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@ET: Not to worry at all about the above post, I did not consider it to be cold in the slightest.

ET: I sincerely hope you never get into a position to influence health care provision.

Unfortunately, you are going to be disappointed ET – did you see the link Dawg provided the other day? Here it is:

Rainham councillor condemned for claiming Covid-19 threat has been inflated

In it, the article quotes:

“[A parent] was shocked when he told her “the government has decided to vastly inflate the seriousness of coronavirus and launch a vastly disproportionate response which will make the cure worse than the disease.”

Cllr Durant said almost no children have suffered from or transmitted the virus and sent her a link to a website which claims the government has acted illegally by enforcing a lockdown.

Stacey told Time 107.5 she was “gobsmacked” by his response and had to read the email twice to make sure it was from him.

“It comes across as if he’s saying that everything we have done is totally pointless and is actually harming our children rather than keeping them safe,” Stacey said.

Our “Dave” is none other than conspiracy theorist, far right activist and all-round denialist, councilor David Durant. As it happens his constituency Rainham has the worst rates of Covid-19 in the country. Coincidence? I think not.

Ironic, is it not, that on a thread that references and details the denialists’ playbook, this Dave Durant is following that playbook to the letter.