Gaza Genocide Promoter Baroness Cox – Dundee University Must Withdraw Honorary Degree 218

Baroness Cox is a prominent supporter of organisations which actively and openly promote the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from Gaza. She was incredibly given an Honorary Degree by the University of Dundee in 2006. I call on the students and academic staff of Dundee University to campaign to have this award stripped from her.

It is a matter of shame to me that my University has honoured a woman whose primary political activity is as a promoter of genocide.

Baroness Cox’s support for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is persistent and consistent. She is the deputy head of the Presidium of the Jerusalem Summit, an organisation which states that:

“The establishment of a Palestinian state must be removed from the political agenda”

The Jerusalem Summit calls for the deportation of all Palestinians from Gaza.

This is not an accidental association of Baroness Cox. She also is a key member of the Israeli Institute of Strategic Studies, which also calls prominently for the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from Gaza:

“The only durable solution requires dismantling Gaza, humanitarian relocation of the non-belligerent Arab population, and extension of Israeli sovereignty over the region.”

This is not an issue of freedom of speech. Genocide is in process in Gaza today. To support genocide is not a legitimate academic position within the realm of free debate. Dundee University must end its honouring of Baroness Cox, or be seen as endorsing the legitimacy of her views, which all decent people find obnoxious.

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218 thoughts on “Gaza Genocide Promoter Baroness Cox – Dundee University Must Withdraw Honorary Degree

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  • david russell

    A serving soldier went into battle and was captured by the enemy.

    He is in an army which has killed 1500 people, mostly civilians, in a conflict in which it itself has, as far as I am aware, taken no prisoners.

    What is “barbaric” about capturing an enemy soldier? This is the word “the Obama administration” has used – “barbaric”.

    I hope he is treated well, as Gideon Shalit was.

  • david russell

    Meanwhile Philip Hammond calls it a “kidnapping”. A soldier has been captured. He’s a POW – that’s what he is.

    Well done Hamas – the Zionazis pride themselves on making it oh so difficult to capture one of their butchers.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    Israel claims IDF tanks moved inside the border BEFORE the 8 am cease-fire. Hooda thunk this might interrupt it?

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    “Cambridge University is also very Zionist. Alan Fersht, the Master of Caius College, is involved with Chabad, for example.

    Another clear case is Barry Landy, Fellow of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, who has also supported “transfer” of the Palestinians.”

    One head of college (do you know how many colleges Cambridge comprises?) and one fellow of a college (do you know the total number of college fellows at Cambridge?). That’s a huge number indeed.

    Your point, therefore?

    BTW – good you’ve written to Dundee. How about the Eminences and Useful Idiots? Any volonteers? Mary? Komodo? Macky? Herbie? Mr Scorgie? MJ? Je? Guano? Fedup? Phil? Passerby? Etc, etc, etc….

    No? Thought not. Much more amusing to rave on here.

  • Is it so hard to be against genocide?

    Yes, I do know how many colleges there are at Cambridge University. But by saying Cambridge University “comprises” a number of colleges, you only show your ignorance. You think it’s a collection of colleges, right? Actually it comprises colleges and a number of other institutions, such as its academic departments.

    So change your tone, Habby the Hasbaranik. You won’t, though.

    The point is that a man employed by a publicly funded British educational institution is advocating ethnic cleansing.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    in the US they call them ‘schools’ of journalism or economics with the University as the umbrella. But you may be right about his academic employment, as ignorance is not all that rare amongst faculty and staff.

    Does anyone have contacts in Hebrew studies? An inquiry might grow some fruit from the poisoned tree.

  • guano

    The World Tonight was followed by a trailer for a later discussion between a panel of ‘experts on conflict’. We’ve just heard 45 minutes of Zionist justification of genocide. ‘Cornflakes?’ asks my wife.

    Yes, my dear, they are all experts on cornflakes.

  • Fedup

    A serving soldier went into battle and was captured by the enemy.

    He is in an army which has killed 1500 people, mostly civilians, in a conflict in which it itself has, as far as I am aware, taken no prisoners.

    Henny Penny skies are falling is in line with the attitudes of an habitual bully, that expects his victims to roll over and play dead, without so much as showing any disrespect. This is the way of the bully to be stunned by total disbelief when a punch has landed on his nose!

