I Shall Join the Labour Party 37

…on the day that they expel every last war criminal from their ranks and write formally to the Hague to request the prosecution of Blair, Straw, Campbell, Dearlove and Scarlett – just to start the prosecutions.

Thank you for all the very kind enquiries following my last post and the subsequent silence. I came back from West Africa with a fever and absolutely exhausted, and have been recovering my strength. I can see why some of you guessed I was going to join the Labour Party from my last post, but no that is quite wrong. Scottish independence remains my overriding priority.

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37 thoughts on “I Shall Join the Labour Party

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  • Mary

    A sad report. The dreadful curse of the quest for wealth and power.

    Son of Lord Paul, the billionaire steel magnate, plunges to his death as the family business collapses
    Angad Paul fell from his family’s eight storey property two weeks after Caparo Group was forced into administration The father-of-two was the youngest son of Lord Paul, 84, billionaire steel magnate.

  • Mary

    Gove makes the law up as he makes his royal progress through the remnants of our democracy.

    Michael Gove to tell judges they can ignore European Court of Human Rights rulings
    Secretary of State for Justice will unveil British bill of rights to replace the Human Rights Act before Christmas

    ‘Judges will be told they can ignore some rulings from the European Court of Human Rights, and look to Australian or Canadian law instead, under plans to introduce a British bill of rights.

    Michael Gove is set to unveil the Government’s long-awaited replacement for the Human Rights Act before Christmas. Government sources suggest the proposals will include a weakening of European law, with domestic courts encouraged to turn to the common law, or even law in Commonwealth countries, in forming judgments.’

  • Janet

    After having worked in industry and the public services, I can assure everybody that very few working people are “socialist”, therefore RISE can take a hike. Or to put it this way, if socialism was the norm, then the Scottish Parliament would be full of socialists and Tommy would be the FM…it isn’t and he’s not!

    So, until our little project to unravel the Westminster System has reached its conclusion, it’ll be SNP / SNP every step of the way.

    And the Metro? Who’s idea was it to distribute NeoCon propaganda via NHS Scotland premises? Its stated editorial policy of political neutrality is just a fig leaf!

  • TonyB55

    With possible infringing comment removed – if there is still a problem contact me at [email protected]

    Whatever you do Craig – & my best wishes and appreciation go with you – keep this blog going with articles like this. People who care need to know who different groups agencies people journalist are linked to so we can evaluate what they say.
    A misstep or difference re our own ideological purity – should not rule them out for ever or if at all:
    e.g. George Galloway – whatever your or Scottish feelings about his stance on the union: it is not ridiculous – not my field I’m Aussie – even if it were look at his record of bravery and achieve meant – against the establishment which has tried to crush him:
    Sure he is a self-promotor – but you know yourself you have to earn a living to pursue a good cause – i.e. unlet you have inherited the moula
    When I’m really down I don’t even turn on the radio or the computer … … But to feel better I watch George on YouTube – despite being formally respectful – taking down that US Senate committee – especially the smug Republican Chairman.
    But I also like the real respect he shows to Senator Levin indicating that he does respect his quality and principles – compared to the main inquisitor. Fantastic performance he’s in my good books for that forever.
    A good example of the service re “knowing your enemy is your info on Baroness Valerie Amos.
    Back in 2012 I started researching the Syrian situation. I found the 4 biggest boosters of the attack on Syria [using the name Assad] as shorthand were: Ken Roth-HRW; Valerie Amos – UnderSec UN and the duo of Martin Chulov – Guardian + Michael Weiss – HJS.
    Wikipedia is very useful especially by following the foot notes. This had Clare Short dissing Amos.
    I remembered from reading some of the Chillcott papers that Clare Short told some truth and had at least resigned – even if after the invasion. She provided the info that Amos – who replaced her, had previously gone round Africa, trying to strongarm and bribe states to support Blair-Bush on the UN Iraq resolution.
    I checked Amos out at the UN and found that 70% of Amos’ media releases were on Syria, 25% on South Sudan and 5% everything else in her portfolio. Petty strong evidence what her full time job was.
    *** BUT then a post of your gave extra info about … about … Amos was and the unelected nature of her Parliamentary career. … …
    **** So even your anecdotes come in useful. Keep making them – keep referring to them and repeating them – “AS THEY ARE GOLD DUST ***.
    Also you site attracts knowledge people who have information to share [as well as cranks].
    BIG warning always try and verify information from several sources you trust -run it down to the start – as often multiple sources ultimately come from one place.
    This is especially true if the info matches you own biases. That is why extra info like the stuff you supply is very useful – given your history – and bravery like Galloways. Of course you have some deep set bias yourself – as do I and most of the people who comment on the blog.
    … …

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