Quartet. I don’t’ have any update on his activities. If I do, I will share them with you. Rhonda?

    Correspondent: But what…

    Spokesman: Just wait two seconds. There are a lot of hands up. There’s a lot of time and we’ll come back to you, Masood.

    (He didn’t.)

    Unlike Massoud and the UN, I have an idea. His usual transport flew to Los Angeles, arriving on the 27th, and at the time of the briefing, was in Las Vegas. It returned to LA this morning and is still there.

    There is no press trace of him there or anywhere else, except for one US TV interview during his absence. This didn’t feature Gaza.

  62. Habba,

    What do you say have been the hallmarks or indicative features of fascist statse or more interestingly of ones on the way there?

  63. I feel that Jon Donnison is reporting from a position of understanding and some sympathy.

    See the newly born quads. Will they live to become toddlers, teenagers and adults?

    Will the captured soldier affect the attack or will the IDF use the Hannibal Directive and blow him up?

  64. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    1 Aug, 2014 - 12:35 pm


    “What do you say have been the hallmarks or indicative features of fascist statse”

    I vaguely recall that someone posted a link to an article or something similar which I thought contained an interesting “check list” on that.

    Perhaps another commenter might be able to point you towards that post (and therefore the link)?

  65. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    1 Aug, 2014 - 12:36 pm

  66. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    1 Aug, 2014 - 12:44 pm

    Apparently he’s been in the MidEast all this time.

    ” Mr. Blair has spent some two weeks in the region, between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Cairo.”

    Wondering who’s chartering G-CEYL now, then. Has he abandoned Blair Force One? Or is this highly misleading statement (he wasn’t anywhere near the MidEast last week) just more bollocks?

    Ho hum. No doubt I’ll catch up with him one day.

  67. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    1 Aug, 2014 - 12:53 pm


    “Habbabkuk, I’m not joking; this, from your 10:51 comment, is the most revealing thing you’ve posted on this site:

    “Look, the issue you mention would certainly only be one of (probably) hundreds of issues needing to be resolved. But don’t forget… “

    It’s the first thing you’ve posted with genuine emotion behind it. Your ambition and optimism shine through. You really think you can do this, “move” the Gazans elsewhere, and the value of that gas can make it possible. You personally probably wouldn’t benefit much in any direct material way; prestige and professional pride, maybe.

    But you’ll be trying to do deals with fascists – No, do not hesitate; name it when you see it. The Gazans would never reach their promised land, and your reputation would be ruined.”

    Clark, must I really have to go through it again?

    Read my original comment (and the follow-up, in response to a good question from someone) once more.

    To find in it emotion, ambition, thinking “I” can do something, prestige and professional pride and the idea of my “reputation” is to believe that what I wrote represented a Baldrick-style “cunning plan” or a concrete solution to the question of Gaza.

    It’s much simpler: having pointed out (with examples from the past at hand) that states comprising non-contiguous parts tend to function less well than geographically united states, I suggested that the portmanteau term “ethnic cleansing” (in this case, a transfer of populations in effect) need not necessarily denote a catastrophic and brutal scenario. (BTW it is in this sense that you need to see the off-shore gas question).

    It also follows from the above that my comment did not seek to speculate on the likely reactions of the Israelis and Palestinians to such a transfer and to the conditions which would need to be agreed upon as its prior underpinning (eg, the restoration of the territorial integrity of the West Bank, etc).

  68. From the Palestinian Christians Wikipedia page.

    ‘In November 2009, Berlanty Azzam, a Palestinian Christian student from Gaza, was expelled from Bethlehem and was not allowed to continue her studying. She had two months left for the completion of her degree. Berlanty Azzam said the Israeli military handcuffed her, blindfolded her, and left her waiting for hours at a checkpoint on her way back from a job interview in Ramallah. She described the incident as “frightening” and claimed Israeli official treated her like a criminal and denied her an education because she is a Palestinian Christian from Gaza.’

    I enquired of friends if there was any news of her.

    A reply:

    Funnily enough, Mary, my last newsletter from Bethlehem Uni a week ago included the following…

    Our Vice Chancellor, Brother Peter Bray, was able to speak over the phone to the mother of Berlanty Azzam, a BU Graduate of 2010, who is currently working in the US. Berlanty was not allowed to continue her studies at Bethlehem University by the Israeli Authority simply because she came from Gaza, but Bethlehem University enabled her to graduate through distance learning while in Gaza.

