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“An entirely new virus could be deadly for many, but there are many coronavirus, normally associated with milder colds rather than flu, and we all have some immunity to it, because we’ve all had the cold, so a new mutation isn’t entirely new to the body.”

There are 4 coronaviruses that are/were endemic in human populations before Sars-Cov-2. There are numerous papers which show that people who have had any of these 4 can and do become reinfected, sometimes with the same strain, anywhere from 6 months to ten years later. That is one of the concerns with coronaviruses, that people who have been infected don’t have immunity from reinfection even with the same strain.

“We also have a very good health service……..”

Fortunately we do. Even with our first world medical care we are struggling to cope. You keep mentioning therapeutics, what exactly are you referring to? There are no specific to SARS-Cov-2 therapeutic agents except perhaps pooled human immunoglobulin treatment such as Trump received. All the other pharmacological agents used are non-specific and are mostly aimed at dampening the inflammatory response. Hence steroids.

“After incessantly propagandising covid-19, they’re loath to drop the term now, as they’ve had to promote a mutation to keep the scam going, but resist calling it Covid-20, but you know its a scam when the government want to terrorise the entire population to get ‘vaccinated’ despite there only being a 0.07% mortality rate, of mostly the elderly.”

The incessant propagandising was initially it ain’t that bad, sure it’s just a flu. Bojo pointedly shaking hands with everyone and joyfully pointing out that he did. What an idiot.

“only being a 0.07% mortality rate, of mostly the elderly.”

Dave you are being disingenuous here. If you take any cause of death, say cancer, and compare the numbers to the entire population then you will get miniscule figures. It is not meaningful to do that. Please read this post