    Fact that one side is tooled up with howitzers, Mortars, heavy machine guns, Iron dome, MLRS, Tanks, helicopter gunships, fighter jets, drones, radar, ships, missiles, and nuclear/thermonuclear weapons, submarines, with endless supplies of ordnance, and hoards of well fed, well supplied, well rested, well trained uniformed thugs equipped with signals and reconnaissance, managed by a leadership trained in the best military universities.

    On the other side the opponents are a rag tag home grown/organic bunch of resistance fighters resident in a concentration camp that has been under a regimen of a medieval siege or the past eight years. Armed with light machine guns once new back in the twentieth century, knives and pipe bombs made into self propelled projectiles. They are under nourished, under equipped, with plenty of guts, and bravery that have been resisting against all the odds using any little bit of their terrain (tunnels), and so far have managed to take prisoners of war, and still keep fire their home made self propelled pipe bombs.

    This is the kind of fight that is going on, and yet the zionist scum supporting medjia are whining on about “kidnapped soldier” evidently the soldier was on his perambulations taking in the sights of the destruction that has been raining on Gaza. It is going missing on the stenographers that the soldier was there to kill the Palestinians and it is not against the rules of war for Palestinians to fight back, and take prisoners of war.


    I cannot ascribe to that view. The emphasis on one issue is a strength of those wanting opportunism to gain currency. I hope that any professional human rights campaigners give the blog a miss. So far they obviously do. Which makes this an isolation ward for opinion. And it also means it can be ignored due to the misjudgement about whether the aim is to have a inbox for a personal vendetta (there is one, and you are paying into it). ‘Former’ in Crag’s CV should mean inexperienced and outdated.

    Really! Can you not subscribe? Jack that is so very out of character, isn’t it? Still keep carping on though.

    You seem to be pretty scared there, as you are drivelling away; no one comes to this blog, you hope they never come, they miss this blog, Craig is a poopy pants, and a has been, this place is an isolation ward, vendetta …….

    For all the scorn you pour, you seem to be near enough pissing your pants there Jack, what is happening the goyem cattle are no longer as ignorant as you would like to have them to be?

    Lets face it, the mask has well and truly slipped off, as it is evident even in the most rabidly racist corners of Internet, people are no longer content to buy into the MOP tales, and are beginning to see the wood for the trees amidst the torrent of lies that has been fed to them morning noon and evening for decades on end.

    Human rights? It is a wonder you managed to write those letters without having a fit. You mean goyem cattle have been elevated to human beings now?

    Money only buys a few nodes and as the other scoundrel is on record; you can fool some of the people some of the time! We the people no longer are prepared to accept your lies, however oh so nicely you may put them.


    Self inflicted prophet

    Your divination powers have gone awry and out of whack, best drink a couple of high sugar pick me ups, pronto;

    BTW – good you’ve written to Dundee. How about the Eminences and Useful Idiots? Any volonteers? Mary? Komodo? Macky? Herbie? Mr Scorgie? MJ? Je? Guano? Fedup? Phil? Passerby? Etc, etc, etc….
    No? Thought not. Much more amusing to rave on here.

    Give those runes a polish too, you have been sweating far too much and they are a mess, judging by the false positives they are divining.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !

    “Actually it comprises colleges and a number of other institutions, such as its academic departments.”

    Actually, I don’t think the academic departments – or the “schools” if you will – are “institutions”.

    But never mind – your comment just reinforces my point : ONE head of college and ONE college fellow out of all those colleges and “institutions”.

    And with that you justify your inane comment that “Cambridge University is also very Zionist”.

    If Cambridge is very Zionist then you are very intelligent.

  • N_

    Well the Torygraph has been publishing a lot of hasbara (North Korea and Hamas in “secret arms deal”, anyone?), but I found this article by their chief foreign correspondent, David Blair, interesting.

    Title (usually the most important part of any newspaper article, along with the picture and picture caption): “The Israeli laser-guided bomb strikes Gaza with the speed and menace of a dagger“.

    You what? That headline sounds as if it came straight from an Israeli war-room full of Zionazis high-fiving every shell as it explodes in the Strip, adrenaline rushing, heads full of genocidal urges, desires to kill pregnant Arab women, and religious imagery of the “Angel of Death” – the same angel who appears on some of their soldiers’ t-shirts.