    Berlanty’s mother asked Brother Peter to pray for her and her family “Our lives are unbearable, we are very scared, and several houses in our neighborhood have completely vanished”.


    That is just one example of the treatment meted out to Palestinians by the Occupier.

  69. Thanks Komodo – I appreciate your tabs on Blair. I caught up with him years ago when Blair and Brown secretly (unannounced) dropped in to Walton High, my son’s school to open Lucozade PowerLeague. He ignored my questions on Iraq.

  70. And from another friend –

    Red Card Israeli Racism just posted an update on the petition you signed:

    FIFA: Suspend the Israeli Football Association’s FIFA membership
    15,487 supporters

    Former Palestinian footballer turned journalist killed in Gaza
    Aug 01, 2014
    Former Palestinian football player, Ahed Zaqout was killed by an Israeli bomb. Medics stated that Zaqout was killed while sleeping on Wednesday. A sports journalist stated,…

    Not allowed to study, not allowed to play football, not allowed to live a life……

  71. I want to hear nothing more at all about Blair. If he doesn’t receive punishment, may he rot in hell in eternity.

  72. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    1 Aug, 2014 - 1:58 pm

    Thanks, Mark. I get the impression someone’s reading my contributions, other than the good (and revolting) folk who post here. The aim is exposure and embarrassment. And the information’s all publicly available…the interpretation can go astray though.

  73. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    1 Aug, 2014 - 2:12 pm

    Y’know, I think it’s finally beginning to sink in….

    The rightwing Spectator’s Rod Liddle also weighs in. Note, he was always critical of the Iraq war. And not a Blair fan.

  74. “That’s a simple one. He would be offering to turn informant, and if that didn’t work looking for a position as a camp guard.”

    That’s so accurate, and it depresses me. Murphy is such an obvious piece of shit, I wonder how people can’t clock him. Scotland is a cool place, but it has its underworld like all the rest. That’s where Murphy hails from, no doubt.

  75. Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    1 Aug, 2014 - 2:25 pm

    “That’s so accurate, and it depresses me. Murphy is such an obvious piece of shit, I wonder how people can’t clock him. Scotland is a cool place, but it has its underworld like all the rest.”

    And you can be sure that he – and people like him – will be the politicians and movers and shakers of a (possible) future independent Scotland.

    But it’s true that he’ll be a Scottish politician in Scotland and no longer at Westminster. Tough for Scotland but marginally better for rUK! :)

  76. Jack Fletcher

    1 Aug, 2014 - 2:43 pm

    Habbabkuk’s first comment on this thread has been roundly attacked. I think unfairly. With one additional component, what Habbabkuk states (without addressing the merits of a particular policy) is actually potentially feasible as one option of many. The one additional vital component of course is agreement between the two parties that the proposal is a way forward. If the two parties agreed and it led to a peaceful and sustained solution, I don’t see any external actors should complain too much about the concept. Division of Czechoslovakia, Sudan and other territorial novelties show that often the drive for peace outweighs the objection to challenging conventional wisdom. Moral indignation is pretty disgusting on its own if all it does is perpetuate the problem through lack of vision or imagination. Being ‘more Palestinian than the Palestinians’ does them more harm than good.

  77. Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    1 Aug, 2014 - 2:47 pm

    Think the Scottish underworld would disown the Scottish Blairite underworld, Brendan

    He has obligations. He was Vice-Chair (1997–2001) and Chair (2001–2002) of Labour Friends of Israel.

    Here’s how that works:

    Douglas Alexander (LFoI) speaking:

    In particular can I thank the sponsors of today’s event – Sir David Garrard(1) and Issac Kaye(2), who are not only tireless campaigners for Israel, but also great supporters of the Labour Party and much admired advocates for all of our shared causes.

    I am also delighted to see Trevor Pears(3), Sir Trevor Chinn(4), Sir Ronald Cohen(5) and Lord Michael Levy(6) among today’s guests. I want personally to thank each of you for the support you give LFI, and for all the work you do to promote peace in the Middle East.

    (1)Just gave another £500,000 to Labour funds

    (2) Frequent donor to Labour. Private healthcare man, too.

    (3) Tory backer. More Tory backers here. Zabludowicz is also an Israel fan.

