I Shall Join the Labour Party 37

…on the day that they expel every last war criminal from their ranks and write formally to the Hague to request the prosecution of Blair, Straw, Campbell, Dearlove and Scarlett – just to start the prosecutions.

Thank you for all the very kind enquiries following my last post and the subsequent silence. I came back from West Africa with a fever and absolutely exhausted, and have been recovering my strength. I can see why some of you guessed I was going to join the Labour Party from my last post, but no that is quite wrong. Scottish independence remains my overriding priority.

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37 thoughts on “I Shall Join the Labour Party

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  • Neil

    As much as I admire Corbyn, at 66 he’s only a temporary fix (if he can achieve that) and he’d only be putting a sticking plaster over a fracture. If the UK fractured that would seriously weaken the establishments support for monarchs and regimes around this world, this is why independence is more important than Corbyn’s success. I used to fear UDI as I feared what the establishment would do in retribution, but now I realise that perhaps it’s the only way and badly needed.

  • Peter C.

    Wow! Saw the headline – what a fright Craig. Disastrous way to go. Then I read the rest. Almost as funny as Derek Bateman’s announcement that he was joining the Daily Mail as a writer.

    For anyone that missed that see the following:

    Had me in stitches.

  • Peter C.

    There is an easy way to get web links to work. Just paste in the link and it happens automatically.

  • Mary

    Me also Peter C. 🙂

    I see that the warmonger was at the Cenotaph this morning standing next to the one who wrote the cheques.

    Glad you are better Craig.

  • Clark

    Hello Craig and welcome back. I was out on the river this morning with Kevin and two volunteers from sailship Nordlys. We went upstream to Dalbeattie harbour, proving that it is still viable for restoration. If you received my text about an election meeting on Tuesday, well apparently it isn’t going to happen. I hope you recuperate soon.

  • Muscleguy

    You could join RISE and still fight for Independence Craig. Or the Greens. The SNP are not the only pro-independence party. Since the SNP clearly do not want you, if you are serious about the issue you really should find yourself a more amenable vehicle.

  • Black Sheep

    Is that a promise, Craig?
    Momentous changes are afoot. If Corbyn succeeds in restoring democracy to the Labour Party then the expulsion of all the war criminals who brought the party into disrepute, and their prosecution at The Haig, is by no means out of the question.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Don’t see why the heads of MI5 are not included in the list of criminals.

    Eliza Manningham-Buller and ‘Bob’ Evans have more to answer for. They went after the alleged domestic jihadists to suit Israel.

  • Monteverdi


    Should you join the Labour Party Craig , remember the quality of your ‘ bow ‘ at occasions such as Remembrance Sunday will be under close scrutiny to judge your respect for our war dead !! You couldn’t make this type of attack up . Remembrance Sunday itself slowly losing all meaning , the poppy as well now lost credibility as a symbol of remembrance , and becoming little more than a symbol of ‘ faux patriotism ‘ .

  • K Crosby

    Corbyn castrated himself three days after getting the gig. We shouldn’t be arguing about who should be leader, we should get rid, bags and baggage.

  • David McCann

    You had me going there Craig!
    Good to hear you are better, and BTW ignore the calls to join RISE.
    Its taken the SNP 94 years to get to where we are.
    I cant afford the time for a repeat!

  • Sam

    I still admire your optimism for Scottish independence. Independence for me means independence from corporate and financial dominance, independence from militarism, independence to pursue whatever policies democracy produces.

    Personally, I don’t think Scottish independence as it is framed today would bring that. The SNP were happy to cash in on the enthusiasm and popularity of the radical independence movement, but their first priority should they become government of an independent Scotland, would be to distance themselves from anything truly radical.

    Before the referendum I cited Greece as an example of a country whose population wants radical change, but who has a gun held against its head by international capital. That was **before** the latest political developments in Greece. I still stand by that example – an independent Scotland which hasn’t embraced a truly radical monetary policy e.g. a sovereign currency and sovereign money creation, will be no more independent than Greece.

    I would rather see true independence across the whole of the UK. I trust Jeremy Corbyn more than the SNP, and I see a brief window where New Labour might really be buried for good, with a popular and radical membership of the Labour party. People’s QE was actually a more radical policy than anything the SNP were proposing.

