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“These figures are not exact, but its far LESS THAN 0.13% because this figure conflates died WITH and died FROM and counts deaths from all causes, run over by a bus, as covid, if within 28 days of a Positive (includes False Positives) test.”

Dave, the page you linked lists two figures, “Deaths within 28 days of positive test” at 88,590 and “Deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate” at 89,243 which are pretty much in agreement. For what it’s worth I have used the figures which use the death certificate method.

“I think your giving a percentage of certain deaths as a percentage from all causes……….”

I did exactly the same calculation as you have used for covid deaths for each of the 5 leading causes of deaths in 2019 using ONS data. I divided the numbers of deaths from each cause by the total population expressed as a percentage. All the figures are from ONS both the deaths data from table 9 and the population data. The data is from England and Wales hence the population figure excludes Scotland and N.Ireland. The figures are in the table. The table also shows for each cause listed the percentage of the total deaths for that year. As a comparison, Covid deaths for 2020 represent 12.7% of all 2020 deaths. See here.