    (4) Complicated. Major Labour donor formerly but now working for Boris. Extended network here:

    MAJOR Labour donor. Also owns half of the Guardian.

    (6) Tony Blair’s former fundraiser (was at Tony’s bash last Friday)

    So, thank you, thank you, thank you. Without you generous souls there would be nothing in the trough to snuffle at. And all we have to do in return is endorse the Israel Project? No problem

  78. Moral indignation is pretty disgusting on its own if all it does is perpetuate the problem through lack of vision or imagination. Being ‘more Palestinian than the Palestinians’ does them more harm than good.

    Indeed, it is! Just hang on until the last Palestinian has been either killed or kicked out of their lands, and all the problems will be solved.

    Go wash your keyboard!

    This the new tack of fascism with an attitude is the new directive from upon high?

  79. Why not come and fight the apartheid being rolled out in London. Challenging the British establishment in real life is without doubt the best thing you can do for Palestinians as well! Hurrah! You can do more than weep!

  80. Jack Fletcher

    1 Aug, 2014 - 3:19 pm

    “There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as ‘moral indignation,’ which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue.”
    ― Erich Fromm

    Passerby: My contribution included agreement by both parties. Your superfluous statement suggests to me that one party would inevitably disagree and therefore does not apply to the proposal. Labels such as ‘fascism’ devalue your own currency. You clearly don’t have a calibrated exchange rate.

  81. david holden

    1 Aug, 2014 - 3:27 pm

    i am not hugely familiar with these miscreants. Cox looks like a textbook case of the useful idiot. Murphy, whilst evidently a catholic-born anglophile zio-lobotomized common purpose clone, should not be underestimated. his Unite questions came just after Tom Watson had spilled some rather hefty beans. and the man has remarkable psycho-kinetic powers which, if they got into the wrong hands, might constitute a threat to our national security:

    “Quite by chance, Murphy happened to be passing near to the Clutha Bar in Stockwell Street, Glasgow on the night of 29 November 2013, shortly after a Police Scotland helicopter crashed onto the roof of the pub, killing 10 people. (including the on-board crew of 3) and injuring 31 others. He was one of the first arrivals on the scene, and assisted the injured before the arrival of the emergency services” (wikipedia)

  82. The Medialens editors:

    Gaza – ‘the worst we have ever seen’ says MSF medical adviser

    Posted by The Editors on August 1, 2014, 3:04 pm

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Broadcast: 31/07/2014

    Reporter: Sarah Ferguson

    Conditions in Gaza have reached ‘the worst we have ever seen’ says Medecins sans Frontieres medical adviser Michele Beck from Al Shifa hospital.


    Re: Gaza – ‘the worst we have ever seen’ says MSF medical adviser

    Posted by Mark D. on August 1, 2014, 3:23 pm, in reply to “Gaza – ‘the worst we have ever seen’ says MSF medical adviser”

    Seems to me that Israel wants the whole place cleared. It’s going use the surviving Gazans in a game of ‘chicken’ with the rest of the world: no water, no power, no homes, no hospitals, no schools … and the pounding from land, sea, air and media continues, and continues, and continues… So they all need to be evacuated… and, as if by magic, Israel has another 360 sq km of Lebensraum to ‘settle’…

  83. ‘Callous’ USA must stop arming Israel
    Posted by The Editors on August 1, 2014, 12:35 pm

    The US government must immediately end its deliveries of large quantities of arms to Israel, which are providing the tools to commit further serious violations of international law in Gaza, said Amnesty International, as it called for a total arms embargo on all parties to the conflict.

    The call comes amid reports that the Pentagon has approved the immediate transfer of grenades and mortar rounds to the Israeli armed forces from a US stockpile pre-positioned in Israel, and follows a shipment of 4.3 tons of US-manufactured rocket motors, which arrived in the Israeli port of Haifa on 15 July.

    These deliveries add to more than US$62 million worth of munitions – including guided missile parts and rocket launchers, artillery parts and small arms – already exported from the USA to Israel between January and May this year. Shipments included nearly $27million for “rocket launchers”, $9.3 million of “parts of guided missiles” and nearly $762,000 for “bombs, grenades and munitions of war”. The USA is by far the world’s largest exporter of military equipment to Israel. Since 2012, it has exported $276 million worth of basic weapons and munitions, a figure that excludes exports of military transport equipment and high technologies (see the table at

    The news on 30 July that the USA had allowed the resupply of munitions to Israel came the same day the US government condemned the shelling of a UN school in Gaza which killed at least 20 people, including children and UN humanitarian workers.

