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@ Glenn-UK

You say you don’t want to insult disabled People, but then say I’m disabled and insult me. You’re a bully! Clark, have a word, or are your tears fake too?

@ Clark

You say the restrictions have stopped a microscopic respiratory virus, deadly flu, but not another microscopic respiratory virus, milder corona, because covid-19 is more infectious and totally new. Typically audacious, as its not totally new and a healthy immune system soon fights back.

But if so that explains why the country has already reached herd immunity, hence the need for a new mutant strain to prolong the charade, but which for propagandist reasons, virus terrorism, they still choose to call covid-19 rather than covid-20!

Promoting experimental synthetic pathogens (falsely calling them vaccines) on behalf of the drug cartels as the solution, rather than healthy living and therapeutics, just shows you’re a Dr Mengele type, as ‘vaccinating’ the frail elderly, the most vulnerable, was always a quack idea from the start, due to their weakened immune systems and other medication, but more so following reports from Norway.