    Should Corbyn fail, then I may begrudgingly return to Scottish independence as the last option.

  • Republicofscotland

    “on the day that they expel every last war criminal from their ranks and write formally to the Hague to request the prosecution of Blair, Straw, Campbell, Dearlove and Scarlett – just to start the prosecutions.”

    If you’re waiting for the above to happen Craig, you’ll wait a very long time. I’m reasonably confident Scotland will be a independent nation long before any of the above see the inside of a prison cell, still one can live in hope.

  • Mary

    Good for Jeremy. There has been sniping at him all week, even questions as to why his wife was not with him last night at the Albert Hall.

    Corbyn accuses defence chief of political bias in nuclear row

    Houghton will be lining up a job in some weapons m/f set up, ‘security’ outfit or consultancy once he retires with his peerage or knighthood like Milords Boyce, Guthrie and Jackson for example.

  • James Chater

    Witty, Craig! I am reminded of a notice that hangs in Italian bars: WE GIVE CREDIT to those who are over 90 and accompanied by their parents.

  • alasdair galloway

    I understand you have a heart condition. Actually so do I (though not serious the quacks tell me – touch wood). With the title of that post were you trying to make me worse?

  • Tony M

    It is all very well for Jeremey Corbyn to propose a ‘people’s QE’ from a position of no power whatsoever and no realistic hope of it. The Labour Party that was is dead, a corpse, unless Jeremy Corbyn has the skills of a resurrectionist, that is not going to change. By failing to dissociate themselves from the neo-con stench of New Labour, by not launching as a new party, standing against the Milliband/Balls/Blair 51st-state warmonger establishment Labour, Corbyn and friends, and I do wish them well in England, hope to fool the voters by posing as Old Labour, knowing that Old Labour as New was just another old fraud, never deserving of their votes. He’s started off on a dishonest, deceptive tack, which doesn’t bode well. The constitutional break-up continues apace as die-hard unionists in Scotland realise they’re an aberration, and opt for laser surgery to erase their hate. I suggest he launch an English Labour Party, preparatory to Westminster becoming for a short time until a better alternative is made and Westminster is left to the rats and the bats, the full-English Parliament.

  • Clydebuilt

    Had me going there, thought you were about to join the likes of Kev. McKenna. I should have had more faith….

  • Resident Dissident

    “It is on a loop and you can only stop it playing by right clicking on pause. There is a counter running.”

    It only it was that easy to stop others who are on a constant loop.

  • Hieroglyph

    I can exclusively reveal that Corbyn takes 3 sugars in his tea. Clearly, and Englishman only takes 2 sugars, and this lack of patriotism has been noted. Also, he has small, crisp babies for biscuits, rather than normal biscuits.

    Today, I am thinking the world has gone mad. Corbyn didn’t bow correctly, and has been criticised for this henious crime. Also, a serving general just told the world he thinks Corbyn’s military policy is wrong, and Labours shadow defence has defended the general, not her boss. I’m all for free speech, and think generals should receive much more scrutiny, but you can bet he would be sacked if he spoke against current Nato policy; free speech is such a subjective thing, after all.

    One good thing about the current Labour party is that I think we are all learning how it all works in the UK, how the establishment colludes to keep wrong-thinking on the margins. Younger voters will be taking notes, I think.

  • Mary

    Just to say that Parliament is in recess this week. So soon after the 24 day break for conferences.

    2015-16 session

    Conference 17 September 2015 – 12 October 2015 24 days
    November 10 November 2015 – 16 November 2015 6 days
    Christmas 17 December 2015 – 5 January 2016 18 days
    February 11 February 2016 – 22 February 2016 10 days


    4 new peers were added to the Lords last week. Total now 821. A joke.

  • Mary

    ‘Supreme Court hears Libya dissident rendition claim

    One of the most controversial claims of rendition involving the UK comes before the Supreme Court later.

    The case, involving allegations against ex-Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and an ex-MI6 chief, prompted an unprecedented battle over whether it can even begin.

    Former Libyan dissident Abdul Hakim Belhaj says MI6 helped arrange his and his wife’s rendition in 2004.

    The Supreme Court will be asked to decide whether or not the couple can sue the government.’


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