    Brian Wood, Head of Arms Control and Human Rights at Amnesty International, said:

    “It is deeply cynical for the White House to condemn the deaths and injuries of Palestinians, including children, and humanitarian workers, when it knows full well that the Israeli military responsible for such attacks are armed to the teeth with weapons and equipment bankrolled by US taxpayers.

    “The US government is adding fuel to the fire by continuing its supply of the type of arms being used by Israel’s armed forces to violate human rights.

    “As the leading arms exporter to Israel, the USA must lead the way and demonstrate its proclaimed respect for human rights and international humanitarian law by urgently suspending arms transfers to Israel and pushing for a UN arms embargo on all parties to the conflict. By failing to do so it is displaying a callous disregard for lives being lost in the conflict on all sides.”

    Amnesty is calling on the UN to immediately impose a comprehensive arms embargo on Israel, Hamas and Palestinian armed groups with the aim of preventing violations of international humanitarian law and human rights by all sides. In the absence of a UN arms embargo, the organisation is calling on all states to unilaterally suspend all transfers of military equipment, assistance and munitions to all parties to the conflict. They should not resume until violations committed in previous conflicts are properly investigated with those responsible brought to justice.

    More than 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed since Israel began its latest offensive in Gaza on 8 July. At least 56 Israeli soldiers have died in the conflict, as well as three civilians in Israel, including a Thai national.

    Arms to Palestinian groups
    Palestinian armed groups have continued to fire rockets indiscriminately into Israel, endangering civilians in flagrant violation of international law. Amnesty has repeatedly called for an immediate end to such attacks, which amount to war crimes.

    Last week the speaker of the Iranian parliament said Iran had provided arms manufacturing know-how to Hamas in Gaza. In November 2012 he said Iran had given both financial and military support to Hamas, and the Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said missile technology has been supplied. Hamas fighters have admitted to firing Iranian-type Fajr 5 missiles towards Tel Aviv, but mostly fire shorter-range M25 or “Qassam” rockets and GRAD rockets.

    UK arms to Israel

    Over 35,000 people have supported an Amnesty call on the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to stop UK arms transfers to Israel.

    Amnesty is calling for an immediate suspension of all UK arms transfers to Israel – as well as for pressure to be exerted on those supplying Palestinian groups in Gaza with munitions. Last year the UK sold £6.3m of arms to Israel – in the past, UK-supplied equipment has been used by the Israeli military to commit human rights violations in Gaza.


    Comments on above

  84. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    1 Aug, 2014 - 3:39 pm

    Nevermind posted a FB protest yesterday and when I shared the link, it kept getting deleted.

    ” Come let’s talk for a moment about Richard Silverstein. This anti-Israel Jewish is a compulsive writer who devotes his time battering everything related to Israel, through disseminating sickening and appalling lies. Right now, he’s promoting his story that the IDF “murdered a soldier” in order to prevent his kidnapping [sic] by Hamas. We can’t remove the blog by the charlatan from Seattle from the web. But his lies, his calumnies, and abuse of a bereaved family (he publishes the name and picture of the IDF soldier “murdered” by the army) it’s possible and desirable to get him removed from Facebook. Friends, report!”

    Also, check out the Hannibal Directive on Wiki.

  85. My contribution included agreement by both parties. ..blah blah one party would inevitably disagree and therefore does not apply to the proposal. blah ..blah

    Hang on, I need to dust off the banana dust off of my clothes! Who do you take us for?

    What agreement by both parties?

    To use one of the rabbinical stories, to clarify the situation;
    A mugger having severely beaten you up, mugs your wallet, money, credit card, and possessions off of you and then, beats you up some more, whilst blaming you for not being ready, flexible, and enlightened enough to agree the terms with which you both can have access to your wallet, and possessions?

    zionist scum have been using every trick in the book to portray their victims the Palestinians as the aggressors, and deal breakers, whilst stealing more land and more water and killing more Palestinians!

    There is only a one sided agreement; zionist kill, and Palestinians die. zionists steal the lands of Palestinians and Palestinians die. zionist steal the water of the Palestinians and Palestinians die.

