Medea 24

Real Drama on the Fringe

I really do hope some of you will come to see Nadira play Medea in Edinburgh this Festival August. The producers are making a determined attempt to run full production value, professional, straight classical drama on the fringe – something which has become harder to find in recent years. There really are some brilliant actors in the cast, and the technical and creative directors are absolutely first rate.

Stella Duffy has reworked her translation especially for the show, and has been personally attending rehearsals. I have hardly seen Nadira this last couple of months of rehearsal, and I think this could all be a bit special.

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24 thoughts on “Medea

  • ingo

    Please give my ‘Hals und Beinbruch’ to Nadira (a typical, cynical but humourous German expression for actors meaning ‘Neck and Leg break to you’:), shall let my resident relatives know of her medea role during the festival.

    I will not be able to come as Edinburgh, barely afloat with an extra 500.000 people, is a very expensive affair and I have a flat roof thats leaking.

  • Jon

    What a great promotional photo. Best of luck to Nadira for the run.
    Hope you get that roof fixed, Ingo!

  • Azra

    Break a leg… Good luck, all the best. sure it is going to be Fabulous. Maybe it will come to a theater in South East, in that case I will be first in line

  • craig Post author

    Mark yes,

    I may be fanciful (and fond) but I do think she is a really talented actress, and that comes over in the way she can even project different personalities in stills for the part, as in the one you posted and the above.

  • dreoilin

    Very best of luck to all.
    I’ll be in Britain in August, but unfortunately nowhere near Edinburgh. Maybe it’ll come to Ireland later.

  • glenn

    Comments don’t appear on the next entry, for Boycott… wonder if they’ll appear here

  • Suhayl Saadi

    And of course, the ‘Assembly Rooms’, on George Street, is the major Fringe venue, really, very central, very grand, very exciting – fantastic!

  • Pee

    Sure it will be a great success…but don’t go to George Street, Suhayl – it’s George Square, I think!

  • craig Post author


    Yes it is very confusing. The Assembly Rooms are apparently closed for refurbishment, so everything that would be on there is being moved to George Square and marketed as Assembly by the company that normally manages the Assembly Rooms. Doubtless this will result in much confusion

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Oh right, I just thought it’s been re-branded or something. You know, as in ‘Abbey’ instead of ‘Abbey National’. Well, of course, that’s now in Santander! George Square is even more nodal – and there’s that statue of King George IV – he, of the (in)famous Walter Scott-organised Edinburgh visit! Ah, so many tins of shortbread…

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Oh, right George SQUARE – sorry, sorry, that’s up at the University, near the Meadows. I should’ve known that; one of my publishers – EUP – was/is there. The David Hume Tower, I think, too. Good spot – great bistros, cafes, carry-outs/takeaways, etc. Edinburgh Central Mosque nearby – hey, get the mosque guys and gals to see the play (!) Full of life, cosmo, archetypal Fringe, right.

  • mark_golding

    Yes Craig her voice is indeed engaging and her expressions are emotionally linked to her words.
    (tip) Somehow I have a vision of her playing the women Theodora in the lush ‘Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore’ – just a small stretch to convey the sanctity and power of Theodora to a willing audience. Maybe Craig Murray as the emperor Justinian? Certainly the childhood and adolescence of Thedora must be preserved as must the character and dialogue of under-endowed Procopius.

  • Frazer

    Craig…will be in the Granite City next week with the old man…am going to seriously try to make it to opening night on the 3rd..let me know where I can get tickets…need at least 4..planning to bring Joe and May as well as Elaine..

  • Jon

    Aha – only a *bit* special, Craig? Isn’t that a qualifier quite similar to quite? 😉

  • Frazer

    Ooopsss…Dumbo here just re-read the ad..will nip to the box office on George St next week to get tickets..

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Sorry, I’ve confused everyone, haven’t I? Now there will be thousands of N and C Murray fans wandering around the streets of Edinburgh in an altered state of consciousness, intoning, “Where’s ‘Medea? I’m an Argonaut!” and everyone else will think it’s all part of the show! Ask a (non-News International) police officer: “George Square!”


    Incidentally, on a more general note, you can get a really good, cheap meal served-up from massive vats at/by the Edinburgh Central Mosque/ Community Centre during the Festival, indoors and/or outdoors; thousands of visitors go there for this during the summer every year in between catching shows. It has interesting architecture, too. They also have an annual exhibition on during the Festival.

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