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ET: I am indebted, the link above was indeed wrong. I am unable to edit it, unfortunately.

Here’s another more recent link which does work from the same publication:

It mentions some freak in Wisconsin who destroyed vaccine because he had bought into conspiracy theories:

This particular freak was a pharmacist. Presumably a certain amount of intelligence and education is required for this position, and he must have realised the chances of getting caught were high.

What’s interesting with the new conspiracy theories is that the scope of the ‘plot’ is overwhelming – the people who believe in them (to a religious degree) have to imagine a conspiracy so large, it can hardly even be listed to its full extent.

I’ve tried to go through this with a number of denialists. Consider the sheer range of institutions that would have to be involved, in order to make every country in the world comply with unnecessary regulations, for a non-existent disease, that all medical institutions need to pretend is overwhelming them, down to funeral homes/ undertakers that need to fake a massive workload all of a sudden. Crisis actors in unprecedented numbers.

And this is all so Bill Gates can plant tiny chips into people controlled through 5G, or will alter our DNS in some unfavourable way, or will produce a mass die-off through starvation because of unnecessary measures – take your pick. It doesn’t matter that they are mutually exclusive, they will all be held in high regard by the denialists, and none will take the other to task over that obvious fact.