    So far as fascism goes, I understand that your standards of evil is based on the SI unit of evil, that hovers around Germans and WWII. Thus anyone who is not German, does not wear boots, and clicks their heels are not fascists of course!

    Fascism is what zionism is, and fascists are those who practice the supremacist creed of zionists or support any such vile creed.

  86. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    1 Aug, 2014 - 3:42 pm

    Mary; There is some hope the media might be having second thoughts about Israel. I hear softball questions still, of course, but the questions are becoming more pointed and the Israeli representatives are getting restless. I could be thinking wishfully, but I believe some pushback is occurring.

  87. Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl on Shelling of UNRWA Shelter in Jabalia

    ‘In the early morning of 30 July, a UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) school in Jabalia, in the northern Gaza Strip, which sheltered about 3,300 people, was shelled, resulting in multiple deaths and injuries.

    Initial UNRWA investigations suggest that it was Israeli artillery that hit the school. In his statement, UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl condemned the attack “in the strongest possible terms.”

    UNRWA investigating teams have visited the site and gathered evidence. They have analysed fragments and examined craters and other damage. UNRWA believes there were at least three impacts. The Agency points out that the people who suffered the attack had been instructed to leave their homes by Israeli authorities.

    The precise location of the Jabalia Elementary Girls School and the fact that it was housing thousands of internally displaced people had been communicated to the Israeli army 17 times to ensure its protection. The last communication was at 8.50 p.m., just hours before the fatal shelling.

    This is at least the sixth time an UNRWA emergency shelter was struck. There is widespread fear among the displaced and UNRWA staff about the deteriorating security environment.

    Also in Jabalia, on 29 July, a staff member was killed while driving an UNRWA vehicle. Earlier that day, two UNRWA staff members died when an explosive projectile struck a private home in Nuseirat. UNRWA has so far lost eight staff members since beginning of hostilities.

    Amid intensified fighting and in anticipation of a flood of new displacements, the Agency has reached a breaking point. UNRWA is now providing shelter to at least 219,657 displaced Palestinian civilians in 86 shelters in all five areas of the Gaza Strip, and the influx continues.’

  88. Jack Fletcher

    1 Aug, 2014 - 3:55 pm

    Passerby: thanks for the story which is a good illustration. I think it is indeed a good example. By extension, the person being mugged comes potentially to an agreement which they feel is wrong. But ultimately in the wider prospect of existence they agree. My point is that external observers telling everyone what is right and wrong for two parties to decide can only unnaturally perverse the possibility of a solution. If, ok big if, they agree, then do people with less equity have the right to judge a solution is wrong? In your mugging example, if you tell someone they are wrong to give up their wallet even if they wish to in order to preserve their life, who is taking responsibility for action and response? You are saying they are wrong. They feel it is essential. If they get killed as a result of following your self-determined instructions will you blame them or yourself?

  89. Breaking the Silence, ex Israeli soldiers speak up:

  90. not a baroness

    1 Aug, 2014 - 4:08 pm

    Caroline Cox is a member of a Franciscan third order (probably this Anglican one – see also here.

    Her late hubby was the consultant psychotherapist at Broadmoor for many years, specialising in forensic psychiatry – a favourite subject in e.g. the Intelligence Corps at Ashford.

    Son’s a navy medic.

  91. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    1 Aug, 2014 - 4:09 pm

    PTSD and the IDF. Are there more sociopaths in the IDF than other forces?

    “The study compared research into PTSD in IDF soldiers to similar research done in other countries. Less than five percent of the soldiers who fought in the Second Lebanon War and in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza showed signs of post-traumatic stress, researchers found.”

  92. Some historic examples of BBC bias and inaccuracy relevant to Palestine. The one that gets me is the use of the word ‘militant’ for those Palestinians resisting the Occupation. Israel has ‘soldiers’ or ‘military’.

    BBC News, 14 November 2012
    The programme included a studio interview with Jonathan Sacerdoti about recent Israeli actions in Gaza. Two viewers complained that he had not been identified as a pro-Israeli speaker, which was misleading and resulted in bias.

    Mr Sacerdoti was introduced as the Director of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy, and it was not made clear that he is an active proponent of the Israeli viewpoint. What he said in the course of the interview was a legitimate expression of that viewpoint, and his appearance in the programme was in keeping with the requirements of due impartiality. However, as a matter of due accuracy, viewers should have been made aware that he was not a neutral commentator.

