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ET: “Strengthen the immune system. That’s the answer. It’s amazing how thousands of years of medical innovation passed without thinking of that. How could we have missed that? “

Ahh, that’s because the evil pharmaceutical companies have kept it SECRET! They’ve been doing it for thousands of years. Bill Gates put them up to it, back in ancient Greek times. Didn’t you know Gates is thousands of years old? That’s because he boosts his immune system, but he wants to keep it all to himself.


Utter tosh as usual, Dave. You got this “more tests = more cases” from the failed Trump, didn’t you? What both of you fail to understand is that it isn’t positive cases that put people in hospitals and the morgue. The virus is doing that. You know, the virus that you think is so harmless.

How about that GP Dr. Abdullah – did you know him? He died of Covid-19

Why don’t you tell his family it’s all a fake? One of your constituents, isn’t he? My, that was one lucky GP, having such a competent councilor telling everyone they had nothing to worry about.