    Thanks Torygraph sub-eds. You don’t want the sack, and you know which side your bread’s buttered on, eh?

    But if you actually read the article, the rabies doesn’t continue.

    Not referring to “daggers” at all, D Blair says that the number of refugees living in UN shelters in Gaza has gone up from 30,000 to 240,000, or 13% of the population, and that the provision for refugees is at breaking point.

    So if the Zionazi army invades only a bit more territory, that provision is going to break.

    He makes that point:

    (I)f Israel now expands the ground operation and strikes deeper into Gaza, even more Palestinians will be forced from their homes. Suppose Israeli commanders decide to increase the area under military control to 50 or 60 per cent of the territory. Every street their forces capture will represent thousands more refugees.

    Where will they go?

    If refugee provision breaks and tens or hundreds of thousands more refugeees appear, what happens is starvation and plague.

    But he doesn’t say that. Instead, he goes all vague and general on us:

    Make no mistake: if Israel escalates this operation still further, then the people of Gaza will be herded into ever-shrinking pockets of supposed safety, where they will be corralled in ever-greater squalor.

    Thanks again, hasbaranik sub-eds!

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella) !


    “”BTW – good you’ve written to Dundee. How about the Eminences and Useful Idiots? Any volonteers? Mary? Komodo? Macky? Herbie? Mr Scorgie? MJ? Je? Guano? Fedup? Phil? Passerby? Etc, etc, etc….
    No? Thought not. Much more amusing to rave on here.”

    Give those runes a polish too, you have been sweating far too much and they are a mess, judging by the false positives they are divining.”

    Was that a yes or a no, you old blowhard??

    If it was a no, why haven’t you written to Dundee’s rector yet? What’s holding you up – are you perhaps too busy raving away on here?

  • Is it so hard to be against genocide?

    This is my last response to you, Habby. I don’t want my ‘intelligence’ to be judged by you, thanks. Don’t bother trying to troll me by going all stupid over the word “institution” either. Anybody interested can click here to find out what Cambridge University actually “comprises”.

    My two quick examples were just that. They weren’t offered to ‘justify’ – or prove beyond doubt – the claim that CU is Zionist. They were just two examples. I’m not going to stay here all night.

  • BrianFujisan

    Best one liner i’ve seen in ages

    “If an Israeli soldier has been captured he is probably one of the safest people in Gaza”

    Unless he’s in a school or hospital…

  • Fedup

    self inflicted prophet

    You are still delusional, a few more hi sugar pick me ups are needed, you are now experiencing a sense of entitlement to answers too, interrogators’ prerogative! Come on tell, how many Palestinians/Muslims/Kids have you tortured? How many little kids back have you broken?

  • Fedup

    Is It So Hard To Be Against Genocide?

    Stick around Please…and thanks for posting your thoughts

    I second that, and also thank N_ and Michael N too, as well as others who have posted pertinent links.

  • mark golding

    PALESTINE – I have to say I feel a great, great sense of sadness from Mary; a sense of anguish and frustration permeates everything. I know it will reach great depths of torment, even torture, as the intention untwists, expands.

    The U.S. must complete the deal – PAYBACK TO ISRAEL, a reward for her efforts, her awesome and shocking deceit in 2001, in 2005 forward. Britain sowed the seed and America consolidates. The Zionist world government has a heart in Eretz Israel, Greater Israel.

    The game plan, the plot, the stratagem and tactics, the tricks, the interceptions, the spying- are the work of many clever minds in many places. One such mind is Baroness Cox who positioned her humanitarian self to convulse Islam on to itself. She is a cog in the cabal.

    Political Islam:ISIS:ISIL, a concept Israel, would divide and mould the Mid East.

    Done-move on. An emboldened Netanyahu gives the order – “ignore world pressure” over Gaza or be damned in bipolar hell.

    Russia is of course the ‘evil twin’ which those same sagacious minds qppreciate they must surround, iron dome circle, hem in, while suffocating, strangling, weakening her trade with economic warfare and further distort her mind with cunning plots and propaganda. If Russia falls, China yields and the Iranian life-blood clots.