    Partly upheld

    Further action
    The production team have been reminded of the importance of clearly summarising the standpoint of any interviewee where it is relevant and not immediately clear from their position or the title of their organisation.


    Gaza militants launch missiles at Tel Aviv in 1st rocket attack on Israeli capital since 1991 Gulf War , BBC News, 15 November 2012

    This was a tweet posted to draw attention to an online article. A reader complained that it referred to Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel.

    The ECU agreed that this was inaccurate (the inaccuracy was not repeated in the article itself) but found that the correction and apology already made by BBC News was sufficient to resolve the issue.


    Newsnight, BBC2, 15 January 2013
    Two viewers complained that a report on the Negev desert gave the inaccurate impression that Israel occupied only part of the West Bank.
    The introduction to the report included the sentence “Israeli soldiers shot dead a 17 year old Palestinian youth today near the barrier which separates West Bank towns and villages from areas occupied by Israel”, which tended to give the impression complained of. However, as the complaint had elicited an unequivocal acknowledgement and apology at the first stage of the BBC’s complaints process, and as the inaccuracy was not of such magnitude as to require broadcast correction, the ECU took the view that the issue had been resolved.

  93. Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    1 Aug, 2014 - 4:21 pm

    There’s been a lot of talk in media about recruitment of Americans and Brits by Islamists. What about exporting killers to Israel from Europe?

    “Consider this: While British citizens fighting against the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad are being detained and persecuted, British citizens who are fighting for Israel are not. The British government is turning a blind eye to what should be considered a criminal act.

    Belgium Double-standards

    Western hypocrisy on this is as profound as the phenomenon of westerners killing Palestinians, which some are now calling ‘Israeli Jihadists’.

    Belgium also stands accused of allowing such criminality. Although Belgian civil society is one of Palestine’s strongest supporters, their government is cloaked with unmistakable dishonesty. Many Belgian citizens are also taking part in Israel’s lethal wars in Gaza and military occupation of the occupied territory, with little or no protest from their government. The recruitment of Belgians is mostly done through the same organisations that recruited thousands of foreign fighters for the IDF. Think of them as terrorist headhunting organisations that operate in a perfectly legal environment.

  94. not a baroness

    1 Aug, 2014 - 4:23 pm

    Quite a bit about this vile woman here (saying how wonderful she is) and here (critical, pointing up the involvement with international ‘neocons’ etc.)

    Her email address is ccox (at)

    Chancellor, Liverpool Hope University
    Vice President, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

  95. Obama should be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize.

  96. On July 29, in an interview with UK Channel 4, former Israeli ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, called Gaza-ruling Islamic resistance: “a vicious, medieval, racist, genocidal organization”. One has to excuse Oren for his rubbish Talmudic belief.

    The truth of the matter is Hamas has always successfully resisted world’s fourth most powerful and brutal army based on it moral superiority. While Washington and most of European capitals have designated Hamas as a “terrorist organization”, it has won the hearts of the public around the world by showing their condemnation of the Zionist entity through mass protests in almost every 193 world nation-states including the Zionist-occupied western nations.

  97. Much is being said about the captured member of the IDF.

    No mention that there are +5,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails, including children.

    Statistics on Palestinians in the custody of the … – B’Tselem
    Jul 7, 2014 – At the end of May 2014, 5,053 Palestinian security detainees and prisoners were held in Israeli prisons, 370 of them from the Gaza Strip.

    Statistics on Palestinian minors in the custody of … – B’Tselem
    At the end of May 2014, 215 Palestinian minors were held in Israeli prisons as security detainees and prisoners. Another 19 Palestinian minors were held in …

  98. not a baroness

    1 Aug, 2014 - 4:36 pm

    What % of newspaper readers in Britain know Shimon Peres won a Nobel Peace Prize?

    What % of newspaper readers in Britain know Yasser Arafat won a Nobel Peace Prize?

    They didn’t half look like idiots in Norway when they gave one to Barack Obama for his ‘potential’. I thought prizes were supposed to be for people’s achievements.


    Russian blogging law – are there more than 3,000 regular readers here?

    Does anyone have that link to indicators of an emerging fascist state?

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