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I had been spending the last few days living here in Avatime district while visiting Ghanaian friends nearby. Away from internet, TV and any other distraction, it has given me a chance to ponder what next to do with my life.

This has been a real problem. Have submitted Sikunder Burnes to the publishers, and while there is still editing and proofs, a huge amount of time is now free. My determination to dedicate myself to working for Scottish independence led to my comprehensive rejection by the SNP. This left me confused as to what I might usefully do with my life. I suppose the question I have been pondering is, what good am I?

I have come up with a potential answer, and will out it later this week.

Climate change deniers should come to Ghana. Not only have changing rainfall patterns devastated the hydro-electric system, life has become extremely hard for farmers. The last decade has seen the highly predictable wet and dry seasons become wildly unpredictable. It has been unseasonally raining heavily on me all over Ghana. The situation is extremely difficult for farmers. Mango farmers are now praying for relief from the rain for the next six weeks or the mangoes won’t flower. The continuing rains may already have adversely affected next year’s harvest. Meeting cocoa farmers today. Am now in Kumasi.

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  • Habbabkuk ( combat cant))

    “Wonder why the subject of paedophilia arouses all this pointless and excessive comment from one person?”

    Well, Mary, perhaps one of the reasons might be because paedophilia is an accusation many of the Eminences and Original Trolls on here love to level against people whom they disapprove of politicallly.

    Usually by trawling the internet and the much reviled MSM and then linking.

    Of course, it’s usually about people who are safely dead so there’s no rosk of anyone being sued. Very courageous.

    And of coyrse people sometimes get egg on their face, especially if the person accused is still alive and can hit back (Lord McAlpine refers).


    BTW Mary, you kept very quiet when the cases of child grooming , abuse and rape by gangs of Muslim men were being reported on and when those cases were being tried in the courts.

    Why was that?

  • Habbabkuk ( combat cant))

    From Ba’al Zevul

    “PS For those who don’t like Global Research (which is distressingly close to Moscow)”


    I’m glad someone else has noticed.

    But there again, Ba’al is streets ahead of most of the “commenters” on here.

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