    Marching, whining, weeping and writing ignite the intention, only truculence will deliver it.

  • Ben-American Fascist Flechette

    It’s beginning to penetrate even the most intransigent Obots.

    “While he’s doing his best to uphold the taboo against torturing people, he’s doing it in a way that makes him just look terrified of his own intelligence apparatus, and that is not comforting to watch. It may be eminently sensible, but this bending over backwards not to be “sanctimonious” about people who torture folks in their custody and at their mercy is very hard to stomach. And then there’s that taboo against lying that the president is not trying to uphold.

    Overall, one of the worst performances of his presidency. But, at least he said “we tortured some folks,” which is unvarnished truth-telling.”

  • Ed L

    Last time I checked in you were braying about deferring a ceasefire since a few IDF were killed.

    Or were you waiting for your happy pills to kick in ?

    Still, I’m sure the weather in Spain is great, no need to move back to Scotland or to volunteer as a human shield in your beloved Gaza…

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I Think I May Have Seriously Pissed Them Off at The Daily Telegraph…

    I Have Never Been Deleted So Fast…

    Not Even By Craig Murray


  • Pilliwinks Caddy

    Holy shit, good catch, Booman trying his best to keep on fellating the disgraced Dem party regime. Obama, trying to rat out the knuckledraggers to save his own skin, as they try to pin responsibility on him. “We tortured…” Cue the CAT. Pacta sunt servanda, check & mate. No prizes for guessing who’s going to win this one. Next, the CINC dies in office of incurable disease. How unutterably tragic.

  • Mary

    Cross posting from Medialens. Read the Twitter exchange. There I was admiring Lyse’s reports from Gaza, concerned and sympathetic for the Palestinians, and she comes up with this.

    (Late night) exchange with Lyse Doucet…
    Posted by John Hilley on August 2, 2014, 2:47 am

    following on from this Newsnight interview with Palestinian spokesman, Dr Mohammed Shtayyeh:

    Doucet asks in the interview: “Do you condemn [the capture], because it is now derailing the most important objective which is to end the suffering, the killing of Palestinians.”

    She pushes again: “Do you condemn it? Do you regret it.”

    Quite reasonably, Dr Shtayyeh insists that it is the Israeli aggression itself, and killing of 1600 Gazans, that should be under scrutiny.

    The clear implication from Doucet, in her interview and preamble, is that, despite the ‘exhuastive efforts’ of US diplomats, and Kerry ‘making “100 phone calls”, it was Hamas that wrecked the ceasefire by capturing an Israeli soldier, a “game-changer” according to Doucet.

    At no point is there any questioning of why it should be claimed as a ‘game-changer’, or why the BBC choose to amplify it as such.


    PS Hamas are denying that they are holding the IDF ‘soldier’.

    Hamas: Israeli Soldier ‘May Have Been Killed’
    Barack Obama demands the unconditional release of a missing Israeli soldier, as Hamas says the 23-year-old could already be dead.

  • Mary

    And another from MLMB. I have emboldened the word ‘RETURNS’. What do the MSM stooges at the Guardian think has been happening to Gaza for the last month?

    Today’s ‘Guardian’ front page… You won’t believe this, but…
    Posted by Mark D. on August 2, 2014, 1:24 am

    … Alan Rubbishwigwearer has gone for “War RETURNS to Gaza as Israeli soldier seized”.

    Yes, really, he has:


  • Mary

    The strident and voluble Mr Aslan-Levy is giving it large here throwing his arms wide with his dramatic gestures. Overdoing it. Why did Ch4 have to put the swastika in the background? Mr Soffa of the PSC was not up to the job sadly.

    Are attacks against Jews on the increase? – video

    Eylon Aslan-Levy, founder of Everyday Anti-Semitism, says there has been “astonishing spike” in anti-Jewish attacks. The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign’s Ben Soffa condemns such behaviour.

    Eylon Aslan-Levy is Chairman of the National Council of the Union of Jewish Students and a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford, and is reading for an MPhil in International Relations at the University of Cambridge, where he is writing his thesis on the exodus of Jewish refugees from Arab lands in Israeli foreign policy.

    The Everyday Antisemitism Project | Eylon Aslan-Levy | Ops & Blogs | The Times of Israel

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